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Feeding Tube Complications

Chicago Nursing Home Patient Clogged Breathing Tube Many Chicago hospital patients and nursing home residents require assistance eating. Age or infirmity reduces their ability to properly exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen as well as to remove unnecessary secretions such as saliva or mucus.

To address these issues, nursing facilities often turn to feeding tubes, including endotracheal tubes that mechanically breathe for a resident through ventilation. However, these tasks require great skill, care, and attention.

Staff must sterilize the affected area, monitor the devices for compliance, and ensure that the patient never suffers from serious injuries such as oxygen deprivation (hypoxia) which can result in a brain injury or death.    

The nursing home negligence attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC work with victims and families when feeding tube complications arise in skilled nursing facilities in the Chicagoland area and across Illinois.

These problems cause substantial medical expenses and injury, including death. While many facilities attempt to pass the blame on to age or sickness, the truth is that these troubles normally arise through negligent conduct.

The sections below analyze breathing tube complications and suction negligence in greater detail. For more help and insight, contact us today at (888) 424-5757 for a free consultation.

Feeding Tube Use in Long-Term Care Facilities Across Illinois

Doctors commonly use breathing tubes (respiratory intubation) for nursing home residents that have difficulty breathing or taking oxygen into their lungs. This trouble can arise from old age, sickness, surgical complications, drug overdose or other problems. Breathing tubes can also be used to prevent fluid and other types of buildup.

To intubate a nursing home resident, staff insert a tube down the person's mouth or nose. Then, they may also attach a machine to the tube to assist in the resident's breathing. That additional step is called mechanical ventilation. At several points along the way, errors can happen, each of which can have profound effects on the person's life. Those are discussed in the next section.

Clogged Breathing Tube Complications in Elderly Patients

Intubation is an extremely complex and dangerous process. Plus, it is normally ever used with patients that are already in precarious medical circumstances. Breathing tube complications can arise at many points including setting up, ongoing support, and removal. Here are some of the most common risks and serious injuries involved with breathing assistance devices:
  • Oxygen deprivation (hypoxia).
  • Brain damage.
  • Death.
  • Aspiration.
  • Lung damage.
  • Fluid buildup.
  • Choking incident.
  • Scarring/bleeding.
  • Throat/nasal aggravation.
Breathing tube injuries vary from person to person so it is important to seek medical advice promptly to ensure that all the damage is surveyed.

Intubation Injury & Medical Treatment

Treatment for intubation complications begins with taking out and replacing the tube itself as this failure will be the central issue. Ensuring adequate oxygen intake is back to normal and constant is the paramount task. After that, doctors typically will look to minimize bleeding, swelling, organ malfunctioning and other side effects.

This can require surgery, pain medication, antibiotics, mechanical ventilation, and other treatments. The exact course of action and prescribed medications will depend on the severity and personal medical background of the patient.

Breathing Tube Complications Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Sue for Nursing Home Breathing Tube Injuries?

Yes, you can sue in Illinois court if improper breathing tube use caused damage or injury. The injury must have stemmed from negligent or wrongful conduct. The negligent conduct must have caused legally recognizable damages. Finally, the incident must have taken place in or the parties must be located in Illinois.

Who can I Sue Breathing Tube Injuries in an Illinois Nursing Home?

Plaintiffs can sue any person or party or caused or contributed to injuries from improper breathing tube use at an Illinois nursing home. Typically, this includes the facility itself; its managers; staff members; its health care professionals; as well as any of the patient's personal health care providers. However, it may also extend to third parties such as medical companies or assisted-living facility personnel companies.

What Compensation Can I Recovery in an Illinois Nursing Home Claim for Breathing Tube Injuries?

Illinois law (Illinois Nursing Home Care Act) allows families to obtain a recovery for all of their damages in Illinois nursing home cases for breathing tube complications. This includes compensation for things like costs (medical bills, funeral costs, etc.) as well as the emotional trauma (lost companionship, pain, suffering, etc.). The specific recovery for each family will differ. Speak to an experienced Illinois nursing home abuse law firm to understand what you might obtain.

How Long Should I Wait to File an Illinois Nursing Home Claim for Breathing Tube Injuries?

Plaintiffs might only have one year and probably at most two years to bring a case for breathing tube complications in Illinois. Therefore, it is important not to wait. There is much to do and little time. An experienced Chicago law firm can help, but you must first engage one. Get on the path to recovery today, call us to understand what you need to do to protect your family's right to recover.

Sample Breathing Tube Injury & Wrongful Death Settlements & Verdicts

$3,000,000 Settlement; Illinois Injury Settlement

This Illinois nursing facility case started after a young woman died when her tube was dislodged. Just in her middle thirties, she was placed in the facility due to paralysis. A nurse tried to move her without help and the tube was dislodged in the process. An investigation by the Illinois Department of Public Health revealed that he suffered oxygen deprivation and a traumatic brain injury. The woman died later that day. This case was brought against the Illinois nursing center not long after for negligence and wrongful death. The two sides settled for a reported $3 million.

$200,000 Settlement; Illinois Neglect Settlement

Here, an elderly man died in an Illinois rehabilitation facility. He was on dialysis, needed a thick liquid diet, and required a breathing tube. At some point during one of his meals, the food dislodged the tube and he began to lose oxygen. Apparently, staff started feeding him through his mouth and this was contrary to the procedures established by his doctors. Nursing home abuse lawyers for the man's estate brought this action against the Illinois facility. Reports surfaced that they eventually settled for $200,000.

$700,000 Settlement; Illinois Injury Settlement

Here, a man in his late seventies resided at an Illinois nursing facility. His breathing tube became dislodged, and facility staff informed the man's doctor. The doctor instructed the nursing home staff to reinsert but they did not do so correctly. Consequently, the man experienced oxygen deprivation and other complications resulting in over $300,000 in medical bills. Nursing neglect lawyers for the man sued the facility for negligence. The company filed a reply and answer but eventually, settlement negotiations got underway. The plaintiff received $700,000.

Call Us if You or Your Family Member Experienced a Breathing Tube Complication at an Illinois Nursing Home or Hospital

Breathing tube complications can be so dramatic that people around them think nothing can be done. Well, something can be done. The Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers work extensively with nursing home and hospital patients. We understand the complicated situations they-and their families-are placed in every day. When trouble arises, such as a loss of oxygen that causes serious or death, we can assist you. Call us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our team members. You can reach us at (888) 424-5757. We offer a "No Win/No-fee" Guarantee.

Sources and Further Reading for Breathing Tube Safety

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