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Do I Need a Jones Act Attorney to Represent me?

Hiring Jones Act Attorney A Jones Act attorney can build and bring your case to trial with skill and expertise.

A lot of seamen relish their jobs because of the independence and the self-reliance that it permits. They like that the job requires assertiveness and industriousness. Thus, when they are injured on a vessel, they often recoil when others mention asking for assistance or counsel. Yet, other people can help, especially a lawyer. A Jones Act attorney can provide many legal and administrative functions to speed up and maximize your recovery. Now, what we want to lay out now are the advantages and issues that legal representation opens up in the unfortunate scenario that you are hurt.

  1. What Advice Can A Jones Act Attorney Provide Me?
  2. What Resources Can A Jones Act Attorney Provide Me?
  3. How Can A Jones Act Attorney Build My Case?
  4. How Can A Jones Act Attorney Win My Case?
  5. Why Should I Hire Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC?
  6. What Compensation Can A Jones Act Attorney Get Me?
  7. Call Us To Hear More How We Can Help You!

What Advice Can A Jones Act Attorney Provide Me?

A Jones Act attorney can advise you on what to do in each stage of the claim including pre-trial, trial, and post-trial.

The Jones Act is a standalone statute with its own peculiar and unique assumptions and definitions: vessel, seaman, in navigation, and so on. At the onset, a qualified attorney should be able to go through the various hurdles and requirements that it demands. However, he or she should be able to do more than that. Your lawyer should be able to explain what to do and where to go to be successful. Finally, they should be able to predict what the outcome of any litigation would be because this should largely determine if you choose to file a suit in the first place.

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What Resources Can A Jones Act Attorney Provide Me?

A Jones Act attorney can provide you with advice, capital, staff, and passion.

Cases take a behemoth of information, materials, personnel and more to get across the finish line-more so to be successful. From the beginning, money is needed to file, then more is needed to investigate, copy materials, gather evidence, send for witnesses, prepare for trial, it's a long list. Your attorney should be prepared to offer all of these. We do. We offer all of this free of charge if you are not satisfied with the award or settlement. Be prepared to question your prospective lawyer about whether or not they have the resources to achieve the compensation that should be yours.

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How Can A Jones Act Attorney Build My Case?

A Jones Act attorney can build your case using investigation, laws, past cases, research, and persuasion.

Laying the proper foundation for your case takes a number of things. You need to assemble all of the factual circumstances of the accident in order to demonstrate how you were hurt, who hurt you, how they hurt you, and so forth. Then, you need to review and itemize the laws and cases that afford you relief for exactly those circumstances. It takes resources and it takes a lot of experience. We have been representing sailors for a long time. We know when they deserve recovery and how to swiftly go after it. After your incident, you cannot waste any time. You need to hire an attorney that will stop until you are compensated accordingly.

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How Can A Jones Act Attorney Win My Case?

Inside and out of the courtroom, there will be a number of times where correspondence and presentation matters. In opening statements, depositions, phone calls, interviews, and other situations you need your best foot forward and you need to ensure that your case does not weaken due to misplaced words. This is precisely the moment where good advocacy matters. Good representation should be able to extract what they need to from the other side and then display that information to the jury to convey how the only plausible outcome is your recovery. We have a track record of doing this and can bring the same zealous advocacy to your case.

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Why Should I Hire Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC?

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC can guarantee you all of the spirit and skill that Jones Act cases demand. We have worked with many injured sailors and know how traumatic these incidents can be. That is why we take so much care in representing them.

There are a number of elements that should factor into who you decide to be your lawyer. Hopefully, from the foregoing sections, you understand that we have the counsel, resources, and ability to win your case. We also guarantee complete access to you at every step of the dispute so that you are consistently aware of strategy and developments. Additionally, going beyond this, we do not represent clients that work for or actually are shipping management or owners. We believe in fighting for sailors' rights and will work tirelessly to ensure that you get what you deserve.

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What Compensation Can A Jones Act Attorney Get Me?

When analyzing compensation for Jones Act claims, look to the expenses and costs (tangible and intangible) that the incident caused you!

A lot of firms like to throw our numbers such as average case return or typical settlement amount. However, these can be misleading. Every case is a kingdom unto itself and turns on two things: the facts and the law. Past is not necessarily prologue for your Jones Act or maritime recovery. What is a lot more useful when estimating what you could possibly gain through a lawsuit is adding up the damages that you have suffered. You might experience great physical injuries, long-term mental anguish and suffering, medical bills, disability, lost wages, disfigurement, and a whole host of other wounds. Keeping an eye on your personal experiences will help you focus more closely on possible compensation versus doing anything else.

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Call Us To Hear More How We Can Help You!

As much as we tried, it is hard to convey exactly how much and what kind of help we can offer you. This is partially because Jones Act cases are complicated and take advanced resources and expertise. We prefer to meet and speak with victims one-on-one so that we can hear their story and tell them what we have learned in the past. Call us so that we can do the same for you. Your case deserves attention and care and we pour all that we have into every suit we work on. You can call our offices at (888) 424-5757 or reach us via email.

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Client Reviews
Jonathan Rosenfeld was professionally objective, timely, and knowledgeable. Also, his advice was extremely effective regarding my case. In addition, Jonathan was understanding and patient pertaining to any of my questions or concerns. I was very happy with the end result and I highly recommend Jonathan Rosenfeld. Michonne Proulx
Extremely impressed with this law firm. They took control of a bad motorcycle crash that left my uncle seriously injured. Without any guarantee of a financial recovery, they went out and hired accident investigators and engineers to help prove how the accident happened. I am grateful that they worked on a contingency fee basis as there was no way we could have paid for these services on our own. Ethan Armstrong
This lawyer really helped me get compensation for my motorcycle accident case. I know there is no way that I could have gotten anywhere near the amount that Mr. Rosenfeld was able to get to settle my case. Thank you. Daniel Kaim
Jonathan helped my family heal and get compensation after our child was suffered a life threatening injury at daycare. He was sympathetic and in constant contact with us letting us know all he knew every step of the way. We were so blessed to find Jonathan! Giulia
Jonathan did a great job helping my family navigate through a lengthy lawsuit involving my grandmother's death in a nursing home. Through every step of the case, Jonathan kept my family informed of the progression of the case. Although our case eventually settled at a mediation, I really was impressed at how well prepared Jonathan was to take the case to trial. Lisa