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Decatur Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Decatur, Illinois, is one of the largest cities in Central Illinois and was the first home of Abraham Lincoln and of the Decatur Staleys, which would become the Chicago Bears. It is the county seat of Macon County and was founded along the Sangamon River and Lake Decatur. As of 2013, the city has a population of over 74,000, including a large number of senior citizens. Numerous international companies have manufacturing facilities located in Decatur, and the city is home to two universities and numerous parochial schools.

When it comes to aggressively representing Decatur, IL, long-term care facility patients who have suffered an injury or been abused, Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC is fully committed to holding the facilities accountable. Our associates law firm has experience with most nursing home chains and injuries encountered by patients in these facilities.

In recent years, we have a track record of excellent results for elder home abuse cases and recovered over $250 million on behalf of our clients. Let our associates law firm review your case and medical records. We are ready to develop a personal connection with your family and help you recover the maximum compensation you are entitled to under Illinois law.

Senior Living Options in Decatur

Decatur's population is much older when compared to the populations of other cities within the State of Illinois. The state's senior population is roughly 12.5% of the total population. The city is home to more than 13,300 residents who are 65 or older, and an additional 3,000 residents are between the age of 60 and 64.

When this group reaches retirement age, the senior population will be almost 19% of Decatur's population. The Decatur Macon County Senior Center serves the needs of the city's many aging residents, and there are fourteen nursing facilities located within city limits.

The senior center helps enrich the lives of numerous seniors by offering computer classes, health and fitness classes tailored to their needs, line dancing classes, regular card games, and Bingo nights. Seniors may also stop by for lunch every day of the week. The center is located at 1430 North 22nd Street, and its phone number is 217-429-1239.

As more people begin to retire, there is a growing concern about the quality of proper care that is offered by nursing facilities. Larger corporations have started to take over retirement communities, and the need for more profitable margins has resulted in abuse and neglect cases. Nursing facility lawsuits across the State of Illinois have become more frequent over the last ten years, and it is our goal as Illinois senior care facility abuse attorneys to provide the information you may need to ensure that your loved ones are receiving the care and respect they deserve.

The following are the most prominent nursing facilities in the city of Decatur and their most recent ratings, including fines and penalties due to home neglect.

Aperion Care Decatur

2650 North Monroe
Decatur, Illinois 62526
Administrator- Deborah Vege

Aperion is a for-profit nursing chain with homes across the State of Illinois that is quickly becoming infamous for the poor quality provided by multiple facilities under its banner. The Decatur facility has received a one-star rating by in every single category, citing abysmal staff levels, horrible quality care measures, and numerous violations discovered during the facility's latest health inspection.

Thirty-six deficiencies were recorded during the inspection, which is far above the state average of 7.6. Problems resulting in infractions and complaints included lacking a disease prevention program, the improper handling of home residents' money and personal belongings, unsanitary cooking methods, not having enough nurses to tend to patients, failure to inform home residents of the facility rules and the charges for services and poor screening policies meant to ensure new hires do not have criminal histories.

Aperion Care Decatur was assessed a fine for its violations within the last year for almost $9,000.

Decatur Manor Healthcare

1016 West Pershing Road
Decatur, Illinois 62526
Administrator- Ruth Huber

Decatur Manor is a for-profit home with 147 beds that qualify for Medicare and Medicaid payments. It currently maintains a five-star rating overall, and its last health inspection only revealed two infractions. The more severe deficiency cited was that the facility had a medication error rate above five percent. Medication errors can result in complications that range from minor discomfort to life-threatening drug interactions.

This facility has not been denied any government payments or been subject to fines over the last three years.

Decatur Rehabilitation and Health Care Center

136 South Dipper Lane
Decatur, Illinois 62522
Administrator- Joseph Harding

The Decatur Rehabilitation and Care Center has received a one-star rating overall for its unacceptable quality measures, poor health inspection history, and mediocre staff. As is often the case with for-profit facilities, it appears that this facility cuts corners often to reduce costs at the expense of its patients' health.

Inadequate quality care measures include not providing vaccinations to all residents, not detecting or treating pressure sores and decubitus ulcers properly, medication errors, and failure to prevent infections. One of the most severe complaints lodged against this nursing home was that it did not have access to a registered nurse for at least eight hours a day. Without a nurse on staff to address the medical concerns of patients, they may experience severe complications that go untreated for far too long.

Fair Havens Christian Home

1790 South Fairview Avenue
Decatur, Illinois 62521
Administrator- Maryann Walker

Statistics have shown that non-profit nursing care centers are less likely to offer poor care. Still, the Fair Havens Christian Home is an exception to the rule and proof that you should investigate every facility you are considering for the placement of your loved one. One of the most concerning infractions reported in Fair Havens' last health inspection was that the facility failed to prevent or adequately treat bed sores suffered by numerous residents.

Bed sores are entirely preventable, and the means required to prevent, detect, and treat them are simply to move the patient regularly and be attentive to complaints of pain. This facility has been fined twice in the last three years and has been denied government payments due to the quality of its care.

Heartland of Decatur

444 West Harrison Street
Decatur, Illinois 62526
Administrator- Glenn Miller

Heartland of Decatur is a for-profit facility with 117 Medicare and Medicaid beds, which has received a two-star rating overall from The issues cited in the latest report include failure to keep areas free of obstacles and hazards that could cause a trip, slip or fall accident; the hiring of individuals with a past history of abusing elderly patients; failure to prevent medication errors or to monitor whether patients are being given the right medications and doses; and the failure of the facility to keep patients' confidential records private. This nursing care center was assessed one fine over the last year, over $25,000.

Imboden Creek Living Center

180 West Imboden
Decatur, Illinois 62521
Administrator- Molly Carpenter

Decatur nursing home abuse lawyerThe Imboden Creek Living Center is another for-profit facility in Decatur that has been cited and fined for its unacceptable quality of care. Its latest health inspection revealed the lack of a program meant to prevent the spread of infection, the improper disposal of refuse and biohazards, a medication error rate over 5%, poor nutritional standards, and the lack of nutritional programs tailored to the specific needs of each resident. This nursing care facility has also paid two fines over the last three years due to complaints and violations.

McKinley Court

500 West McKinley Avenue
Decatur, Illinois 62526
Administrator- Kimberly Jordan

McKinley Court is one of the most highly rated for-profit nursing homes in Decatur and has received four stars from One hundred fifty of its beds qualify for Medicare and Medicaid payments. As is typical for for-profit facilities, McKinley Court received a mediocre grade for the size of its staff. Still, it has a near-perfect health inspection history, and its quality measures received four stars out of five.

The areas in which this facility can show improvement is in the manner in which food is prepared and delivered to prevent contamination and the limited use of restraints. McKinley Court could also stand to hire additional staff as it is only a matter of time before its short staff is unable to continue meeting the needs and demands of the home's many residents.

This facility has not been fined or declined government payments for the last three years.

Symphony of Decatur

2530 North Monroe
Decatur, Illinois 62526
Administrator- Lisa Trudeau

Symphony is a nursing home chain that has several homes across the State of Illinois. Its Decatur home is a larger facility that has access to 195 Medicare and Medicaid qualified beds. Its outstanding quality measures have helped it receive four stars, but like most large facilities, its staff is often stretched thin and unable to tend to the needs of every single resident.

Its latest health inspection cited the need to improve upon its methods of controlling the spread of infections and infectious diseases and how rooms are kept free of obstructions and clutter that can pose trip or fall risks. No fines have been assessed against this facility over the last three years, and it has not been declined any government payments.

How to Determine Whether a Loved One is the Victim of Abuse at a Decatur, IL Skilled Nursing Facility?

Nursing home neglect and abuse are becoming hot button issues across the entire country, and we have a right to demand accountability when corporations take over nursing facilities and implement policies that are not in the best interest of the people we care about.

What is most important, however, is that we remove our loved ones from environments in which they are being neglected or abused. Understanding the forms of abuse most familiar to the homes throughout Decatur will help you detect neglect or abuse so that you may act quickly, and if you are unsure of whether to begin an investigation, contact a Decatur elder home abuse attorney at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC just to be sure.

  • Medication errors. It seems that our elderly population is being placed on more medications each year. Residents of nursing facilities are often required to take seven or more medications at varying intervals throughout the day. Drug interactions, missed doses, overdoses, and administration of the wrong medicine are all common medication errors, and the effects can range from minor inconveniences to life-threatening reactions. For example, if a patient is taking blood thinners, an overdose can cause internal bleeding and hemorrhaging, which may result in death.
  • The spread of infection. When we were young, our bodies were much more resilient to foreign organisms, but the immune systems of the elderly are not as efficient. Insufficient immunity places our loved ones at a higher risk of experiencing an infection if rooms are not kept clean, linens are not changed regularly, and a program is not in place to contain the spread of infection among a nursing center's population.
  • Development of bedsores. It is simply unacceptable that any patient should ever be neglected to the point he or she develops a pressure sore. These sores are open wounds are indicate the patient has been left in the same position long enough to allow skin and muscle tissue to die because of reduced blood flow. Moving patients at risk of developing bedsores and those with stage one or two sores every one to two hours is all that is takes to prevent the sores from developing or worsening.
  • Infringement of personal rights. Not all forms of abuse result in physical damage. Nursing care facilities must respect the privacy of patients' information, to properly handle patients' belongings, and to communicate the cost of services and when payment is due.
  • Physical or sexual abuse. It is not always possible to get an accurate assessment of a person's character upon hiring. For this reason, facilities must investigate the backgrounds of every staff member they bring on board and never to hire those who have a history of abuse. In cases of physical and emotional abuse or sexual assault, it is crucial to find justice from both the person behind the assault and the administration that hired the abuser.

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC works with thousands of nursing home abuse victims across the State of Illinois, and we understand that your first priority upon learning your loved one is being abused is to find a safe place for him or her to be while healing from the abuse.

Our Decatur nursing home law firm has helped hundreds of injury victims escape their environments in favor of nursing facilities that will respectfully tend to their needs and concerns. Our personal injury lawyers will go after those who would place profit or personal gain over their safety as a part of our legal services. Call us even if you are unsure about whether your loved one is a victim of neglect or abuse, and we will help you determine whether the signs warrant an investigation.

We provide free and confidential consultations to everyone and wish to help everyone in need of our advice or services, regardless of their financial situations. For this reason, we promise only to receive compensation when you do from our negotiated settlement or jury trial award. To ensure the quality of legal services, if we are unable to secure damages in your favor, our services will be completely free of charge.

A Brief History of Decatur, Illinois

Decatur was founded in 1829 and named after Stephen Decatur, who was a renowned naval officer and hero of the War of 1812. Numerous cities across the United States have been named in his honor. Shortly after its founding, it became the first home of Abraham Lincoln and would be where Lincoln would begin his career in law and politics. His first recorded speech occurred in Decatur and garnered the attention of state politicians, which would lay the groundwork through which Abraham Lincoln would venture into governmental politics.

Although Lincoln eventually took up residence in Springfield, Illinois, he would visit Decatur often and even argued five cases in its courthouse when he worked as an attorney. When running for President of the United States in 1860, it was in Decatur that Lincoln would receive his first official endorsement during the Illinois Republican State Convention. Upon conclusion of the Civil War, the first post of the Grand Army of the Republic was formed by veterans who had fought in the war.

Andrew Carnegie provided a generous grant to allow for the construction of the Decatur Public Library in 1902, and the famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, oversaw the design and construction of the Edward P. Irving House in 1911. His assistants contributed to the Robert and Adolph Mueller residences in later years.

The Carnegie Library in Decatur was one of the only ones ever built, which is not still standing— it was torn down and replaced with a bank. Decatur served as a significant hub for seven different railroads, including the Norfolk Southern and Canadian National Railway. Its access to the Sangamon River and the thriving railroad system made it a center of industry, and it has a long history as a manufacturing city.

In 1974, the city was at the center of disaster when a tanker car containing hazardous materials collided with a boxcar. The resulting explosion injured 349 people and resulted in 7 deaths.

For many years, Archer Daniels Midland Co. kept its World Headquarters in Decatur. Although the company has since moved its headquarters to downtown Chicago, it still maintains its production facility within Decatur. The company was involved in a conspiracy in which executives colluded with their competitors to manipulate the price of a food additive Archer Daniels Midland Co. produced. Federal charges led to the payment of over $500 million in fines and settlements with cheated customers.

Educational Institutions in Decatur

Decatur is home to Millikin University, named after founder James Millikin, and Richland Community College. Together, the two colleges provide higher education to nearly 6,000 students, and the city is home to numerous private schools. The private schools include the Lutheran School Association of Decatur, St. Theresa High School, Our Lady of Lourdes School, Decatur Christian Schools, and the Superior School of Auctioneering.

Eisenhower High School, a public school within Decatur, was involved in controversy when several of its minority students were expelled following an altercation during a football game. Reverend Jesse Jackson sparked protests within the city alongside the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, and the debacle received national media attention.

Decatur's Economy and Employment

Throughout most of Decatur's history, its economy has been driven by the manufacturing sector. Despite the national decline of manufacturing since the 1970s, Decatur is still home to thousands of manufacturing jobs. Archer Daniels Midland Co. remains the city's largest employer, and Caterpillar has a manufacturing center located in Decatur that provides over 3,200 jobs. Global Trade Magazine declared Decatur, Illinois, to be one of the top 25 trade cities in the country.

The healthcare industry also provides thousands of jobs to Decatur residents. Decatur Memorial Hospital and St. Mary's Hospital are the two largest healthcare providers in the city 3,500 people are employed between the two.

If your rights have been compromised, we invite you to contact our personal injury lawyers for a free review of your Decatur nursing home abuse case.

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