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As an employee of the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), grappling with a workplace injury can feel like an uphill battle. The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act entitles you to benefits, yet the CTA has a track record of denying rightful claims.

The journey to secure compensation becomes an exhausting maze, pitting injured people against CTA adjusters in an adversarial system.

Navigating the system’s complexities can be overwhelming, especially when the CTA deliberately curtails your benefits. But you don’t have to face this challenge alone. The seasoned personal injury attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers, LLC are equipped with the knowledge and resources to champion your cause.

CTA Transportation Professionals

As dedicated transportation professionals, CTA workers are responsible for ferrying 1.6 million passengers across the sprawling Chicagoland metropolitan area, adhering to pre-assigned routes.

Annually, these workers transport over 500 million passengers, all while upholding strict transit rules.

Navigating the CTA train and bus systems, these transit workers must expertly guide their vehicles through all weather conditions and congested traffic on both roads and rails. Traffic laws bind them, committed to maintaining punctuality and ensuring the safe arrival of every passenger at their destination.

Annual Wages : CTA Workers Compensation Lawyer

Chicago CTA Employee Wages

In the bustling Chicago metropolitan area, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 6,421 dedicated CTA workers held a job in 2018. The data collected in 2019 unveils intriguing insights into the earnings of Transit Authority Employees in northeastern Illinois.

These committed professionals received an average hourly wage of $26.49 and an annual income of $55,100. Remarkably, these job earnings surpass the national averages by a considerable margin. 

A Dangerous Occupation

Chicago Transit Authority workers face the constant risk of violence, with physical attacks occurring when least expected. Assaults on CTA bus drivers and train operators, at gunpoint or with knives, are all too common in dense urban areas.

Besides physical dangers, employees also encounter frustrated individuals venting about delays, vehicle conditions, or other issues beyond the operator’s control. Seasoned employees develop effective coping strategies to stay on schedule and minimize disruptions from disgruntled passengers.

In their quest to ensure passenger safety, operators remain vigilant against potential crashes. Workers operating buses and trains require adaptation to prevent accidents, including:

  • Incoming signals
  • Ever-changing traffic conditions
  • Driver negligence leading to being hit while on duty
  • Unpredictable weather
  • Tight lanes not constructed to accommodate buses

Dangerous Locations

An investigation revealed that the 95th/Dan Ryan CTA Station holds the dubious distinction of being the most perilous location in the metropolitan area. However, the Roosevelt and 69th St. stations, on the Red and Green lines are also dangerous.

Theft incidents were more frequent at bustling downtown stations, such as Jackson, Clark & Lake, State & Lake, Chicago Avenue, and 95th/Dan Ryan.

Despite significant modifications a few years back, including installing 3,600 surveillance cameras monitoring the train system, evidence shows that crime remains undeterred in this dangerous job. A mere one in four crimes occurring on the CTA system ultimately results in an arrest.

CTA System Worker

Life as a CTA driver or train operator in the city can be stressful, particularly during rush hours when dense traffic heightens the risk of accidents. Due to shifting schedules, bus system workers often face excessive noise, air pollution, dehydration, and stress. These injuries can include:

  • Excessive Noise: Buses travel on some of Chicago’s busiest streets, where street sounds can reach 80 dB or higher, leading to hearing injuries.
  • Polluted Air: Heavy pollutants in metropolitan areas can cause long-term health injuries for CTA workers.
  • Dehydration: CTA workers working different shifts experience disrupted biological clocks, affecting hydration levels that could cause severe kidney injuries.
  • Muscle and Joint Pain: Sitting for hours behind the wheel leads to injuries for many CTA drivers and train operators over time.

Public Transportation Workers Injured on the Job Filing a Claim for Workers’ Compensation Benefits

State and city governments must provide workers’ compensation benefits to injured employees, covering care and damages for work-related injuries requiring medical treatment.

Filing an Illinois workers’ compensation claim can be difficult, mainly when the employer directs the injured party to a company doctor. Worker’s comp is a no-fault benefits system, ensuring fair treatment for employees with job-related injuries, regardless of fault.

Victims and surviving family members may receive certain benefits to recover damages, including medical expenses, hospital costs, lost wages, disability benefits, and funeral/burial expenses.

Third-Party Lawsuits

Illinois workers’ compensation lawyers may identify additional parties responsible for a CTA accident leading to injuries or fatalities in certain situations. In such cases, Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) employees or their surviving family members can file a third-party lawsuit in addition to their insurance benefits.

Possible defendants in a third-party personal injury lawsuit may include:

  • An employer exhibiting egregious behavior
  • A negligent driver causing an accident
  • A manufacturer selling a defective product
  • A hospital or doctor committing medical malpractice

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