Glen Bridge Nursing & Rehab Centre is a 302 bed nursing home located in Cook County, Illinois at:

Glen Bridge Nursing & Rehab Centre
8333 West Golf Road
Niles, IL 60714

According to state nursing home data, the patients at Glen Bridge Nursing & Rehab Centre are primarily admitted for the care relating to the following areas:

  • Alzheimer Disease
  • Endocrine/Metabolic
  • Circulatory System
  • Developmental Disability
  • Respiratory System
  • Musculo-Skeletal Disorders
  • Neoplasms

The Concerning Findings Regarding Patient Care at Glen Bridge Nursing & Rehab Centre

A survey conducted by the State Department of Health and diverse private health inspection firms discovered some episodes of poor patient supervision and inadequate patient transportation and severe medication errors. The survey conducted by ProPublica—a private inspection firm—was reviewed by our nursing home attorneys in Chicago and episodes of poor supervision that could be construed as nursing home negligence were found:

  • Failure to supervise residents adequately: “Review of R28’s closed record reads R28 fell 3 times in a 5 week period. Incident Investigation for 7/29/09 reads R31 heard R28’s radio fall on the floor last night. R31 assumed R28 was trying to reach for the radio and fell also. But he recovered by himself, climbed back into bed, and did not call for nursing. On 7/29/009 R28 complained of pain in his left thigh and bruising was noted. R28 was sent to the hospital and was diagnosed with a fractured hip.”
  • Failure to provide adequate care to residents with gastronomy tubes: “Nurses notes dated 8/22/10 at 10 AM R29 started running a fever of 101.2 and was given Tylenol per [DEVICE]. There was no documentation of notification of R29’s physician (Z3). On 8/23/10 R29 was still running a temperature of 101.6 degrees. Z3 was notified and an order for [MEDICATION ORDERS REDACTED]’s fever. On 8/27/10, R29 was again running a temperature of 101.8. There is no documentation of notification of physician regarding R29’s recurrent fever. There is no assessment of R29’s [DEVICE] for patency until 7 AM 8/28/10. Nurse notes denote [DEVICE] intact and patent, temperature of 99.0. On 8/28/10 at 5:00 PM, documentation includes,”Z3 was notified of R5’s temperature of 103.1, blood pressure of 86/54, pulse 104. Z3 was informed of R29’s abscess on R29’s upper abdomen, 7centinmeters, blister like, dark brown color, warm and reddened around the site, and firm to touch. Z3 gave an order for [MEDICATION ORDERS REDACTED].” Review of R29’s Intake and Output Sheet denotes R29 received the 1050 cc of formula infused through the [MEDICAL CONDITION] tube from 8/24/10 through 8/28/10. There is no documentation from 8/24/10 until 8/28/10 denoting R29’s [DEVICE] was checked for placement or signs of infection. This failure resulted in R29 developing an abscess to the abdomen, due to the malpositioning of the gastrostomy tube. R29 was admitted [MEDICAL CONDITION] and expired in the hospital.”
  • Failure to prevent serious medication errors: “Based on record review and interview, the facility failed to administer psychoactive medications as ordered to R36. R36 has an ordered dated 12/24/10 for [MEDICATION NAME] 25mg per g-tube daily. Review of the MAR (Medication Administration Record [REDACTED]” [MEDICATION NAME] not given, call pharmacy, will follow up with me”. E16 and E17 stated on 12/28/10 at 3:10pm, that the drug was not given for 3 days “because it was not here.”
  • Failure to implement basic hygiene care for the re-opening of pressure sores: “R6 was observed on 11-15-11 at 9:30AM lying on an air mattress bed with a thick incontinent pad and a flat sheet folded into fourths with feces on his pressure sore. R6 was connected to a ventilator to assist with breathing. R6 had a dressing on his right buttock and blood draining onto the bed padding under his buttock. The bleeding was coming from the excoriation around the pressure sore. E31 (Treatment Nurse) stated on 11-16-11 at 11:00 AM that the re-opening of R6’s right gluteal pressure sore is due to his skin being in contact with feces. E31 also stated that excessive padding on an air mattress is not an acceptable practice at his facility. E31 could not give any reason why excessive padding was being used.”
  • Failure to administer medication at the correct dosage: “On 11/17/11 at 9:35 A.M., E21 (Medication Nurse) gave R31 the wrong dosage of [MEDICATION NAME]. E21 gave a total of 250 mg instead of 150 mg. E21 gave 3 tabs of [MEDICATION NAME] 50 mg and 1 capsule of [MEDICATION NAME] 100 mg. The failed practice has potential to affect residents blood levels increase, increase risk for decreased coordination, mental confusion and slurred speech.”

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