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Decatur Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Experienced Decatur Medical Malpractice Attorney

Medical mistakes are a leading cause of death in the United States. Sadly, many patients and their families don't know about their rights to compensation until it's too late. If you or someone you love has been injured by a medical mistake, contact us for answers today.

At Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers, LLC, our personal injury attorneys represent medical malpractice victims to protect their rights while seeking justice. We can help your loved one get compensated for damages caused by a doctor's negligence. 

Contact our Decatur personal injury attorneys at (888) 424-5757 (toll-free phone number) or use the contact form now and schedule a free consultation. All confidential or sensitive information you share with your Decatur medical malpractice lawyer remains private through an attorney-client relationship.

Decatur Medical Malpractice

Medical mistakes can be devastating and often lead to injuries that require extensive treatment. Unfortunately, this means that many families are forced to pay for expensive medical bills out-of-pocket while they wait for the insurance company to cover their expenses. In some cases, this process can take months or even years.

During this time, your family is likely struggling financially because you have no income coming in from work due to your injury. Additionally, if you were unable to return home after being hospitalized, then it's likely that rent and other living expenses have piled up during this time as well.

Decatur is Deeply Rooted in Industry

Many companies have chosen to base their production in central Illinois, where the industry primarily fuels the city's economy. However, manufacturing and heavy labor are tumultuous and dangerous occupations, and injured workers have a steady need for emergency care and rehabilitative treatments meant to allow them to return to their duties as quickly as possible.

While manufacturing companies are by far the most significant contributors to Decatur's economy, its two hospitals are among the city's top ten employers, offering a total of over 3,400 jobs to doctors, nurses, and medical professionals.

What Is Medical Malpractice, and Does It Involve Trusted Doctors?

Nearly every medical malpractice case involving an injured patient occurs through medical errors and mistakes caused by trusted doctors attempting to provide reasonable care. Patients trust doctors, knowing that they're there to protect their health and well-being.

A doctor's primary purpose is to help people, but even the most skilled doctor can make mistakes ("medical errors"). Over 98,000 deaths of patients occur each year as a result of medical errors.

Medical malpractice and medical negligence are legal terms used by the justice system to ensure that injured victims and surviving family members are compensated for damages. In addition, tort law provides legal opportunities to remedy a financial problem, even when there is no physical remedy other than healing.

Medical malpractice law isn't just about compensation for injuries - it's also meant to improve the patient's quality of life from a serious injury resulting from medical negligence. Our lawyers will help you understand the rights and entitlement you have when seeking justice.

Decatur Medical Malpractice Lawyers Fighting Aggressively on Your Side

Medical mistakes are more common than many people think. According to the CDC, over 400,000 patients die every year from preventable errors in hospitals alone. That's why it's so important to have an experienced attorney on your side who knows how to get results for victims of medical malpractice and their families.

We offer free consultations with no obligation - call us today. You don't have to go through this difficult time alone. Call our office right now at (888) 424-5757 and speak with one of our attorneys about your case for free.

Your call could be the first step toward justice you need after being injured by a medical professional or hospital staff member due to negligence or carelessness. So don't let them get away with it - contact us today.

Decatur Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Examples of Central Illinois Malpractice Which May Form the Basis of a Lawsuit Against a Hospital or Doctor

Not every medical error or misstep made by physicians warrants a lawsuit, and most instances of medical negligence involve good intent but poor execution. Determining whether you have grounds to sue your trusted physician can be difficult. Still, you are entitled to seek financial recovery when your injuries result in the need for expensive medical treatment and rehabilitation.

The following examples of negligence will help you determine whether you should have a central Illinois personal injury attorney investigate your medical malpractice claim:

  • Errors made during an operative procedure: These can include the perforation of internal organs, improper dosing and monitoring of anesthesia, and damage caused by oxygen deprivation when staff fails to monitor your vital signs during procedures where pressure is placed on your chest.
  • Improper measures to prevent infection: Regardless of the care you seek at any medical facility, you are exposed to the risk of coming down with an infection. Bacteria are becoming more infectious and drug-resistant than ever before, which needs hospitals and staff members to prevent, detect, and treat infections in the most proficient manner possible. However, when your infection has resulted from unsanitary conditions or a lack of preventative measures, you may be able to file a personal injury claim to recover compensation.
  • Medication and prescription errors: Often overlooked, these errors have the possibility of drastic effects. For example, doctors need to ensure that any medication they prescribe will not interact with other medications. Likewise, nursing staff must make sure they are administering the correct medications and doses to patients. Patients report minor discomfort and side effects in many medication errors, but some medications can be deadly. For example, administering an overdose of blood-thinning medication can cause uncontrolled internal bleeding or hemorrhaging.

These represent only a few isolated instances of medical negligence. Still, they all have in common that the injuries could have been prevented with adequate precautionary measures or more considerable attention to detail.

The Horrific Aftereffects of Medical Malpractice

It's a sad reality that the medical industry is not perfect, and errors can happen. However, every person who visits an emergency room or sees their family doctor deserves to receive high-quality care from qualified professionals as guaranteed by law. Unfortunately, this isn't always happening in hospitals around America.

Some examples of medical malpractice resulting in a personal injury include:

  • A patient receiving improper treatment resulting in injury
  • Doctors performing surgery on patients without knowing all necessary facts (leading them into other dangerous situations
  • Nurses failing to administer vital fluids such as blood thinners treatment given to a patient without consent
  • Hospital staff failing to keep a patient safe from harm
  • Patients not being informed of proper follow-up treatment and medication errors

Any one of these failures could be catastrophic for a patient, especially when their new problem exacerbates an existing condition.

The Need for a Local Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Did you undergo an operative procedure or received emergency care, only to be injured more severely than you were before receiving care? If so, you might be entitled to recover compensation on the grounds of medical negligence or malpractice.

The Decatur medical malpractice injury attorneys of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC have undertaken complex Illinois medical malpractice cases and successfully recovered compensation on behalf of our clients for the value of their medical care, out-of-pocket costs, and pain and suffering.

The information we've provided below concerning Decatur's local hospitals highlights the critical areas of concern that we evaluate when building a case, as well as areas in which each hospital could stand to improve.

To learn more about whether your case qualifies, give us a call, and we would be happy to answer your questions. One of the things that we look at when evaluating a case is whether we can prove a history of similar behavior, as this will dismiss the notion that your case was an isolated incident.

Contact the central Illinois personal injury law firm at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC for a free review of your legal rights and options. We are ready to serve you and your family.

Decatur Medical Malpractice Law Firm

Grading Decatur's Hospitals

Following is the information we've been able to compile about the city's hospitals. We have presented it to know where your hospital has fallen short and understand the factors we consider when reviewing a case.

Here is how each hospital rates and can stand to improve its quality of care.

Decatur Memorial Hospital
2300 North Edward Street
Decatur, IL 62526

Decatur Memorial Hospital has only one state designation, which is for level two perinatal care. As a result, this facility has presented several areas of concern, including a high mortality rate among patients suffering from conditions requiring immediate treatment.

For example, 16.7% of its pneumonia patients, 22.4% of patients presenting with congestive heart failure, and 17.5% of patients who suffered heart attacks were readmitted within thirty days of being released.

Almost all of the patients readmitted following a heart attack, eight out of ten patients readmitted for pneumonia, and six out of ten patients who returned following treatment for congestive failure died within thirty days.

In addition to an unacceptable mortality rate for the above conditions, the number of patients who died following coronary bypass procedures was over three times the state average. For example, 63.89 patients out of 1,000 died compared to the average of 20.36 per 1,000.

Hip fracture mortality rates are also in the unacceptable range. For example, 57.73 patients out of 1,000 suffering hip fractures died within thirty days compared to the state average of 21.81 out of 1,000. Finally, only 54% of patients surveyed understood their medical treatment and what was required for continued care following discharge.

The staff's failure can contribute to readmission rates as patients who are not adequately educated on their health conditions could see those conditions worsen the following release.

St. Mary's Hospital
1800 East Lake Shore Drive
Decatur, IL 62521

St. Mary's has received a baby-friendly designation from the state for its level two perinatal care and its emergency care for pediatric patients. In addition, its incident rate of birth injury to both child and mother is well below the state and national average.

Its readmission rate of 24.9% of congestive heart failure patients and a mortality rate of 16.8% of heart attack sufferers are both above average.

This facility also received a concerning score for its treatment of blood clots. The overall score of 73% is the result of concerns generated by patients failing to receive preventative treatment for blood clots following surgical procedures and the failure to properly treat those who had developed clots.

Only 70.11% of postoperative patients received preventative care for clots within 48 hours, and only 54.9% of patients who developed a clot while being cared for were given the recommended treatment.

Finally, only 75.68% of patients who did receive blood thinners to treat blood clots were adequately instructed on how to use them or informed of their risks. In addition, only 50% of all patients surveyed felt that they understood their treatment or how to continue care at home.

Patients who are educated about their medical conditions and given proper home care instructions are far less likely to return following a worsening of their conditions.

Benefits of Legal Representation

Are you the victim of medical malpractice or personal injury? Are you facing ongoing substantial medical expenses to maintain your health due to your healthcare provider's lack of standard of care?

The central Illinois personal injury attorneys of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC routinely represent victims filing medical malpractice claims in the United States.

The goal of our national trial lawyers is to help you recover both physically and financially from your injuries. Unfortunately, revisionary procedures and rehabilitative therapy can become cost-prohibitive, and you do not deserve to have to bear those expenses when your injuries were not your fault.

Most of the people negatively impacted by medical errors and negligent actions never seek legal advice. As a result, these injured parties never file a medical malpractice claim.


Decatur Medical Malpractice Attorney

Medical Malpractice and Wrongful Death

Our personal injury attorneys serving Decatur use tort law as a part of the legal process to ensure that surviving family members who lost a loved one to medical malpractice are compensated for their losses.

Typically, family members who qualify to file a wrongful death lawsuit include spouses, children, parents, and siblings. In addition, our Decatur wrongful death lawyers can also represent stepchildren, step-parents, grandchildren, and grandparents who file a lawsuit based on medical malpractice or negligence resulting in the death of their family member.

Medical Malpractice and the Illinois Statute of Limitations

The Illinois state legislature has enacted the statute of limitations that restricts the amount of time an injured party or surviving family members can file a civil lawsuit or medical malpractice claim.

In all counties in Illinois, including Macon County, the statute of limitations restricts that time to two years from the date of the incident. However, there are extenuating circumstances that could extend that time much longer.

In some medical malpractice cases, the victim may be unaware that they were injured by medical negligence months, years or decades later. For example, a doctor may have implanted a defective hip replacement medical device that caused significant adverse reactions years after the procedure.

When this occurs, the injured party has two years from the time they knew or should have known that medical malpractice or defective medical device (product liability) led to their damages.

Medical Malpractice Litigation

Medical malpractice litigation is a necessary and ultimately the most effective insurance against insufficient or negligent medical care. For example, hospitals can be considered dangerous when they are not giving proper treatment that would have saved their lives had another doctor given early enough during an emergency room visit.

The following passage contains information about why you should pursue legal action if hospital staff fails you upon arriving at either your family physician's office/hospitals' lobby:

A person has every right under the law(s) for basic quality healthcare from qualified professionals such as doctors. However, there exist wide disparities among various facilities around this country.

For example, some hospitals offer the best medical technology and service, whereas others allow unsafe conditions for their employees and patients.

A doctor usually sees a typical patient who arrives on a stretcher within 15 minutes of arrival. That would allow the doctor to deliver appropriate emergency care at all times of day or night. However, if you or a family member arrives at the emergency room and there is no doctor on duty, you may want to file a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Hiring Decatur Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Contact our experienced attorneys today and provide relevant information to open your case. We will demand that the insurance companies cover your economic and non-economic damages to ensure you have adequate compensation to recover fully. If allowed by the judge at trial, our super lawyers will seek punitive damages on your behalf.

Receive immediate legal representation without any upfront payments through a contingency fee agreement. Our personal injury law firm is only paid after we have successfully secured compensation on your behalf.

Call a medical malpractice attorney today at (888) 424-5757 (toll-free phone number) or use the contact form to schedule a free initial consultation. Our lawyers fight aggressively on behalf of our clients and have recovered millions in financial recovery.

Our personal injury law firm represents clients in related practice areas, including car accidents, nursing home abuse, product liability, defective medications, premises liability, and wrongful death in Decatur and nearby cities.


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