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Joint Injury Shoulder Truck Accident Once you combine the force and velocity of truck accidents with the fragility of human joints, you all but guarantee an injury to some joint during a truck or auto accident with your passenger vehicle. Of all the injuries sustained in incidents like this, joint injuries are some of the most frequent thought they may not be life-threatening.

Additionally, they are some of the costliest and influential for victims going forward from the semi-truck crash. They hamper you in your ability to work and enjoy life for a long time after the accident through chronic pain and immediate injuries especially if there are broken bones.

When we meet with victims of these harms and serious injuries, they want to know what they can do. They want to know what the legal system affords them in terms of recovery and compensation. The next few sections address this subject.

They discuss the kinds of joint injuries sustained in Illinois truck accidents and what the value of those claims might be in court. Read them and then speak with own of our experienced attorneys about your case in a free consultation. You deserve legal advice and recovery. We can help accident victims like you!

Joint Injuries from Chicago Truck Accidents

Joints all over your body are crucial intersections for bones, muscles, and tendons. Often overlooked, they fasten the skeletal system in place and thereby hold together the entire person.

Yet, this also means that joint injuries can have a tremendous effect on your health. Additionally, because of their conspicuousness, they get hurt a lot in all different ways including sports incidents, dancing incidents, and, yes, truck and other motor vehicle accidents.

Here are some of the most common types of joint injuries:

  • Sprained Ankle: Sprains occur when someone trips, twists, or rolls their ankle in a disruptive fashion such that the tissue which hold the ankle tight or torn or stretched.
  • Runners Knee: Doctors use this term when people have pain in or around the knee after excessive recreation and physical activity. It is more of a condition than an actual injury.
  • Rotator Cuff Injury: Whenever the soft tissue that joins the bone to the muscle in the shoulder joint are torn, strained, or sprained, then you might have a rotator cuff tear injury.
  • Plica Syndrome: This term is used to describe pain or inflammation in the plica (underneath the knee).

Obviously, since there are joints in many places on your body, you can injure them in a myriad of ways such as in a truck accident. However, these soft tissue injuries have similar symptoms despite having different origins and locations.

Here are some signs that you may have damaged your joints:

  • Bleeding
  • Swelling
  • Pain to touch
  • Stiffness
  • Numbness
  • Weakness
  • Whiplash

If you were in a truck accident in Illinois, you should consult a doctor immediately to determine if you damaged a joint or any other area of your body. These injuries are serious and greatly change the nature of the worth of your claim should you file suit especially if they develop into chronic pain.

If you contact our offices, we can give you a free case evaluation on what a joint injury claim might be awarded in court or settlement.

Treatment for Joint Injuries after Chicago Truck Crashes

Injuries to the joints, muscles, and tissues of the body are complex medical problems requiring medical attention. However, there are some things that you can do just around the house to alleviate your joint pain.

You wrap and compress it with a blanket, bandage, or other wrap. You can also apply ice and cold air for ten to fifteen minutes a time throughout the day. You should also elevate whatever joint is bothering you at the same height as your heart.

Finally, rest the affected joint. Continuous usage of the area will only make things worse.

Once you see a doctor, he or she might recommend an advanced series of treatments designed to fix the problem, correct any tangential complications, and the strengthen the area to make it better than it was before the truck accident.

Normally, this includes choosing one or all of the following options:

  • Surgery
  • Anti-inflammatory medication
  • Braces/Canes/Walkers
  • Physical Therapy
  • Creams
  • Injections

You should choose a plan that fits the needs of your individual health condition in consultation with your personal physician. To understand how you can use the court system to pay for all of these medical expenses and more, contact our offices.

The Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC have helped many victims of truck accidents and can show you how the laws of Illinois allow you to recover in these situations.

Claims for Joint Injuries from Illinois Truck Accidents

To give you a more circumspect understanding of your joint injury claim from a truck crash, we want to discuss the nature of claims in Illinois and then what yours might look like.

Claims in Illinois can arise from several sources. They can be written into effect via law giving the citizens and even the state certain rights and relief in specific situations.

With statutory rights, you must carefully analyze whether the facts of your incident align with what the statute was trying to prevent and compensate for. Claims can also come from the legal system itself. America (and nearly every state) is a common-law country so we employ a system whereby judges add to the collection of laws and claims made thereunder.

Finally, claims can come from contracts, the private agreements that people make amongst themselves. If someone breaches an agreement, the other party can sue on the contract itself in many instances. These are the primary fonts of claims that you will use to obtain relief in Illinois.

More than likely, you will sue for negligence for your joint injuries. This began as a judge-made claim but was codified into statute by most states including Illinois.

Negligence actions allege that the defendant’s unreasonable action in the circumstances caused your injuries which led to damages. They are by far the most common civil cause of action.

To determine if you should file a negligence claim for your joint injuries or any other injuries following a truck accident, call our offices. We can quickly figure out what claims will get you the most compensation under Illinois law.

The Value of Joint Injury Claims from Illinois Truck Crashes

The value of your joint injury claim in Illinois court will depend entirely upon how you were injured and how the injury affected your life. Therefore, it is critical to promptly contact a qualified personal injury lawyer to relay this information so that he or she can properly inform you as to the value of your case.

However, there are some general points we can make about a lot of joint injury victims in truck accidents cases as well as other motor vehicle cases.

First, many joint injury victims need a lot of immediate medical care and long-term rehabilitative care. Both of these cost a lot of money, mostly in the form of medical bills.

Second, a lot of these joint injuries turn into disabilities which reduce people’s abilities to work or enjoy life the way they could before the truck crash. These losses are recognizable in court.

Third, nearly all joint injury victims experience pain on a regular and long-term basis. This is something you can put into your claim as well.

Finally, all of them have a lot of out-of-pocket expenses from the accident such as transportation bills, prescription costs, and other things. These are packed into the value of your case too.

This should give you a good sense of how worthwhile your claim may be. Again, call us today if you injured your joint in an Illinois truck accident so we can help you estimate how much you can recover in court.

Contact a Truck Accident Law Firm Right after Your Chicago Crash

Joint injuries are subtle and may not manifest for a long time. Yet, your legal time does not have time to wait that long. Working with an experienced group of truck accident attorneys from the get-go can ensure your recovery does not slip away.

Personal injury attorneys may help you if you are involved in a crash. They can provide expert knowledge, resources, and complete commitment to your claim.

Of course, you can pursue a case by yourself, but they are timely and exhausting. Plus, you may find yourself swamped in recovery and getting back to normal. Hear from our experts about how we can help you so you can take the most advantage of Illinois laws!

What You Should Do after a Chicago Truck Accident

In the immediate aftermath of a truck crash, there are a few steps you should take to protect yourself and your rights under the law.

Here is what you should do:

  • Seek medical attention.
  • Write down the circumstances of the crash.
  • Keep track of your expenses and time away from work.
  • Speak to an experienced truck accident lawyer.

Here is what you should not do:

  • Speak to the truck driver, truck company, or insurance company without your lawyer.
  • Go back to work without a doctor’s note.
  • Resume your hobbies and recreational activities if they cause you pain.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact the team of legal advocates and personal injury attorneys at our Chicago truck accident law firm.

Chicago Truck Accident Attorneys that Can Help You Recover Compensation for Joint Injuries

If you experience joint pain or damage after a truck accident in Illinois, contact us immediately. The Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC team can come in quickly to assess the situation, collect all the evidence, and make a claim for relief that secures all recovery under the law.

Plus, we will work on contingency so that you do not have to pay anything until you get the award or settlement that you need. It is that simple. Call today to get the attorney-client relationship process started. We care about injury victims and will fight to make sure you get the compensation you deserve!

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