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Every year, thousands of excited people attend concerts, which are usually maintained safely by security and staff. There is often little space in the seating areas, and standing-only shows will usually be packed in due to everyone trying to get closer to the front.

People attend these events with high expectations of having fun and listening to great music. No one expects to visit an emergency room for sustaining concert injuries.

Concert Injury Lawyer

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Dangers Associated With Concerts

Many concert venues will have large crowds for shows and events. If there is a mosh pit at the show or intoxicated people get into an altercation, severe consequences may occur. Sustaining an injury at a music festival can be scary, especially if the crowd is chaotic.

Concert accidents are usually unexpected and can result in life-devastating injuries. Contact a concert accident attorney as soon as possible so that you can understand your options and receive compensation for damages.

Recent Accidents at Venues that Resulted in Death

One recent well-known show that took place and resulted in chaos was Travis Scott’s Astroworld music festival [1] in Houston, TX. The attendees rushed to the stage when the singer was performing, and people were trampled on.

Eight people died, and many more were treated in the emergency room for injuries.

Another instance where a live show turned deadly was in 2016 when a fire broke out during music performances at a warehouse called the Ghost Ship in Oakland, CA. People were trapped inside, and 36 people died in the fire.

Another unfortunate accident occurred in 2011 at the Indiana State Fair during a musical performance by the country band, Sugarland. The stage’s temporary roof structure collapsed, resulting in 7 deaths.

These deadly incidents were unexpected and ranked as some of the worst concert disasters in the US.

The unfortunate reality is that you may sustain an injury at these events, and there are experienced attorneys that understand the legal process involved with these types of incidents. If you’ve been harmd or a loved one has died due to negligence at one of these events, consult with an attorney as soon as possible.

Types of Concert Accidents

Different situations can result in injuries to concert-goers. The causes of accidents at these music events will vary depending on the factors involved.

There are inherent risks that people who are attending music festivals or events should take into consideration. A person attending should know that a concert will be full if it is sold out. They should also be aware of weather conditions for an outdoor show.

Most of the time, these accidents occur due to negligence. Below are some common concert accidents that personal injury lawyers have seen.

Trampling at a Packed Event

Venues will likely have a capacity limit due to the dangers of having too many people in a specific space. A packed event presents hazards in that there is little space available, and it is more challenging to make your way out of a large group of people in attendance.

If too many people are admitted, or too many people rush to the front when a singer or band plays, there is a high chance that someone may be trampled. If there is an emergency that takes place, everyone may also attempt to leave at the same time and trample over people, as well.

Property owners and security companies can be sued if injuries result from failure to monitor and admit the correct number of people.

Fighting and Assault

During these events, some people may be under the influence of alcohol or other substances. Drinking and other factors may cause people to lose their temper and take part in fighting.

Some venues screen for weapons and drugs before allowing people to enter the premises. If a person gets enters the premises with a weapon and can injure people attending the show, that person and management could be held responsible.

A lawsuit can also be filed against the property owner for failing to properly screen the people who attended.

Slip and Fall Accidents

During these events, people walk around with drinks in their hands. Many people spill drinks creating serious slip and fall hazards for anyone walking or standing in the area.

Dark lighting in some venues can also increase the chances of slipping or tripping.

Mosh Pits

Some shows with high-energy energy crowds often have mosh pits where a group of people might dance violently and jump, push, and bump deliberately into others.

Injury can result from this type of dancing; fights can also be provoked during a mosh pit.

Heat-Related Incidents

Concerts or music festivals that take place outdoors during the day in the summer months can be dangerous for the attendees. They may be outside in the heat for hours, waiting for the main show.

People may suffer from heat exhaustion, heat stroke, heat rash, heat cramps, or dehydration. It is crucial that people stay hydrated, apply sunscreen frequently, and stay out of the heat if possible.

Sexual Assault

In situations that involve people being so close together, dark lighting, and loud music, there is a risk of sexual assault and abuse. If you have been assaulted while attending a show, you need to seek medical attention and hire an experienced attorney to aid in navigating your case.

You may be able to recover for damages that include medical costs, pain and suffering, and trauma.

Intoxication of Attendees

People who are under the influence of alcohol or other substances may act inappropriately or get into fights. It is also crucial that bartenders or security are aware that people are not over-served because someone may get into a car accident or be charged with a DWI.

Some states, like Illinois, have Dram Shop laws that hold venues, bars, restaurants, and employees legally accountable for serving alcohol to drunk patrons.

The commercial vendor can be sued for damages sustained or caused by a client who was intoxicated.

Common Injuries at a Concert Venue

The causes of these unfortunate concert accidents can result in severe injury that requires medical attention. There have even been instances where people die from being attacked or crushed by a large group.

If you have been hurt in a concert accident, you should seek treatment as soon as possible. Some of the concert injuries that are common include:

Who Is Liable in a Concert Accident?

Depending on the cause of the injury you sustain, you may be able to file a lawsuit against multiple parties. Those who can be held accountable for an accident include:

  • The property owner
  • The security company
  • The artist
  • Another person attending
  • Parent of a minor who attends the concert
  • Vendors
  • Concert promoter

Different accidents and the factors involved will determine who will be held liable for your concert injury. If you find yourself injured in an accident and there was not enough security to intervene sooner, you may be able to sue the security company and the concert venue.

If the artist playing a show excites the people and fails to notice violence occurring during a performance, the artist, property owners, and security could be held accountable for different aspects of negligence and made to pay for damages.

If someone who is visibly intoxicated gets into a fight at a concert, the injured victims may be able to file a lawsuit against the bartender and vendor. Hiring a personal injury lawyer to review your case’s facts will give you a better idea of who can be held liable for the accident and pay for your losses.

Contact a Concert Injury Lawyer Today to Recover Compensation for Your Injuries

Have you suffered an injury due to unsafe conditions at the property? You may be able to file a premises liability claim.

Even suffering a concert injury due to lack of security or a rowdy crowd can be cause for filing a premises liability claim. The owner of the property has a duty to provide safe conditions.

Prior to concerts or festivals, the property manager should ensure that the conditions of the facility are safe.

If the property fails to provide safety for all visitors and does not respond quickly to problems that arise or potential dangers, you can sue the owner of the property for negligence. An attorney must prove that the responsible party violated their duty to provide care in a premises liability case.

What Should You Do After a Concert Accident?

If you have been hurt in a concert accident, you will need to seek medical treatment so that your injuries are well-documented. This step is essential because failing to pursue treatment can result in your claim being denied.

The insurance company can argue that your injury was minor or that there is no proof. If you sustain a severe injury, you may need long-term treatment, therapy, and assistance.

You should focus on your recovery as much as possible. Gather as much information as possible about the show, property, company sponsoring the show, and cause of the incident.

These details will be beneficial for helping a law firm start working on your case. You will want to speak with an injury attorney about filing a lawsuit and seeking compensation for your damages.

An attorney who is experienced in cases involving these types of accidents will build a case to ensure insurance companies pay for your losses.

Injuries due to negligence at these events can range from mild to severe due to the multiple factors affecting a particular incident. Many who require medical attention from an injury will be faced with medical bills for emergency treatment and a loss of income.

If you require extensive treatment and bed rest, you could lose your job, and your family will have to take on added responsibilities. An injury sustained at these places can significantly affect your life.

Speak with an attorney about receiving compensation for medical costs, future medical expenses, lost wages, mental anguish, trauma, and more.

A concert injury lawyer can investigate your case, determine who the responsible parties are, and file a lawsuit against them. Hiring a law firm to take over the legal process will allow you to focus on recovery and have peace of mind about recovering the compensation you deserve.

Contact a Concert Accident Attorney

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