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March 2, 2023

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Construction site elevators are essential in the building industry, yet they can also be dangerous. An elevator accident on a construction site in Chicago recently resulted in a deadly injury.

The elevator accident happened when workers took an elevator to access the fifth floor of the construction project and unexpectedly fell to the second floor. In addition to physical injuries, those involved suffered from extreme shock and emotional trauma due to the nature of the accident.

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Elevator Shaft Fall Accident

Elevator Accident Falls on Construction Jobsites

Falls remain the most common cause of serious injury and even death on construction job sites, and most fall-related elevator accidents are preventable. Construction companies must take all necessary precautions to prevent falls when installing or maintaining elevators to prevent similar disasters from occurring again.

Falls down elevator shafts more often than not result in catastrophic and life-altering severe injuries that rob victims of quality of life.

The true injustice in most elevator shaft fall injuries is that they can be easily prevented. The only way to promote safer construction environments is to hold construction companies accountable for negligent actions and their failure to prioritize the implementation of safety protocols proven to save lives.

The Causes of Elevator Shaft Falls

The elevator shaft is a hidden killer on high-rise construction sites because they are often unmarked, and employees are busy performing duties to be aware of all hazards on each floor.

Possible causes of an elevator accident with severe injury or even death where a victim falls down a shaft include:

  • Lack of posted warnings— Hazards on construction sites must be marked to alert workers to potential threats to their safety. Any open elevator shaft should have posted warnings alerting workers of the hazard on the construction site so they avoid entering close proximity to the elevator shaft.
  • Unprotected openings— The simple installation of guard rails or safety nets can prevent elevator shaft falls or save the lives of those who slip into an open elevator shaft. A personal fall arrest system can protect against a fall or reduce injuries’ severity.
  • Unawareness of surroundings— Workers may inadvertently walk backward into an open elevator shaft if they are helping others move objects or equipment with their backs to the hazard.
  • Lack of an emergency plan— Because construction sites often exist where addresses have not yet been established, emergency services can be more difficult to locate the site and send help. Every construction site needs to have an emergency plan to address how workers must respond when victims are injured or how to ensure their safety in the presence of hazards.

Elevator Shaft Fall-Related Injuries More Severe

Most elevator shaft falls do not have happy endings, and the workers who have fallen are often killed or severely injured and maimed in critical condition if they are lucky enough to survive.

The cost of caring for a paralyzed loved one who has suffered extensive brain damage or must spend the rest of their life under assisted care is exhaustive.

A lifetime of care for tetraplegia (quadraplegia), for example, is more than $4 million if the victim is 25 years old at the time of injury.

Taking legal action against the victim’s employer is often the only way that victims or their loved ones can secure the compensation that is needed to pay for their initial medical care, the ongoing care they must receive for the remainder of their lives, and for the loss of income that has resulted from never being able to work again.

Our Commitment to Holding Employers and Other Parties Accountable for Severe Injuries Related to Falls in Elevator Shafts

Holding negligent employers accountable for the cost of their disregard for safety is the only way to motivate others to create safer work environments for their workers.

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