Rosewood Care Centers offer health services in suburban Chicago, throughout Central Illinois and in St. Louis, MO, and its eastern communities. Each center’s physician and medical experts develop, design, and offer long-stay high-risk residents comprehensive rehabilitative programs conducted by Rosewood trained staff.

Greystone Health (formerly Rosewood Care Centers) at a Glance

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Headquarters 4042 Park Oaks Blvd, Suite 300
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Year founded 2001
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Care Centers
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Healthcare Management

Individualized therapy incorporates physical, occupational, and speech therapies to meet the needs of the nursing home resident to ensure optimal health outcomes. The specialized services offered at Rosewood’s “for-profit corporation” locations include:

  • Rehabilitation of total hip/knee replacement
  • Neuromuscular disorder care
  • Home physical exercise solutions
  • Post-surgery wound care
  • Management of chronic diseases
  • Kitchen safety solutions
  • Stroke therapies
  • Tracheostomy care
  • IV therapies
  • Pain management
  • Bone fracture care
  • Wound vacuum service
  • Amputation care
  • Respite services
  • Hospice care
  • Education for long-stay and short-stay residents and the entire family

Rosewood Care Center Locations

The Illinois state Rosewood skilled long-term care facilities offer semi-private and private rooms for long-term, respite, or hospice care. The facilities in the Chicago Metropolitan area are located in Elgin, Inverness, Joliet, Northbrook, Rockford, and St. Charles. The skilled nursing facilities in central Illinois are located in East Peoria, Galesburg, Moline, and Peoria. St. Louis Metropolitan area skilled nursing facilities are located in St. Louis MO, Alton IL, Edwardsville IL, and Swansea IL.

Choosing the Best Nursing Center to Care for Your Loved One

Many families are faced with placing a loved one in a nursing center on orders of a doctor or as aftercare when released from a hospital. During this time, choosing the best nursing center can be difficult when the family is concerned about the health and well-being of a loved one with a medical condition that is either evolving or healing.

Nearly every claim or lawsuit filed by family members of a loved one injured in a nursing facility involves home abuse or neglect by the medical team. Without proper monitoring, quality nutrition, and effective protocols on providing medicines and treatments, an elder home resident can develop severe complications, including bedsores, pneumonia, open wounds, or other condition.

Facility-acquired bedsores can develop quickly when the patient is not appropriately monitored, especially long-stay residents who are mobility-challenged and unable to move without assistance.

Daily activities, including bathing, eating, and physical exercise, are essential to the health and well-being of the patient. When the nursing facility does not provide adequate stimulation, quality meals, or hygiene assistance, the patient can suffer debilitating, life-threatening injuries. Because of that, it is essential to choose the best nursing center available in the community to protect the loved one in need of medical care.

Skilled Nursing Center Ratings

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) rates skilled nursing facilities across the nation, including nursing facility and assisted living homes in Illinois and Missouri. According to current rating data updates, Rosewood facilities rate “average,” “above average,” and “much above average” at all of their facilities throughout Illinois and St. Louis. These ratings include:

  • Results of certified health inspections (unexpected and scheduled inspections)
  • Quality measures based on staffing rating that assess how the senior facility meets the needs of the resident
  • Staffing data on each Registered Nurse and Certified Nursing Assistant to determine if the facility is understaffed or provides medical, nutritional and hygiene care by teams that work long hours

Rosewood currently rates far above other facilities in Illinois, receiving a minimum of three out of five stars overall. Also, both the Rosewood Care Center of Joliet and Rosewood Care Center of St. Charles have received and maintained excellent five out of five-star ratings. The Rosewood Care Center of Inverness maintains above-average ratings.

When Home Neglect Occurs at a Rosewood Nursing Center

When family members suspect a loved one is being neglected in a nursing facility, it is essential to take legal action immediately. Hiring an experienced senior home negligence attorney can stop the abuse now.

Attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC have helped hundreds of families get the recovery they deserve in the aftermath of elder abuse at a facility. Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC can evaluate your case and file the necessary paperwork to ensure your legal rights are protected.

When necessary, we can bring in experts to evaluate cases involving: bedsores, dehydration, malnourishment, fractures, open wounds, pneumonia, or other condition. Their expertise can help determine the value of your claim before the trial of this case begins or when negotiating a settlement.

Victims of nursing home neglect or surviving family members of a loved one who has died from a facility-acquired condition can file a lawsuit for compensation. Let Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC take the proper legal measures to protect the rights of the victim and ensure they receive maximum compensation for their injuries and suffering. It is essential to file a claim quickly before the applicable Statutes of Limitation expires. Talk to us now without any cost or obligation.

Medicare and Medicaid Rank Each Nursing Home

The federal government, under the Department of Health and Human Services, regulates every nursing facility, assisted living center, and continuing care retirement community in the United States. Through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the Illinois Department of Public health surveys the state’s private and public eldercare centers.

The investigators follow the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act and protocols and protocols to determine if violations have been made against short-stay and long-stay residents. Public information containing a summary statement of deficiencies is available on every nursing center in Illinois.

The Illinois Department of Health publicly available online information provides details on registered nurse hours, physical therapy staff hours, and assistant nurse staff hours. The rated information is based on the size of the facility and the national average.

Families can look at the specific list of information on care facilities that identify the total number of violations. The government ranks the senior home with an overall rating based on the national average.

Facilities with an average number of health citations are typically given a warning and must pay a small fine. A low health inspection rating could result in a massive fine, non-reimbursement from Medicare for services rendered, or a change in management.

Claims and Awards Involving Rosewood Centers

$180,000 Award after Coffee Incident in Illinois Nursing Center

This case was filed in Illinois after an accident occurred at a Rosewood Care Center. The event occurred on the same day that an 81-year-old woman was admitted to the nursing facility. After an evaluation, Rosewood staff noted that the newly admitted resident would need assistance for feeding and drinking. The nursing staff failed to meet those needs required by the resident.

The plaintiffs claimed that she was given coffee unattended and without a protective lid. Consequently, she spilled the coffee on herself, sustaining several burns and scarring. Also, she developed MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), a highly contagious type of infection. Her condition declined, and she passed away from unrelated causes.

Her legal estate brought an action against the nursing facility, claiming that staff members were negligent and liable for her damages. The defense replied that she exaggerated her injuries, the coffee was a reasonable temperature, and the whole event was unavoidable.

The jury denied the objections of the defendant’s legal team and awarded the plaintiffs $180,000: $50,000 for disfigurement; $25,000 for the loss of a normal life; and $105,000 for pain.

$454,762 Verdict for Illinois Nursing Home Fall Case

This case emerged after an older woman allegedly fell on several occasions at an Illinois Rosewood Care Center in the center of the city of Chicago. Home abuse attorneys for the woman claimed that after one of her falls there, she suffered a hematoma, and after a subsequent fall, she sustained a brain hemorrhage.

Before these falling incidents, she was already paralyzed from a previous and unrelated stroke. Therefore, she needed constant care and supervision. In her attorneys’ complaint, they claimed that these falls were proof that the staff did not meet her needs. Further, they alleged that these falls contributed to her death.

Her attorneys sought compensation for these injuries and costs, as well as the tragedy of her wrongful death. The defense (a nursing facility) denied that all the falls occurred on their watch. Also, they replied that the woman’s health problems and eventual death did not stem from any of their actions or inactions.

The facility’s defense was not successful. Jurors awarded the plaintiffs over $400,000 for the loss of a normal life, pain, distress, medical bills, suffering, and wrongful death.

$149,115 Verdict to Man after Illinois Nursing Home Tumble

An eighty-three-year-old man was dropped off at a nursing home (a Rosewood Care Center) for short-term care. His at-home caretakers, who regularly looked after him, needed respite care for the resident because they were going to be away on vacation. The nursing home accepted the case to provide medical care and supervision until his caretakers to return.

However, just a few hours after they left, the man fell and broke his hip. The staff members were not present at the time of the fall. The incident was a costly one for the man, including over $20,000 in medical bills and more than $60,000 in rehabilitative care. The man passed away from his injuries. Neglect attorneys for the man’s estate filed a civil lawsuit against the nursing home.

The plaintiff’s legal team alleged the defendant (the nursing facility) violated Illinois’ Nursing Home Care Act and sought compensation for all the harms and losses that resulted. The defendant replied that the man did not need close supervision. However, that plea did not prevent the plaintiffs from obtaining a sizeable verdict. The jurors awarded the man’s estate $149,115 for the loss of a healthy life, pain, and medical bills.

$58,879 Award for Illinois Woman after Nursing Home Accident

An 82-year-old woman staying at a Rosewood facility in Edwardsville, Illinois, attempted to go to the washroom by herself but fell. She suffered a hematoma and a broken spine. These injuries required surgery and extended hospital stays. She was burdened with tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills.

Lawyers for the woman sued the facility on her behalf, claiming that the home was negligent and responsible for her damages, including pain and suffering. The defendant asserted that the resident did not ask for assistance and could have asked for help. The facility’s lawyers stated that the resident was of sound mind at the time of the fall.

Further, lawyers for the defendant claimed that the facility had more than enough staff on hand and that the woman was not a risk for falls. These substantive defenses could explain why the jury award was relatively low. The resolution compensated the plaintiff for her medical bills.

Hiring a Rosewood Care Nursing Center Abuse Attorney

If you or your loved one was injured by any form of abuse while residing at a senior facility in Illinois, Jonathan Rosenfeld can help. Contact him today at (888) 424-5757 to discuss your legal options. In recent years, our Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC has obtained over $250 million in compensation on behalf of our clients and can help your family too.

Your nursing home abuse lawyer will handle all aspects of your settlement offers to ensure you receive maximum compensation to recoup funds for your damages. Time is of the essence. All the necessary documents to submit a claim must be filed before the statute of limitations expires.

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