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Attorneys for People Injured in Consolidated Freightways Trucking Accidents

Accident Con Way Truck Founded in Portland Oregon in 1929, Consolidated Freightways, Inc. operated under the name Consolidated Truck Lines until 1939. Once recognized as the nation’s leading long-haul transport company, the business filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy in September 2002 after changing its name to CNF Transportation six years earlier. By April 2006, the company re-branded itself from CNF Transportation to Con-Way and is still in business today.

As the parent company for five subsidiaries, Con-Way, Inc. employs over 5000 truckers driving nearly 3600 vehicles including tractor-trailers, 18-wheelers, semi-trucks and large commercial cargo vans. Con-Way Freight moves LTL (less than a truckload) cargo across North America, while Con-Way Truckload moves filled trucks from Canada across the United States into Mexico.

Con-Way Enterprise Services, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, is the Administrative and Information Technology (AIT) division of the parent company. Con-Way Manufacturing, formally known as Road Systems, Inc., refurbishes trailers and manufactures trailing equipment and supplies to its huge fleet of trucks. Another Con-Way subsidiary, Menlo Worldwide Logistics is a recognized leader in designing and implementing logistics solutions used worldwide.

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers represents people injured in truck accidents involving corporate owners. If you or a loved one was injured in an accident involving a Con-Way Truck, contact our attorneys today to discuss your legal rights and options.

Routine Inspections of the Fleet

With the thousands of Con-Way cargo trucks traveling millions of miles every year, some of its truck drivers are involved in crashes with injuries and fatalities. According to the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration), under the US Department of Transportation (DOT), Con-Way was involved in 505 crashes in the two years before the end of February 2014. As a result of those crashes, truckers, other motorists and passengers suffered 153 injuries and 11 fatalities.

Routine inspections by FMCSA help maintain safe roadways. Of the Con-Way cargo truck inspections performed in the 24 months up to the end of February 2014, 280 out of 3592 trucks were removed from service. This number represents 7.8 percent of the fleet, compared to the national average of 20.72 percent.

During the same time frame, 35 of the 5031 drivers were let go from the company as a result of routine inspections. That represents 0.7 percent, significantly lower than the national average of 5.51 percent.

Serious Injuries and Fatalities Involving Con-Way Trucks

Many victims involved in a Con-Way – Consolidated Freightways truck accident have suffered severe injuries or fatalities. Often, large commercial truck accidents can cause devastating results due to the sheer weight and size of the vehicle. Semi-trucks, 18-wheelers, large commercial trucks, tractor-trailers, delivery trucks, flatbeds, and box trucks moving at a high rate of speed, jackknifing, or swerving can cause catastrophic accidents.

Often, the sheer presence of large vehicles moving across the highway's pose significant risks to the safety of other travelers. Dangerous driving situations can occur when being near a large truck when the driver has been improperly trained to handle their vehicle or is driving a truck built or maintained with defective parts. Common causes of catastrophic large commercial truck accidents include:

  • Speeding – Driving at excessive speeds makes a heavy truck, often weighing up to 80 tons, difficult to maneuver, control or stop safely. Accidents involving large commercial vehicles traveling at high rates of speed can produce catastrophic events, with injuries and loss of life.

  • Reckless Driving – Truckers often drive recklessly or negligently in an attempt to meet tight deadlines. Reckless actions include driving inappropriately during hazardous weather conditions or through roadway construction areas. Driving fatigued, tired, while drunk or under the influence of drugs can create devastating accidents with other motorists and passengers.

  • Driving Distracted – Truckers can easily become distracted when texting, talking on the phone and when looking at their computer or smart devices.

  • Failing to Use Turn Signals Properly – It is imperative that the trucker avoid swerving or erratically changing lanes. Also, the driver must properly use turn signals to warn other motorists of the truck's movement on the road.

Sample Truck Accidents and Settlements Involving Con-Way Trucks

This horrific tale followed a rather common accident: rear-end crash. A couple were travelling through the Midwest when they hit some traffic. Fog had settled on the Missouri road they were taking. Other drivers slowed down to avoid incident. They did too. However, the Consolidated truck behind them did not. That trucker rammed right into the back of their car. The size and force of the crash caused an instant fire. The woman died right away. The man, with burns all over his body, was taken to a hospital. He lived the rest of his days, nearly a month, in and out of surgery. Always in pain, he was not afforded a peaceful exit. Lawyers for the parents of the two brought a lawsuit. Close family can bring wrongful death suits in most cases. They sued here for damages for the pain the two deaths caused them. Their lawsuit targeted the trucker and Consolidated. The plaintiffs claimed both were negligent and both caused the untimely deaths of their loved ones. It took the jury barely five hours to return a verdict of nearly $50 million. It was one of the largest awards given without punitive damages. The judge used a remittitur to lower that to the figure listed in the title. Remittiturs are permitted when juries give patently erroneous awards or ones that far exceed what was asked for by plaintiffs. Still, this was a hefty sum for the two families. Although, it's not as if anything can replace this young couple!

This case was brought on behalf of a child. It required filing because his parents died in a crash with a Consolidated trucker. Children and other immediate family members and spouses can bring actions for wrongful death. That allows them to seek damages for the pain, loss, and expenses of an untimely passing. This definitely fit the bill. The parents were driving down a Georgia road when a Consolidated trucker collided with them. The two did not survive. It was left to the couple's representatives to fight for justice for the kid. After a lengthy trial, the jury award the plaintiffs $1,800,000. $1,000,000 was for the loss of the mother. $800,000 was for the loss of the father. After trial, Consolidated appealed for various procedural reasons. For example, it thought the jury was allowed too broad a view to figure damages. Yet, the appellate court did not buy its logic. The judgment was affirmed. The estate was allowed to assume the award. Yet, due to the appeal, the package could not be obtained for some time. Thus, the timeline of this case exceeded the average. It lasted years. This mattered because the kid had expenses. Someone had to pay for them. He very well could not work. Lots of times, truck companies play these games to get plaintiffs to settle. Thankfully, the kid had counsel that could put up a fight. Not every plaintiff has these resources though. That's why it's important to find adequate legal counsel! That will make sure you never have to decide between the award you should have and the one they want you to have.

This case involved a whole series of events. It didn't look like a typical truck accident case either. The victim turned plaintiff got into a minor accident. He was a Consolidated trucker. His truck clipped the back of a car and swung around over ditch. As he was exiting the truck, another trucker slammed into his own. The force sent him flying almost fifty feet down. He broke a number of bones. He also sustained internal injuries. After some time, he brought suit against that trucker and that trucker's employer. He argued they were negligent. Further, their negligence caused him damages. His damages included medical bills and pain among other things. The defendants denied this. They offered that the plaintiff was truly the wrongdoer. In fact, he caused the first crash. Also, his truck obstructed the lane. The plaintiff had some good comebacks. He showed that the defendant was speeding. He also proved the defendant had been out on the road too long-over 10 hours even! Once these facts were shown, the defendants became more willing to settle. The man received $1.1 million. Some of that money was for a workers' comp claim. The majority of it was for general and special damages.

Two women had to be pried out of their Nissan after this Washington truck crash. They were driving down a quiet road when a Consolidated truck slammed head-on into them. That jolt sent them flying into a ditch. They both sustained serious injuries. The driver broke her legs and hurt her chest. The passenger injured her head and abdomen. Both required extensive medical attention. The trucker did not sustain any injuries. The truck too didn't have that much damage. The Nissan was totally wrecked. If found to be negligent, the trucker and his employer could be on the hook to the ladies. Negligence actions compensate victims for the damage that unreasonable conduct creates. It repays people for medical bills, lost wages, property damages, pain, suffering, and other harms. Before they get that far though, they need to make sure they weren't negligent themselves. If they were more to blame for the accident, then they might not be able to get anything at all. This is why truck accident victims need legal support fast. You need to move quickly to collect what you deserve. Having an expert by your side can protect your rights!

Legal Options Available to People Injured in a Truck Accident With a Consolidated Freightways Vehicle

Every victim of a Con-Way – Consolidated Freightways truck accident likely has extensive medical bills, is unable to work due to their injuries, or may have died from the crash.

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC at (888) 424-5757 offer a variety of legal options when representing victims of a large truck accident. The attorneys help their clients receive adequate compensation to cover their damages, injuries, pain, and suffering. The law firm offers a no obligation, free initial consultation to discuss the merits of a large truck accident claim. Contact us today!

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