Abington of Glenview Nursing Home

The Abington of Glenview skilled nursing home and Rehabilitation center is a nursing home located at: Cook County, Illinois at:

Abington of Glenview
3901 Glenview Rd.
Glenview, IL 60025.
Website: www.theabington.com

It is a health care center that provides its nursing facilities of approximately 100 beds to members of the public.Statistics from the state nursing board of Illinois, list Abington of Glenview as a provider of the following Medicare assistance

  • Endocrine/Metabolic Issues
  • Musculo-Skeletal Disorders
  • Dysfunctional Digestive System
  • Health Issues Relating to the Nervous System
  • Dysfunctional Circulatory System
  • Alzheimer Disease
  • Genitourinary Disorders
  • Neoplasms

Troubling Findings about the Patient Care of Abington of Glenview

A survey conducted by the Illinois department of health and other private health Inspection organizations (ProPublica), unearthed numerous episodes of poor patient care and supervision that could be labeled under the term of nursing Home negligence. The nursing home attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC were contacted to review these findings and we came up with the following facts/conditions that highlighted the possibility of negligence on the part of Abington of Glenview:

  • Inadequate Domestic/in-house Patient Supervision: “Review of R2’s history of hospitalization showed R2 had a fall at home. MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) of the left hip showed acute nondisplaced fracture of the left inferior pubic ramus. R2 was admitted to the hospital on [DATE], and was discharged to the facility on [DATE].Review of the incident report dated 7/4/09, 10 AM, showed as follows: On 7/4/09 at 8:03 AM, R2 fell in the bathroom.”8:03 AM CNA heard a sound and right away entered to the bathroom, noted patient on floor, informed me. Patient on left side, head on the floor – left side, noted small bleeding from nose”. Review of the MDS (Minimum Data Set) dated 6/27/09, showed that R2’s toilet use was scored 3/2, (3=need extensive assistance to transfer on / off toilet, 2= with one person physical assist). Review of facility bowel and bladder assessment showed that R2 required assistance for both.”
  • Poor Decision-Making Process while Transferring Patient: “The facility incident report dated 12-18-09 notes R1 wanted to go to the bathroom at 1 AM. E7 (nurses aide) told R1 to transfer on the count of 3. R1 started to move and R1 lost his balance and fell toward E7, and E7 could not hold R1 and he fell and hit the wall, then the light outlet and the wall. The discharge notes from the hospital states R1 has 2 fractures on his left hand. Review of R1’s care plan dated 11-5-09 notes R1 is at high risk for falls due to muscle weakness of lower extremities, poor balance and lacking safety awareness, with history of falls. Upon admission on 12-17-09 a fall risk evaluation was done. R1 scored a 24. The fall risk evaluation notes scores higher than 10 is at risk and notes also a history of 3 or more falls. R1’s minimum data set (MDS) dated [DATE] notes R1 requires extensive assistance with two person assist.”
  • Failure to adequately manage pain: “R22 diagnoses include history of shingles and severe valvular disease. On 3/21/11 from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM Z6 (Hospice Chaplain) visits R22 and documents, “patient is having pain, pulling at her clothes, reaching into the air and moaning.” I called the attending (Z8). He ordered [MEDICATION NAME] 5-10 mg SL (sublingual) every 2 hours as needed; [MEDICATION NAME] .5 -1 mg SL every 4 hours as needed; Tylenol Suppository every 4 hours as needed. The facility nurse said that their pharmacy would deliver this by 11:00 PM that night.” Nurses notes dated 3/21/11 at 11:00 PM document, “medications still not delivered, called pharmacy.” Nursing note on 3/22/11 2:15 am., “Called pharmacy…said meds on the way.” At 5:31 am R22 has ceased breathing and is pronounced dead. On 4/14/11 at 1:45 PM E2 (Director of Nursing) stated, “nurse has option of calling hospice to get pain medication if our pharmacy doesn’t respond.” Hospice has no record of call from facility indicating issue with delivery of pain meds.”
  • Inadequate Pressure Relieving Methods to Prevent Bed Sores: “On 3/21/12 at 10:30 R9 was in bed with a pressure ulcer located on the sacrum (buttocks), and right inner heel. R9’s admission assessment dated [DATE] indicates that R9 was not admitted with pressure ulcers. On 3/20/12 at 2:00pm, E4 (Assistant Director of Nursing, Wound care coordinator) stated that R9 acquired wounds within the facility. Although, R9’s Braden scale (pressure ulcer risk assessment) documents that R9 was at risk for pressure ulcer development, there were no orders relating to pressure ulcer preventions other than to check the skin on R9’s [DATE] POS.”

Glenview, IL Nursing Home Attorneys

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