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Drug Recall Lawsuits

Medicine has been used to treat illnesses and help patients cope with health concerns since the beginning of recorded history. Large pharmaceutical companies now control the discovery and distribution of drugs and treatments for medical concerns ranging from the common cold to cancer and everything in between. Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC stands beside people who have been injured by the negligence of large pharmaceutical manufacturers when they put their finances ahead of consumer safety. 

Prescription Drug Defect & Recall Attorneys in Illinois

Our drug recall lawyers handle all types of injury and fatality cases that are related to dangerous prescription drugs. We invite you to complete our on-line case intake form and a drug recall attorney with personally review your situation-- without any cost or obligation on your part. While we are based in Chicago, our firm handles drug recall lawsuits on behalf of clients across the country.

The power and wealth afforded to these companies through the production of their countless medications and treatments must come with responsibility. Profits have long been of more importance to the large pharmaceutical companies than the general safety of the consumers to whom they are prescribed, and the culture that exists of rushing medicines to market prematurely in order to claim massive profits at the cost of human lives must come to an end.

I was overwhelmed when I learned that a medication my father took likely caused his death. While other firms were hesitant to get involved, RIL was willing to investigate our case without any cost on our part. I feel like we made the best decision to go with them as we really got great service and results.
Marsha C.

The FDA, the Drug Market & How Dangerous Drugs Make Their Way to Consumers

The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for ensuring the safety of the millions of consumers who use the multitudinous treatments that are prescribed for their ailments. Thousands of medicines are brought before the agency, however, and it is impossible for the FDA to completely prevent the sale of medicines that have harmful side effects.

As pharmaceutical companies overload the system by rushing medicines to market without adequate research or trials to support their safe use, many medicines end up falling through the cracks and into the hands of people who are led to believe they are safe. Unfortunately, it is often not until many people have been harmed that pharmaceutical companies can be held responsible for reckless practices and the disregard of their customers’ health.

The FDA often gets involved once adverse reactions have been associated with medications, but it is often the case that side effects are not clearly communicated to potential patients because that places the drugs on the FDA’s radar. Despite the knowledge of potential complications, drug companies push medications on unsuspecting patients and the FDA is often slow to act by first requiring disclosure of complications and then forcing the drug to be taken off the market if problems persist.

The motivation behind this all too frequent policy of omitting information is that patients will refuse to take medications that are linked with severe side effects and doctors will limit the prescriptions they prescribe to those that carry the least risk of complication.

How Pharmaceutical Litigation is Different From Other Personal Injury Cases

Taking drug companies to task requires access to far more resources than those used to pursue legal action against private citizens or employers in cases of personal injury or workplace accidents. There is a burden of proof that is always required when pursuing a lawsuit and the facts in these more traditional cases are cut and dry.

If someone is harmed while on the job, and there are witnesses to the event and physical proof that an act of negligence or defective equipment caused the accident, the evidence is sufficient to satisfy the burden of proof. There is rarely any cut and dry evidence to present when attempting to link a medication with a personal injury, so more resources and the access to specific experts are required to effectively pursue damages in these types of cases.

The Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC have access to such resources including experts in several key relevant fields. Medical experts can testify to the dangers and complications associated with specific medications and economists can access the financial impact of caring for the medical treatment of resulting injuries. Drug companies can afford expensive attorneys of their own who have access to their own well-paid “experts” who will vouch for their employers. For this reason, pharmaceutical lawsuits cannot be considered slam dunks and must be approached with care and restraint.

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC remains committed to protecting your individual rights no matter the breadth of the litigation or the number of individual plaintiffs involved. Presently, our office is actively involved in the review and litigation of the following prescription drugs:

What You Need to Know about Class Action Lawsuits Involving Recalled and Dangerous Prescription Drugs

It is increasingly common to see commercials and other advertisements urging those negatively impacted by a medication to come forward as part of a class action lawsuit. During these types of proceedings, certain facts are determined to apply to all cases but every plaintiff has the right to pursue their own judgments and may also choose to refrain from inclusion in a mass settlement.

It is important that you discuss the details of a pending class action lawsuit with an attorney to determine what actions are in your best interest and to know what exactly you should expect throughout the process of litigation.

We are here to answer any questions that you may have about a potential lawsuit involving a medication that has resulted in adverse events or current mass torts that may affect you. Contact us now to speak with a pharmaceutical defect attorney for more information and to schedule a risk free consultation where we can collect the information needed to investigate the matter and give you the best advice for moving forward.

Our defective drug lawyers are dedicated not only to ensuring that our clients receive compensation in the amount of medical costs, lost wages, financial loss and pain and suffering, but also to ensuring vindication so that large pharmaceutical companies change their ways. We will only collect payment once we have achieved this aim, so if for any reason we fail to collect compensation on your behalf, our services will be free of charge.

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