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Chicago Aneurysm Misdiagnosis Attorney An aneurysm is a treatable condition that can otherwise turn deadly if allowed to worsen and the failure to diagnose aneurysms can make doctors and hospital staff members liable for medical negligence.

Each Chicago aneurysm misdiagnosis attorney at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC has helped countless victims of medical malpractice resulting from the inability of physicians or attending staff to properly assess the symptoms of life-threatening aneurysms and provide medical treatment in a timely fashion.

Internal bleeding, heart failure, and hemorrhagic strokes are commonly associated with untreated aneurysms, and many of the patients who did not receive treatment in time passed away from their conditions.

Recognizing the Symptoms of an Aneurysm

Aneurysms are damaged blood vessels that could burst and cause massive internal bleeding and may present with different symptoms, depending on the location and severity of the damaged blood vessel.

Aortic aneurysms occur closer to the heart while brain aneurysms are located in the head and quick diagnosis of both conditions is instrumental in increasing the patient’s chances of survival.

The symptoms of each form of an aneurysm are as follows:

  • An aortic Aneurysm— Moderate to severe pain in the back or chest, nausea, vomiting, sweating and palpitations, dizziness and lightheadedness, and increased heart rate.
  • A brain Aneurysm— Sensitivity to light, sudden onset migraine, nausea, vomiting, seizure, and symptoms mimicking that of a stroke.

If patients show any of these symptoms, it is the duty of nursing staff or doctors to initiate tests to locate and identify potential damage to blood vessels which could be due to an aneurysm.

Once a diagnosis is confirmed, treatment must be administered immediately to reduce the likelihood that the patient will suffer internal bleeding, brain hemorrhaging, subdural hematoma, heart failure, or other conditions that are commonly linked to aneurysms.

Treatment of Aneurysms

When properly diagnosed, there are several viable treatment options for aneurysms that may prevent the rupture of the blood vessel or mitigate the damage caused by internal hemorrhaging.

Surgery is almost always unavoidable and there are two primary procedures that doctors will consider once the diagnosis is certain. The first of these is a surgical clipping of the blood vessel to close it off by locating the aneurysm and placing a clip over the vessel that is feeding the damaged area.

An alternative procedure is called endovascular coiling, which is a less invasive procedure in which a wire is pushed through a catheter into the groin and up into the location of an aneurysm. The wire is coiled inside of the impacted area and causes the formation of a blood clot, which seals off the vessel and prevents breakage.

These are not the sole treatment options available and newer alternatives are available for those looking to explore their options. The primary concern for our Chicago aneurysm misdiagnosis lawyers when assessing a case is whether your doctor properly diagnosed your condition and reacted within a reasonable time or if the condition was allowed to worsen prior to the administration of medical treatment.

What Duty of Care Means and How It Impacts Your Case

When considering any case involving medical negligence or malpractice, it is the requirement of the plaintiff to establish a breach of the doctor or staff member’s duty of care.

Plainly put, this means that your cases rest on the ability of your attorney to prove that the doctor or hospital did not act as most other professionals in the same position would have.

To establish a breach of your doctor’s duty of care, we rely on the testimony of surgeons, doctors, and other medical professionals who have decades of experience in their fields and who can explain where your doctor failed to perform his or her duty.

The failure to diagnose any medical condition can be considered negligence, even if the doctor had no ill intent or made a simple error in judgment.

You have the right to receive compensation when a medical error causes bodily injury or results in the loss of a loved one by filing a lawsuit to recover the cost of medical bills, pain, and suffering out-of-pocket expenses, and the anguish of losing someone close to you.

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