motorcycle-accident-insurance-adjuster-discussion Motorcycle accidents can cause serious injury and a lot of damage. However, in most cases, you do not need to give an official recorded statement until your motorcycle accident lawyer has had time to review the evidence and prepare your case.

Speaking with an insurance adjuster is not in your best interest. Insurance companies see motorcyclists as high-risk drivers and try to pay out the least amount possible on claims involving motorcycles.

It’s essential to talk with the personal injury attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers, LLC before speaking with the insurance adjuster after a motorcycle mishap. A motorcycle accident lawyer can help protect your rights and make sure you don’t say anything that could hurt your claim down the road.

Should the at-fault party insurer phone you, you should not talk to them. However, you can provide them with our law firm’s contact information. Call our Chicago car accident law office at (888) 424-5757or fill out an online contact form to schedule a free consultation.

Insurance Adjuster in a Motorcycle Crash

For riders, the looming question after a motorcycle crash is this: should I talk to an insurance adjuster? The short answer is yes. If another party caused your crash, you should talk with an insurance adjuster for them as soon as possible.

The sooner you get on the phone with an insurance adjuster, the sooner they can start working to resolve your claim.

A motorcycle accident can lead to significant damages, including injuries or even death. The adjusters are often understaffed and overworked, meaning the average time to process a motorcycle accident claim is anywhere from three months to a year.

An insurance adjuster may be the best person to talk to immediately after a motorcycle crash. The insurance adjuster may obtain insurance information and help you seek appropriate medical attention. However, speaking to an insurance adjuster may limit your future lawsuits or other compensation options.

Insurance company pressure after a crash can be intense. So, the adjuster will make it sound like you’d better settle to avoid legal hassles and delays.

However, our law firm attempts to slow the process, determine the extent of your property damages, the severity of your injuries, and the need for long-term care to ensure you are sufficiently compensated for all your damages.

Recorded Statement Sought by an Insurance Company Adjuster

Do not feel under insurance company pressure to answer questions from an insurance company after a motorcycle crash. In other words, do not feel like you need to give a recorded testimony.

Never give a recorded statement to an insurance company adjuster immediately after a crash without an attorney providing legal advice on protecting your rights.

However, insurance adjusters may want to take a recorded statement from you so that your version of the facts is on record, should the claim later go to trial.

Do not provide an insurance company adjuster with a recorded testimony until you have called your lawyer.

Motorcycle Accident

In the last few years, motorcycle fatalities have been increasing in Illinois. In 2013 alone, more than 100 motorcyclists died in accidents on state roads and highways.

On average, motorcycle accidents result in more severe injuries than many other types of car crashes. What’s more, about one-third of all motorcycle accidents result in fatalities.

Because of this high rate of injuries and fatalities among riders, if you are the victim of a motorcycle accident, you may have some of the same questions in many victims’ minds.

If you were not at fault and did not have any insurance, but the other party did, then that other party’s insurance would cover the accident.

While it’s important not to make any decisions without consulting a personal injury attorney, in other words, it’s almost always better not to talk with an insurance adjuster until you have received legal guidance.

Our personal injury lawyer is ready to answer questions about your motorcycle accident. Contact our law office at (888) 424-5757 or fill in the online contact form today to schedule a free consultation.

An Insurance Company Dealing with a Motorcycle Crash

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, an insurance adjuster will likely contact you. The adjuster will probably start by asking simple questions about what happened, the condition of your motorcycle, and the medical treatment you have received.

But there are some essential things to keep in mind when dealing with an insurance adjuster:

  • An adjuster’s job is to protect the insurance company’s interests, not you
  • An adjuster will want to know how much your motorcycle is worth
  • An adjuster may try to settle the personal injury claim for less than it’s worth

If the other party is at fault for the accident, it is helpful to talk with their insurance company. The other party is responsible for the cost of your damages, which may be quite substantial after a serious motorcycle accident.

Accepting a Low Ball Offer From an Insurance Carrier

Just because you are settling for less doesn’t mean the claim is not valid. Remember, it takes funds to fix or replace your motorcycle, and medical expenses may still come. Therefore, it is better to take little money than no settlement in many cases.

  • An insurance company adjuster has to convince you to accept as little money as possible or thwart your personal injury claim altogether.
  • An adjuster may question the severity of your injuries, even if they are apparent.
  • An adjuster will try to find out if you have other sources of money to pay your medical bills and other damages.
  • Insurance companies in a crash typically try to find how the accident was the rider’s fault.
  • It is not easy to deal with an insurance company after a motorcycle accident.

An Insurance Carrier Can Sway Your Testimony

After a motorcycle accident, insurance companies typically first send out an adjuster to investigate and gather information. Next, they’ll review the police report, perhaps interview witnesses, and take photos of the accident scene using a standard form.

The insurance company adjuster can twist your statement. For example, you might be hospitalized, speaking with the adjuster on the phone. You say, ” I’m doing great” or “I feel fine.”

Unfortunately, the adjuster might take these words out of context to insinuate that you were not injured in the accident. This tactic can be extremely harmful when the claim goes to court.

An insurance company uses tactics to make an injured person look like the one who caused the accident. For example, they might say that you crossed over into their client’s lane when the truth is that their client was speeding.

You shouldn’t admit fault in a motorcycle accident before consulting your motorcycle accident lawyer for legal advice. A bike rider should insist on dealing with the insurance companies only through his lawyer.

Did you or a close family member sustain injuries in a motorcycle mishap? In that case, contact our lawyer for legal help by phone or filling a contact form.

Insurance Claim in a Motorcycle Crash

Suppose you admit fault in a motorcycle accident (either by choice or because you were found at fault for the crash after an investigation). In that case, you will likely receive a notice of the motorcycle accident claim from the other driver’s insurance company.

Insurance Adjusters in a Motorcycle Crash

In Illinois, motorcycle accidents happen every day.

An insurance adjuster in a motorcycle accident in Illinois might be someone you speak with after the accident, or you might never talk with them. Your motorcycle accident lawyer may be the only person you ever talk to about the accident after it happens.

The adjusters can sometimes help determine a crash’s facts, but they can also be dangerous to your claim. Before talking to an insurance adjuster about your accident, speak with your personal injury attorney for legal advice. In other words, if a yes or no answer will be enough, do not say much.

An insurance company adjuster will try to save money for the insurance company at your expense. Do not acknowledge partial fault or guilt when speaking to an insurance adjuster, or they may use that against you in court.

Below is a List of a Few Ways Insurance Adjusters Can Help You.

  • An insurance adjuster knows the insurance policy and may help you understand your coverage.
  • The adjusters can sometimes help determine what caused an accident through their investigation.
  • Insurance adjusters may be able to help you find witnesses to the accident that you would not be able to find on your own.

The insurance adjuster calls and says they’d like to talk about your accident and asks if you have a few minutes. You may feel that now’s not the best time to discuss the motorcycle accident, and you may like to avoid the adjuster for a while.

After a motorcycle accident, dealing with an insurance company can be frustrating and intimidating. Insurance adjusters often do their best to keep their payout to you as low as possible.

An attorney experienced with personal injury matters can help you answer the insurance company’s questions.

Medical Treatment Following a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accident injuries are often caused by malfunctions of the motorcycle or roadway defects. However, motorcycle accident injuries could be preventable when the rider/driver properly maintains their vehicle and is aware of the condition of the road.

Medical treatment for motorcycle accident injuries can be expensive. However, the at-fault party in a motorcycle accident typically has insurance that covers the expenses such as medical bills of the accident.

Suppose you sustained injuries in a motorcycle accident. In that case, give us a phone call, and our motorcycle attorney will offer you a free consultation.

Insurance Company Calls

The insurance company calls you and says they want to send someone out to the accident scene to take a statement.

When the insurance company calls, should you talk to them? This question can be tricky — the answer depends on your situation.

However, it’s not advisable to answer insurance company questions before contacting a lawyer, even if the other driver’s insurer tries to get you to do so over the phone.

What You Should Know Before Speaking with an Insurance Company About Your Bike Accident

Follow these steps before speaking to the insurance company about your bike mishap to protect yourself:

  • Photographs of all parts of your bicycle, especially pictures of the frame, which will show if there are any dents or cracks in it
  • Medical bills (how much were you charged, and do you have a photocopy of the bill?)
  • Take pictures of your injuries, even if they don’t seem to be that bad, to establish that you are still in pain
  • A detailed list of the damage done to the bicycle, including any suspicious dents/scratches
  • A list of all the expenses you incurred due to the mishap, including medical bills and property damage costs
  • The name and contact details of any witnesses who can testify on your behalf
  • If the case becomes a lawsuit, get a motorcycle accident lawyer
  • If the insurance company does not offer a specific settlement amount, they should explain the factors determining their offer; do not get swayed by their rhetoric about why your case value is so low, and instead, contact a lawyer who can review your claim

When the Insurance Adjuster Contacts You Following a Motorbike Accident, Here’s What You Should Say

  • I have been told to refer all communication to my lawyer.
  • I am not signing any releases at this time.
  • My lawyer will contact you shortly if I instruct him to do so.
  • I will not respond to any further contact from you unless it is through my attorney. Therefore, please direct all future communication directly to my attorney.
  • I am not planning to make any statement at this time.
  • It is the only statement I can make without speaking to my attorney.
  • Thank you for your concern, but I have been instructed not to make a statement at this time.
  • I am unable to make a statement, but I appreciate your concern.
  • You can speak with my attorney about the facts of the mishap or send your questions to them.

Our injuries attorney can tell you about your legal rights if you have been hurt in a motorcycle mishap.

Be Wary of Insurance Representatives Who Threaten or Intimidate You

  • They say the victim will have to pay for the total cost of treatment themselves if they do not accept the insurance company’s plan.
  • The victim may have to wait until treatments are covered before getting treatment.
  • They say that adequate coverage will not be available if the plan is not accepted.
  • They are noticeably angry and threaten to leave.

Insurance Company’s Possible Actions Once They Receive Your Recorded Statement

Once an insurance company receives a recorded statement from you, they may use your words against you. In some cases, to defend themselves from claims, they may twist your words and use them against you.

Therefore, it is best to avoid having a recorded testimony taken by the insurance company if at all possible. In most cases, it will benefit you more if you can negotiate your claim without using a recorded statement with the insurance company.

What You’re Putting at Risk by Accepting an Early Payout

Motorcycle riders who accept an early insurance settlement when they are involved in a crash can be putting themselves at risk of having their claim refused when it’s time to make a property damage claim.

You Have the Option of Seeking Legal Help

Lawyers specialize in helping people who have been injured due to someone else’s negligence. For example, in motorcycle crashes, another driver’s negligence is often at fault, and it may be possible to seek legal help in compensation for your injuries.

Before You Talk With an Insurance Adjuster, Learn What His Job Is All About

The adjuster’s job is to protect the interests of their company. If your claim is against a third party, then the adjuster’s main objective will be to avoid having to pay out money to you.

If your claim is loss of use, then the adjuster’s main objective will be to keep down the amount lost by his company.

After a Motorbike Mishap, What Is the Significance of Police Reports?

When a car or another vehicle collides with the motorbike, the driver of that vehicle often provides their account of what happened. Therefore, it is crucial to collect a police report from the person who experienced the mishap.

A police report from an officer is crucial in cases where there are conflicting stories of the incident or when the incident occurred in a location where law enforcement is not readily available.

When inquiring about whether or not police reports are essential, it is wise to ask about the report’s implications. For example, some police reports include data that may be difficult for a person to remember in the aftermath of a motorcycle mishap.

An officer has access to a broader array of information about the investigation. As a result, they may better recall the circumstances surrounding the collision.

An officer may ask for names and contact information from the drivers and passengers to get an entire perspective of the incident. They may also ask to take pictures of the vehicles involved in the mishap and any evidence that appears pertinent to the investigation.

It should be noted here that police reports may or may not include any evidence of the driver’s intoxication. The officer does not have a reason to suspect that the driver was intoxicated until they have had a chance to perform standardized tests on the motorbike operator.

Hiring a Lawyer to Assist With Your Illinois Motorcycle Accident Claim Can Provide You With Various Benefits

Hiring an attorney ensures that your rights are protected if you were hurt in a motorbike accident.

The law firm of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers, LLC can help you get compensation for your injuries on a contingency fee basis. Our law office can assist with all aspects of your motorcycle accident claim and ensure that the insurance company pays what they owe to compensate you for your losses.

Call a motorcycle accident lawyer today toll-free at (888) 424-5757 or fill in an online contact form to schedule a free consultation. All confidential or sensitive information you share with our legal team remains private through an attorney-client relationship.


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Extremely impressed with this law firm. They took control of a bad motorcycle crash that left my uncle seriously injured. Without any guarantee of a financial recovery, they went out and hired accident investigators and engineers to help prove how the accident happened. I am grateful that they worked on a contingency fee basis as there was no way we could have paid for these services on our own.

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Jonathan helped my family heal and get compensation after our child was suffered a life threatening injury at daycare. He was sympathetic and in constant contact with us letting us know all he knew every step of the way. We were so blessed to find Jonathan!

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