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Accidents are bound to happen for several reasons, yet cement truck accidents are preventable. They usually occur due to an oversight of the truck company, negligence of the construction company, or the driver’s carelessness.

Large truck accidents result in more than 4,000 deaths, 68% of vehicle passengers’ injuries, and 14% of pedestrian and cyclist fatalities yearly.

In addition, cement trucks cause 357 deaths annually. Being involved in a cement truck accident often leads to catastrophic injuries.

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Chicago Cement Truck Accident Lawyer

Serious Concrete Truck Crashes

A fully loaded commercial cement truck has a weight limit of up to fifty tons, with wet cement in a rotating bucket spinning 8 to 10 feet above the surface.

The bucket can affect the truck’s high center of gravity, which could be a rollover risk, especially when the trucker makes a sharp turn or slows down too quickly.

Lack of experience or a driver’s inability to travel during hazardous conditions could result in a tragic concrete truck accident, leaving the cement truck driver or other road users seriously injured or dead.

In addition, even a minor crash can cause the cement/concrete mixture to veer off the road surface, causing instant danger for passenger vehicles.

As per the US Department of Transportation FARS (Fatality Analysis Reporting System) analysis, over 4,100 individuals died in large commercial vehicle accidents in 2017.

In addition, almost one out of all passenger vehicle occupants died in multiple vehicle crashes colliding with commercial vehicles and tractor-trailers.

Accidents Involving Cement Trucks

A cement truck driver traveling in a fully loaded cement truck could cause the most severe vehicle accident on the highways, city streets, and roads.

However, unlike crashes involving passenger vehicles, if a small motor vehicle or SUV collides with a concrete mixer truck, it absorbs nearly all the impact.

Many survivors of concrete truck accidents suffer severe injuries or wrongful death from various crash factors that could include:

  • Truck weight: A fully loaded cement truck could weigh up to 80,000 pounds or more, making it challenging to maneuver or stop quickly. In addition, any driver error leading to uncontrollable lumbering vehicles could plow through traffic, decimating other vehicles, barriers, or barricades.
  • Truck height: Concrete hauling trucks are manufactured higher off the ground than standard commercial vehicles. Consequently, it increases the risk of rollover accidents, mostly when spinning the concrete mixing bed.
  • Decreased visibility: Wet concrete trucks have numerous blind spots, like most commercial vehicles, making it difficult to see any car or SUV directly behind them. The blind spots and other visibility issues increase the backup collision potential, pedestrian accident, or lane-changing concrete mixer truck/car accident.
  • Merging challenges: Some wet concrete mixer trucks are involved in crashes when motorists fail to give way when commercial vehicles exit a roadway construction site. In addition, some motorists fail to observe or notice the “Trucks Entering or Exiting Highway” signs.
  • Driving caravans: Cement trucks traveling together on freeways can form a caravan in a single-file line that occupies most of the roadway. Any cement truck driver issue along the highway could cause an instant pileup involving other vehicles sharing the road.

Reasons Cement Truck Accidents Happen

Any cement truck accident could be severe or fatal to the drivers of vehicles involved in the collision. The truck is a moving wrecking ball, and negligent drivers can cause havoc immediately due to poor decisions.

  • Incompetent truckers: The cement truck driver’s qualifications and experience are vital in handling a heavy unstable vehicle. Because of that, concrete truck drivers must be familiar with road safety.

Cement trucks have blind spots and pose many threats to a concrete truck driver who wants to maneuver the vehicle.

The continual movement of the vehicle’s drum makes a cement truck naturally unstable and prone to rollover during a sudden swerve or when suddenly applying the brakes.

  • Narrow roads: Cement truckers must often travel down narrow roads, mainly in construction areas. The tight spaces could lead to a mishap or, worse, a rollover that can occur in a split second.
  • Shifting loads: When a large truck is incorrectly loaded, the moving load can pull the truck off-balance during a sudden turn or while attempting to avoid a collision with other vehicles.
  • Speeding: Cement truck drivers are under pressure to work faster and often exceed the recommended speed limit. In addition, most drivers are paid per load. Consequently, there is a temptation to drive a heavily loaded truck weighing more than the set weight limit over the speed limit.
  • Overtime shifts: The shortage of truckers pressures concrete truck drivers into working long hours without a break.
  • Poor maintenance: Concrete trucks are subjected to prolonged usage, making substantial daily deliveries to construction sites. Trucking companies are sometimes reluctant to stop a truck from performing the necessary maintenance and repair services on the dump trucks, especially when they have a deadline for a project.

Bases Of a Trucking Accident Claim

The injuries are often severe when a cement truck and a car collide. Impact usually injures the car driver on their head or chest.

At the same time, passengers can suffer fatal injuries from flying debris. Serious accident injuries that may result from this type of collision include:

  • Severe Brain Injury
  • Nerve and Spinal Injury
  • Neck and Back Injury
  • Burn Injury
  • Amputation
  • Broken Ribs
  • Lung Damage
  • Paralysis
  • Broken Bones
  • Cuts and Bruises
  • Death

Who Is Responsible for Truck Accident Cases?

Compensations come from those responsible for damage or the wrongful death of a loved one in a cement truck crash.

Determining who bears the liability for a cement truck collision can be challenging, where multiple parties (other drivers) could be responsible.

  • The cement truck driver: These drivers should be knowledgeable and licensed to drive a concrete truck. Driver error could create liability problems if they violate safety guidelines by being distracted , disregarding traffic laws, or other offenses.
  • The concrete truck company: Employers who own cement trucks as a business are obligated to hire competent and trained drivers. Furthermore, they are also responsible for maintenance on the large trucks to ensure they operate safely.

Automatic liability falls on the property owner or general contractor if any injuries arise from driver error by unqualified commercial truckers or a defective truck.

  • Truck manufacturer: A poorly designed or defective concrete mixer truck can cause an accident. The manufacturer may be held accountable through a product liability lawsuit if a proper investigation determines the truck was defective and contributed to the accident.
  • Mechanic: The mechanics who carry out repairs and servicing on the cement truck can be liable if they do not execute their job correctly.

Steps To Take After Cement Truck Accidents

The value of verdicts and settlements from cement truck accidents tends to be relatively high.

As a result, the concrete company and its insurance company go to almost any lengths to avoid taking responsibility for compensation.

Our Chicago cement truck accident lawyers can ensure that injured victims and surviving family members receive the compensation they deserve after a catastrophic or fatal crash.

Trucking Insurance Company Involvement

No matter who is at fault, both parties should notify the insurance company and report what happened.

In addition, the vehicle passenger will receive personal injury protection (PIP), Med-Pay, and other benefits that could help cover medical expenses and other bills.

Construction companies in cement truck accidents typically carry extensive insurance liability for property damage, serious injuries, and fatalities.

The other party’s insurance company will often quickly settle the cement truck accident case, hoping the other drivers or injured passengers accept lesser compensation than the claim’s actual value.

Therefore, when involved in a truck accident, it is crucial to engage an experienced Chicago cement truck accident lawyer to assist with personal injury cases to compensate for medical bills, lost wages, future medical expenses, and other damages.

When the Driver Is at Fault

Commercial drivers operating cement trucks must adhere to every traffic law and operate their vehicles safely.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulate commercial trucking with inspection guidelines.

While working on your behalf, your Chicago cement truck accident lawyers might prove that the trucker failed to follow established roadway rules and traffic laws that led to your collision.

Their negligence could be corroborated by the police officers on the scene and might include the following:

  • Not wearing a seatbelt: Approximately 18% of all truckers do not wear a safety belt when driving.
  • Using alcohol or drugs: Many commercial cement truck crashes involve alcohol or drug impairment.
  • Not avoiding distractions: Many cement truck crashes result from distracted driving while truck drivers use a cell phone, text, read email, drink, eat, or study a navigational map.
  • Failing to maintain a proper stopping distance: A fully loaded concrete mixing truck can weigh up to 80,000 pounds or more, creating a significant safety hazard when needed to stop promptly, especially in poor weather.
  • Failing to slow down at corners and turns: Managing a heavily loaded concrete mixing truck and maneuvering the big truck when exiting the site, changing lanes, or traveling on a tight angle could cause a rollover.
  • Not inspecting the vehicle: All truckers must inspect and check their truck before steering onto the road. The truck driver should inspect the tires, brake lines, and other components that might lead to an accident or breakdown.

Contact a cement truck accident lawyer at our law firm if you suffered a personal injury in an accident involving cement mixer trucks.

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When The Truck Company Is at Fault

While the cement truck accident might result from a rollover, driver’s negligence, inclement weather, or hazardous roads, the trucking company is sometimes at fault.

The concrete truck driver’s employer must maintain the vehicle and provide adequate training to ensure safety.

Any failure to maintain the vehicle could cause a driver to lose control and cause an accident.

Using an experienced Chicago cement truck accident lawyer in personal injury claims, plaintiffs can also sue parties other than the trucker and trucking company, including:

  • Truck manufacturers
  • Maintenance crews
  • Government agencies responsible for road repairs and traffic control

Filing A Cement Mixer Accident Claim

Hiring a law firm to file a compensation case can ensure that all liable parties are held legally accountable for an accident caused by negligent driving.

In the legal process, the plaintiff’s Chicago cement truck accident lawyer will:

  • Gather photographic evidence and surveillance video from the truck accident scene
  • Obtain all the drivers’ driving records and the police report
  • Obtain all medical bills and cost of lost wages
  • Speak to the other driver’s insurance company and construction company

Hire A Chicago Cement Truck Accident Lawyer

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