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DHL Express Truck AccidentDHL Express is one of the smaller interstate carriers and specializes mainly in the transport of general freight and parcels. The Kentucky based company employs about 1,100 drivers and logs 9.3 million miles per year while boasting a safety record that other trucking companies should aspire to achieve. Even the safest of carriers may find themselves liable if one of their drivers is involved in the trucking accident. It is for this reason that we must always push even the safest companies to continue considering policies that will reduce the number of accidents occurring on our roads.

DHL Express Safety Data Shows Improvement

Data compiled in 2012 and 2015 indicates that DHL Express is one of the safest trucking companies in the United States and has made strides in the right direction over the last three years. Each of the studies compiled data from the previous two years. The following statistics establish DHL Express as safer than its competitors.

  • Of 139 vehicle inspections recorded over a two year period in the 2015 report, only four resulted in out of service violations. The data from the same study in 2012 shows six out of service violations out of 102 inspections. DHL Express decreased its "out of service" rate from 5.9% to 2.9% between the two studies. In comparison, the national average rate of out of service violations per inspection is 20.72%.
  • DHL Express drivers were subject to 185 inspections in the 2015 study and only four out of service violations were reported. Per the 2012 study, the number of infringements remained the same, but drivers were only subject to 130 inspections over the four years before 2012. The current rate of violations per inspection is just 2.2% which is less than half the national average of 5.51%.
  • None of the accidents DHL Express has been involved in over the course of both studies resulted in fatalities. The 2012 study revealed that out of six accidents, four resulted in injuries requiring hospitalization. The injury rate dropped from two out of three to one in two by 2015, but there were eight total accidents reported.

Even Safe Companies Make Mistakes

While DHL Express could be considered among the safest trucking companies in the country, all carriers employ human beings who are capable of making mistakes. Accidents are more often the result of an error in judgment or failure to take precautionary measures than deliberate recklessness or malevolence. If any carrier is involved in an accident, it is responsible for providing whatever compensation is needed to replace the victim’s damaged property and pay for medical bills, rehabilitative therapy and wages lost due to the inability to work or provide for his or her family.

Most truck accidents have catastrophic results on the victims because of the size of semi-tractors and trailers and the force that is exerted on their vehicles and bodies during a crash. If you have been injured in a trucking accident, the Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC may be able to help you recover the compensation needed to treat your injuries, provide for your family and adjust to a new lifestyle if you are no longer able to do some of the things you once enjoyed. Our trucking accident attorneys have access to economists, healthcare experts, and accident reconstruction specialists— allowing us to prove fault more effectively, assess the value of your case and maximize your recovery. We’ve helped hundreds of clients just like you not only recover damages from those responsible for their injuries but also gain access to the best medical care and resources available.

It is essential to begin investigating the cause of your accident sooner rather than waiting because it will become more challenging to access evidence as time passes and your recollection of events becomes hazy. Contact us now to schedule a free consultation so that we can review your legal options with you, answer your questions and collect all of the information that we would need to launch an investigation. Once we have evaluated your case, our firm will be able to provide a more accurate estimate of its value and let you know whether it is in your best interest to pursue a lawsuit against the trucking company responsible for your injuries.

Our lawyers work solely on a contingency basis and will never demand payment upfront. If we are unable to secure compensation on your behalf for any reason at all, our services will be free of charge.

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