Every individual in a sheltered care facility is guaranteed specific rights, privileges, and protection under both federal and state laws. This means that the Facility is required to provide services to ensure the individual maintains their mental and physical health at the highest practical level. Unfortunately, not every Center provides a safe environment with confidently trained staff members to ensure the health and hygiene needs of every resident are met. Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC provide legal services to abused, injured or mistreated patients residing at Illinois long-term care centers like Burt Sheltered Care Home.

Burt Sheltered Care Home

This Home is a ‘for profit’ Sheltered Care Center providing services to residents of Alton and Madison County, Illinois. The 29-certified-bed Facility is located at:

1414 Milton Road
Alton, Illinois 62002

Alton Long Term Care Home Resident Safety Concerns

Detailed information on each long-term care facility in the state can be reviewed on government-run websites including the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH – ltc.dph.illinois.gov). These regulatory agencies routinely update their list of filed complaints, safety concerns, health violations and opened investigations on nursing homes statewide. The Madison County neglect attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC have reviewed serious safety concerns, violations and deficiencies at all Illinois LTC homes.

The Right of Being Safe and Receiving Good Care

The long-term care sheltered facility is required to provide every resident a clean environment free of physical, verbal, mental, sexual or financial abuse. In addition, the center is not allowed to physically restrain the resident without the informed signed consent of the resident and/or their guardian. Prescribing medications or providing the resident any unauthorized treatment, therapy or care against their wishes is strictly prohibited and a violation of both Illinois state and federal government laws and regulations.

Additionally, the Home can administer antipsychotic medications intended to change the resident’s mood, behaviors or how they think only after obtaining written permission from the resident and/or their guardian. The psychotropic drugs must be a part of the resident’s overall Plan of Care that are designed to remove or change behavioral issues when no other options but drugs can be given. However, a reduction or elimination of the drug must be a part of the Plan of Care to be determined after timely assessments of their efficiency at controlling the resident’s behaviors.

The Right to Participate in Self-Care

The sheltered care home is required to develop a written Plan of Care that details every service provided to the resident by the facility and a comprehensive understanding of goals, interventions, and expectations that the care, drugs, treatment and services provide. The resident can invite family members, representatives, and friends in the resident’s Care Plan Conference.

The resident and/or their guardian maintains the right to select their own physician. However, it is the responsibility of the resident to provide detailed information on the physician, the level of responsibility in providing care and contact information on how to reach the doctor at any time of the day or night.

The resident has the right to self-manage their medication and the right to refuse any medical, physical or surgical treatments. However, the shelter care unit is legally bound to inform the resident of any adverse effect of refusing treatment and other possible alternative treatments that are available. Any failure to inform the resident of their rights is in direct violation of federal and state nursing home regulations.

The Right to Privacy

Every part of delivering cares and services to the long-term care resident must remain private. This requires staff members, administrators and other employees to respect the resident’s privacy when providing care or examining the patient. In addition, the Center is not allowed to share information about the resident to any unauthorized individual without the resident’s permission. The only exception to this right is when the resident is being transferred to another health care center, hospital or emergency room.

The resident is entitled to receive private visits from family, friends or others during reasonable hours. However, the resident’s doctor can limit the number or times families can visit because of the resident’s medical issues. In addition, the resident maintains the right to refuse any visitor from their personal living space at any time of their choosing.

The Right of Personal Property

The resident also maintains the right to wear appropriate clothing of their choosing and use their own property including appropriate furniture when space allows unless using the property interferes with the safety and health of others.

Alton Illinois Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

If you and your family believe your child, sibling, spouse, parent or grandparent has suffered injuries or harm while residing at Burt Sheltered Care Home, contact Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC now. Our Alton attorneys have represented clients who have been abused, mistreated or neglected by caregivers and other residents at their long-term care facility.

We encourage you to contact our Madison County area nursing home law office today by calling (888) 424-5757. Speak with one of our representatives to schedule your no-obligation, comprehensive case evaluation. You are not required to make any upfront payment or retainer to receive immediate legal services. Our fees are paid only after we have successfully resolved your case by negotiating an out of court settlement on your behalf or winning your case at trial.

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