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DaVinci Surgical Robot Complications

da-vinci-surgical-lawsuitsNew-age advances in surgical equipment has given birth to many technological devices that have improved the medical field. However, in some cases this equipment may be used before it is proven to be safe or without the correct training to ensure that surgeons can use these new devices without harm to their patients. One such device is the DaVinci Surgical Robot, which is now under scrutiny due to severe complications that have occurred when using the equipment on patients.

What is the DaVinci Surgical Robot?

The California company Intuitive Surgical created and designed the DaVinci Surgical System or Robot and FDA approved in 2000 to perform several types of surgeries. The robot consists of four arms that are robotic and work on the patient, controlled by a console that is manned by the surgeon. The benefit to using this device over traditional surgery is that the machine is able to perform delicate and precise movements while directed by the surgeon from the console (theoretically). The device is commonly used for: removing prostates, cardio valve repair and gynecologic surgeries.

One of the robot’s arms has a 3-D camera that transmits a detailed picture of the surgical site to the surgeon’s console. The surgeon can use the equipment to perform laparoscopy, surgery requiring only small incisions and the use of a camera to see the site. The robot is meant to improve on the conventional form of this surgery by enhancing the visual aspect of the surgical site and allowing the surgeon to stay focused on the area without needing to look at a separate monitor while operating.

Why is DaVinci Suggested Over A Surgeon’s Hand?

Many tout the DaVinci system with greater precision and dexterity than a surgeon may have using their own hands. Since the camera can be controlled by the surgeon without the assistance and while staying focused on the surgical area, many believe that the robot can enhance a surgeon’s abilities. The robot hands can be used to make tiny, precise incisions that are thought to lead to a less invasive surgery, lower blood loss and quicker recovery.

Complications Related To Surgery Performed With A DaVinci Robot

The main concerns regarding the use of the DaVinci Surgical Robot is the lack of training with the device before surgeons use it on live patients. It takes many of hours of practice and some surgeons say hundreds of “assists” using the robot before a surgeon is ready to use it solo. However, in some cases surgeons are being allowed to use the device after only assisting with the equipment a few times.

The complications that can occur are severe and even life threatening. The robot is used to make incisions within the body. If the incision is done in the wrong place or to the wrong body part, there can be severe internal bleeding and other complications such as:

  • Burning of internal organs or arteries
  • Severed ureters
  • Sepsis or infection
  • Peritonitis
  • Intestinal or bowel injuries
  • Revision surgeries
  • Death
Legal Options For Those Injured During A DaVinci Surgery

For those who have been harmed due to the use of a DaVinci Surgical Robot or have lost a loved one, there are legal options available. There are already many patients that are pursuing lawsuits against Intuitive Surgical or the hospitals where their operations were performed for financial compensation for their pain, suffering and in some cases, wrongful death of a loved one.

DaVinci Surgical Robot Lawyers Helping Those With Surgical Complications

If you have been victim to a surgery that had complications due to the use of the DaVinci Robot, or lost a loved one to a similar surgery, you may be entitled to receive financial compensation for your pain or loss. Medical lawsuits are extremely complicated and you need a legal team that has the experts and experience to fight your case. Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC have the experience and knowledge in successfully prosecuting DaVinci Surgical Robot lawsuits that will be used to your advantage. Call us today for a free consultation to discuss your case and what your legal options are.

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