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Chicago Day Care Injury Lawyer

Most Chicago daycare injury cases result in the inadequate supervision of a caregiver.

Staff members must keep close supervision of infants, toddlers, and young children who are incapable of appreciating instructions of the staff were apparent dangers.

A child care provider's momentary distraction could result in a life-altering injury for a young juvenile.

Common reasons behind serious daycare accidents include:

When daycare businesses cut corners in staffing levels or fail to supervise their staff an incident can occur resulting in an injury to a child.

Episodes of abuse can also happen when unfit daycare providers physically or sexually abuse children. Our personal injury attorneys are committed to ensuring all responsible parties are held responsible to the fullest extent of Illinois law.

Chicago Day Care Injury Lawyer

Hiring an IL Daycare Injury Attorney For Your Child

The Chicago daycare accidents attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC believe that parents have a right to expect that their children will be safely cared for when they place them in the hands of a child care center.

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC is committed to holding negligent child care businesses responsible when a youngster has been injured or abused at their facility.

Do you believe your child was injured or abused at a Chicago, IL day care facility?

If so, contact our Chicago day care lawyers for a free consultation without any cost or obligation on your part. Our law firm has experience prosecuting day care centers when their negligence results in a child being hurt.

Contact us today for a free consultation regarding your legal rights and options.

Child Care Facilities in Chicago, IL

There are nearly 300,000 children across Illinois enrolled in day care locations outside of their home.

The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) is responsible for the licensing and regulation of these programs including:

  • Day Care Centers
  • Day Care Homes
  • Group Home Day Care

Each of these facilities is inspected annually by the Department of Children and Family Services to ensure the caregivers, locations, and programs comply with current regulations and satisfy state standards.

Chicago Day Care Injury Attorney

Regulation of Illinois Daycare Facilities

Day Care Centers across IL must meet specific health and safety guidelines including but not limited to:

  • Ensuring that all children are supervised at all times
  • Conducting emergency drills
  • Having an adequately stocked first aid kit
  • Maintaining sanitary and hazard-free conditions,
  • Keeping hazardous substances kept out of reach of children
  • Ensuring food and snacks are safe

Daycare centers require a director (at least twenty-one years old with two years of college or experience and fifteen hours of training/year), and each caregiver must have a medical report as well as a background check.

Law Applicable To Regulation of Illinois Day Care Centers

The regulation of child daycare centers falls squarely upon the individual States. There are numerous daycare regulations outlined in the Illinois Statute. Some of the more pertinent portions of Illinois law includes definitions of child abuse and neglect in three places within the State code.

These codes include mandatory child maltreatment reporting statutes (civil laws), criminal statutes, and juvenile court jurisdiction statutes

(Child Protection, 325 ILCS 2, 5,15; Child Welfare 20 ILCS 505, 520; 705 ILCS 405).

While much of the applicable law leaves room for legal interpretation, Illinois prohibits child care organizations from:

  • Corporal punishment
  • Threatened or actual withdrawal of food, rest, or use of the bathroom
  • Abusive or profane language
  • Public or private humiliation
  • Sexual abuse
  • Emotional abusive behavior, including shaming, rejecting, terrorizing, or isolating a child.

“Time-out” is to be limited to one minute per year of age. “Time-out” may not be used for children less than two years of age.

The State of Illinois adopted the above laws to protect our children. Children are at risk of becoming injured, neglected, or abused at a daycare facility when facilities fail to abide by these regulations.

Negligence or Abuse by Day Care Staff Can Have Lingering Consequences For Children

Illinois law affords parents of children injured at daycare to file an injury lawsuit on behalf of their child against the facility where the incident occurred.

Even if you are unsure of the specific circumstances involved with your child’s injury, our personal injury attorneys can assist in the investigation of the matter to determine the likely cause.

In situations involving negligent conduct is behind the harm, a Chicago daycare injury lawyer might assert a claim for both past and future: medical expenses, therapy, surgery, pain, and any resulting disfigurement caused by unsafe conditions.

Every child care provider has a duty of care to ensure the children's safety and well-being when providing care while in the playroom, and outside on playground equipment.

Chicago Day Care Injury Law Firm

Daycare Accident Injury FAQs

What Can I Do If My Child Is Hurt at Daycare?

Hopefully, the daycare informed you of the moment that the accident occurred. After picking your child up from the center, you need to ensure that a competent health care professional evaluates and diagnoses your loved one’s injury.

If the doctor informs you that your child’s condition is stabilized, meet with the owners and management of the daycare center to discuss what occurred. If necessary, gather evidence, or hire a lawyer to work on your behalf to protect a parents' and family's rights.

Can a Daycare Refuse a Child with a Cast?

By federal law, daycare centers have no legal standing to refuse any child with a cast. However, there are circumstances where the law allows daycare programs to refuse to care for children with disabilities if the child threatened others directly or accommodating their needs would put undue hardship on the facility.

What Are Some Common Injuries in Infants?

Infants in daycare centers can experience various injuries, including head trauma or mouth injuries from falling. The toddler might injure their eyes from bumping objects or a brooding infection.

Toddlers and older children staying at a caregiving home or daycare center sustain all types of injuries that might include cuts, abrasions, lacerations, bruises, eye injuries, and head trauma from falling.

What Are the Three Most Common Injuries in School?

The three most common severe accident injuries at school and daycare centers include broken bones, fractures, and accidental strangulation.

Lacerations and contusions injure children of nearly any age in daycare centers and schools when out of the playground or participating in sports. Others suffer head injuries, strains and sprains, and dislocated joints.

How Do I Know If My Baby Is Okay after Hitting Head?

If your little one was injured after hitting his or her head, it is vital to seek immediate medical attention for evaluation and diagnoses. The doctor might diagnose a bulge or dent in the baby’s soft spot on their skull caused by accident.

There might be excessive swelling, bruising, or uncontrolled bleeding from a cut. The child might have experienced a loss of consciousness and does not respond to touch or the sound of your voice.

How Do I Know If My Baby Is Okay after a Fall?

Generally speaking, you should seek immediate medical attention at a local emergency room if your baby is inconsolable, crying at a high pitch, sleeping excessively, or continually rubbing his or her head.

There may be a bulge or dent on the baby’s soft spot on the skull, or the infant has poor coordination or loss of balance. A professional health care provider might be able to accurately diagnose the extent of injuries your infant endured after falling.

A Chicago Daycare Injury Lawyer Can Help

The attorneys of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC understand the importance of child care safety and fights for the rights of kids injured at Chicago daycare centers.

Call us today at (888) 424-5757 (toll-free phone call) or fill out our online contact form for a no-obligation, free consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney.

All discussions with our daycare accident attorneys remain confidential through an attorney-client relationship. Please don't send sensitive information to our law office through voicemail, email, or text message.

Our Chicago, IL personal injury lawyers currently represent clients throughout the United States, Illinois, and the following localities: Cook County, DuPage County, Kane County, Lake County, Will County, Aurora, Bolingbrook, Chicago, Cicero, Elgin, Joliet, Naperville, Waukegan, and Wheaton.

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