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Chicago Child Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Chicago child bicycle accident lawyersLearning to ride a bicycle is one of the great moments in a child's life, a milestone in their journey to becoming independent adults. Bicycling is a healthy activity that children can do on their own or with friends and family.

However, it also has risks that need to be avoided at all children ages especially if they do not use a bicycle helmet.

The Chicago bicycle accident attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC know the feelings of anger and frustration many parents experience when their child is injured in a bike crash and suffered bicycle-related injuries.

When it comes to cases involving minors, our office has experience getting minor's the compensation they are entitled to for both past and future damages after bicycle crashes. Our law firm invites you to contact our office for a free review of your child's bike accident case.

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), nearly 470,000 bike-related injuries were reported in 2015. The statistics also revealed that more than a thousand bike riders died that year.

Children between the ages of five to fourteen had the highest rate of nonfatal bike-related injuries which makes helmet use incredibly important. These cases accounted for over a third of all bike-related trauma handled in emergency departments in the United States.

Motor Vehicle-Bike Accidents Involving Children

Although most injuries happen from a child falling from their bicycle, the more severe injuries are when a vehicle hits a child riding a bike. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2018 was the deadliest year for bike riders in the United States since 1990.

Urban environments are the most dangerous areas for bicyclists, even in communities that have installed bike lanes, like Chicago. The number of cyclists who died in 2018 rose 6.3% from the previous year. Over 850 cyclists died that year compared to 859 deaths that were reported back and 1990.

When a vehicle hits a child, it is not always at cut and dry to who is at fault. Although children are more likely not to know or obey the rules of the road, there is a certain amount of liability on the part of the driver of a vehicle to watch for pedestrians and bicyclists.

The laws in different localities and states can leave room for interpretation on when a bicyclist is at fault and when the driver of the vehicle is to blame in a crash. It is always best to get legal advice if your child is hit while riding their bicycle, even if you think that the driver was not at fault.

Child Bicycle Accident Injuries

The scariest aspect of a bicycle accident involving a child is the possibility of a brain injury. Although lacerations, broken bones, and many other injuries may be more frequent in a bicycle accident, the most common severe injury is one to the brain of the child.

According to the Brain Injury Association, traumatic brain injuries are the most significant cause of death and disability among children in the U.S. Over a million children each year sustain some form of brain injury.

The problematic issue with these young child brain injuries is that the effects are not always immediately apparent. A child can seem to recover quickly after a bicycle accident that involved a head injury. However, sometimes it can take years for the effect of that injury to become noticeable. Children with brain injuries can suffer from serious injury, including:

  • Lower IQ or cognitive difficulties
  • Behavioral problems from frontal cortex damage
  • Attention or memory deficits
  • Long-term emotional problems

Over the last few decades, the city of Chicago has installed miles of bike lanes to maximize bike riding safety. Cyclists riding in these lanes can minimize their potential of being injured by wearing a bike helmet and other safety gear. Sadly, and driver's negligence remains a significant problem in urban and rural areas.

Frequently Asked Questions About Child Bike Accidents

Below are some frequently asked questions raised by parents who have a child injured in a bicycle accident. We appreciate that these questions may give rise to other questions and concerns. Consequently, we encourage you to contact our bicycle accident attorneys in Chicago, Illinois for a free consultation with an experienced attorney.

What Should You do if you Have a cut from a Bicycle Accident?

Thankfully, most bruises and cuts will only be minor and you will not need to seek medical attention or call an ambulance. After a cut from a bicycle accident, try to stop the bleeding, clean and sanitize the affected area with antiseptic product and hygienic wipes to avoid further infection, and, finally, dress the wound.

What Injuries can you get From Cycling?

Some of the most common injuries children receive from bicycling include broken bones, lacerations, head wounds, facial damage, and sprains.

What are Some Common Injuries in Infants?

Some of the most common infant injuries are cuts, burns, scrapes, scalds, fractures, dislocation, head contusion, and eye damage.

What is the Most Common Injury to Children?

Falls are by far the most common injury children sustain on a daily basis in the United States. Each day, nearly 10,000 children fall down and injure themselves.

How do I Know if My Child is okay After a Fall?

Your children may be injured after a bicycle fall if they are inconsolable, crying, falling down, have red or yellow fluid in their urine, shows contusions or cuts, or is rubbing their head.

Will Babies be ok After a Fall?

Children are extremely resilient and most of the time there is no significant injury after a fall including those off of bicycles.

What are the Most Common Child Injuries at Home?

At home, children are most often injured falling down (including off bikes), burned, choking, tripped, cut, and poisoned.

What are the Most Common Children’s Accidents at School?

At school, children are most often harmed through bullying, assaults, slips, trips, falls, poisoned food, school bus accidents, playground incidents, and during sporting activities.

Chicago Attorneys for Children Injured in Bike Accidents

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC are experienced personal injury attorneys that understand the complexities of a child bike accident case, and we can help you get the financial help you need to ensure your child gets the best medical care. Call us first before discussing your case with the insurance company and let us give you a free consultation on what your options are.

Our Chicago bicycle accident lawyers can build a strong case for any injured party involved in a car accident. We accept cases in the United States and throughout Illinois, including Cook County, Will County, Lake County, DuPage County, Des Plaines, Arlington Heights, and throughout the Chicago area.

Our law firm will seek financial compensation to ensure the safety of your child's life who suffer catastrophic injuries in a life-threatening car accident. We can begin working on a comprehensive physical injury case on your behalf starting today. Let us hold the motorist responsible for the accident legally and financially accountable.

We understand that having a child injured in a Chicago bicycle accident is a traumatic time for a family. Our law office knows that the wellbeing of your child is your most profound concern.

However, adding the stress of financial strain will not do you or your child any good. It is essential to know what your legal rights are concerning the financial compensation your child may be eligible to receive due to their accident.

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