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Taxicabs are a large part of transportation system in Chicago and many cities across the country. Considered “common carriers”, these cars and vans are for hire and under Illinois law their drivers are expected to ensure the safe transport of their passengers. However, regardless of what the law may state, taxi driver’s income depends on taking on as many passenger fares as possible and that often means that speed takes precedence in their minds over safety.

The Chicago taxi accident attorneys  at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers recognize the dangers faced by motorists, passengers, pedestrians and cyclists sharing the crowded city streets with cabs. Our office is committed to holding negligent cab operators fully responsible for their acts when it comes to getting compensation for our clients' injuries. If you or a loved one was injured in a Chicago taxi cab accident contact our office for a free consultaiton.

Just Who Is At Risk For Getting Injured in a Chicago Cab Accident?

There are approximately 7,000 taxicabs registered within the Chicago city limits. Chicago taxis are unique in comparison to many other major cities in the fact that taxis do not need to be a certain color, like the standard yellow seen in many cities, and their drivers do not need to wear uniforms. This means that any spotting these fast moving vehicles may be more difficult in Chicago as they may blend in with the other vehicles on the road.

Due to their need to get their passengers quickly to their destinations and take on the next fare, taxicab drivers are often seen jetting in and out of traffic. Although many drivers are experienced and careful as well as expedient, the need to rush can put these drivers at risk for accidents. Victims of these accidents can be:

  • Passengers. Those riding within the cab may be hurt when another driver or when the taxi crashes into another vehicle either hits a taxi.
  • Motorists. Motorists who share the road with these fast-paced common carriers may be rear-ended, sideswiped or even cut off in traffic, causing serious accidents.
  • Pedestrians and bicyclists. Some of the most vulnerable to taxicab accidents are those on bikes or on foot. A taxicab that is in a hurry to get to its destination may not take the time to look for pedestrians or cyclists at intersections and crosswalks.

Since taxicabs are common carriers, they have a duty to treat their passengers with the highest duty of care to assure they remain safe. When accidents happen that are due to negligence on the part of the taxicab driver, they are held to a different standard than an average motorists since it is their job to know and obey all traffic laws and put the safety of their passengers first.

Establishing Liability in a Chicago Cab Accident

Unfortunately, although all taxicabs must have insurance to cover their passengers in the case of an accident, getting paid for an accident is another matter. There have been many cases of taxicab companies trying to put all responsibility for accidents on the driver, instead of owning up to covering the accident costs under the broader scope of the company insurance.

For victims of a taxicab accident, there may be a battle to get paid fairly for injuries and even wrongful deaths. Even in a seemingly simple auto accident where the taxicab is to blame, getting compensation may be difficult if there is a fight over whether the driver or the cab company is financially responsible.

Chicago Taxi Accident Lawsuits For Injured People

Due to the complexity that is often involved in taxicab accident liability, victims of these accidents need to have a team of seasoned legal advocates fighting for their rights. Leave the negotiating to an experienced Chicago personal injury lawyer that can work to get you the best financial recovery from those who are responsible. 

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers has a team of experts that understand the laws pertaining to taxicab accident in Chicago. We are not newcomers to the legal scene, we will fight for your right to maximum compensation for your injuries or loss. Call us today for a no-obligation consultation to discuss your options. (888) 424-5757

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