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Chicago OB/GYN Malpractice Lawyer

Chicago Gynecologist (OB/GYN) Malpractice Attorneys

Gynecologists diagnose and treat various reproductive ailments and help women make important decisions regarding their reproductive health. The choices that a gynecologist makes can have long-lasting impacts on women’s health overall.

Any diagnosis and treatment mistake can lead to severe injuries or death.

The Chicago personal injury attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers, LLC represent women who suffer due to substandard care from an OB/GYN. Contact us today at (888) 424-5757 to schedule a free consultation to discuss receiving the compensation you deserve.

Our law offices ensure our injured clients receive any necessary medical treatment they require to move forward with their lives and compensation for all expenses.

Chicago OB/GYN Malpractice Lawyer

Requirements for the Practice of Gynecology – OB/GYN

Doctors wishing to pursue a career in gynecology must dedicate over a decade to their medical training. They enjoy lucrative pay once they complete their schooling and additional requirements.

After completing medical school, aspiring gynecologists must complete four years of residency. During this time, they acquire hands-on experience working with various internal medicine patients with a focus on gynecological practice.

Following the completion of residency, gynecologists must enter a three to four-year fellowship program to work with experienced specialists and gain the experience and skills they would need to perform their duties.

During this time, they may choose to pursue a subspecialty by earning certifications in their desired disciplines. In any case, once they have completed their fellowships, gynecologists may take the necessary tests to earn their license to practice in the field of gynecology.

Chicago Gynecologist Malpractice Lawyers

An Ongoing Need for More OB/GYN Doctors

There is a steady demand for qualified OB/GYN specialists. It is estimated that America’s demand for gynecologists will increase by 18% before 2022, contributing to their lucrative median salary of over $200,000 per year.

Those who pursue subspecialties and are members of reputable medical organizations can earn even more.

Our Chicago gynecology malpractice lawyers appreciate the dedication and hard work required to practice any specialized form of medicine and believe that these highly paid professionals should be accountable for their mistakes if they fail to provide proper care. Call us for a free consultation to discuss your case.

Chicago OB/GYN Malpractice Attorney

The Responsibilities of a Gynecologist – OB/GYN

Gynecology focuses on women’s reproductive health and covers diseases and injuries to reproductive organs such as the uterus, cervix, vagina, ovaries, and fallopian tubes.

Gynecologists who choose a subspecialty in obstetrician care will also guide patients through pregnancy while addressing any complications during the pregnancy and immediately after birth.

There is an extensive range of procedures and tests that gynecologists may be called upon to perform, including the following.

  • Breast examinations— several tests can be performed to detect tumors or cancerous masses located in the breasts. These include mammograms, breast MRIs, breast ultrasounds, and breast biopsies. Depending on what the doctor is looking for and what they already know, one or more of these tests may be ordered to determine whether a biopsy needs to be taken or additional tests are needed.
  • Breast surgeries— depending on the location of a cancerous mass and the risks it poses to the woman’s well-being, several surgical procedures can be performed with a range from breast-conserving surgeries that seek only to remove the lump to a mastectomy, which is the removal of the entire breast.
  • Tubal ligation— women seeking permanent birth control can elect to undergo this procedure. The invasive procedure prevents pregnancy by blocking the fallopian tubes so that the eggs cannot reach the uterus.
  • Pelvic ultrasounds— an ultrasound may be ordered to help doctors see an image of the primary reproductive organs. It is created by reflecting sound waves sent into the pelvis and back to the ultrasound receiver. The resulting image can confirm a diagnosis or reveal the need for further testing.
  • Pap tests— routine Pap tests help in the early detection of cervical cancer. This disease is one of the deadliest forms of cancer due to its propensity to spread rapidly to neighboring organs and tissue. Other reproductive concerns can also be revealed through this test.
  • Cystoscopies— women suffering from complications to the urinary tract may need to undergo these tests to determine the cause of pain and discomfort. Doctors can view the bladder, urethra, and other areas of a urinary tract to locate the source of bleeding, infections, blockages, or the presence of cancer.
  • Hysterectomies— the removal of the uterus may be needed to treat certain medical conditions, including the presence of cancer. The ovaries and fallopian tubes may be removed along with the uterus. Other reproductive organs may be lost during the procedure as well.
  • Endometrial ablation— women suffering from heavy menstrual bleeding may undergo this procedure to reduce or completely stop the bleeding. The procedure is only for women who no longer plan on having children because it will render them sterile.
  • Fetal ultrasounds— these ultrasounds allow doctors to monitor fetuses' progress in pregnant women to determine whether the child is developing correctly and to detect any abnormalities. Comprehensive testing can identify problems associated with birth injury and delivery, leading to cerebral palsy or other congenital disabilities.
  • Fetal heart monitoring— Monitoring an unborn child's heart rate during pregnancy, labor, and delivery is crucial to identify any signs of distress that might require immediate medical care or attention. An abnormal heart rate can indicate a potentially serious problem, which may need to be resolved through delivering the child via cesarean section.
  • Bone density testing— a bone density test can detect early signs of osteoporosis and other bone disorders common in women. It detects both the density of bones and their mineral content through x-rays or a select CT scan.

Chicago OB/GYN Malpractice Lawyers

Gynecologist Medical Malpractice May Result in Severe Injury or Death

Any failure by a medical specialist can impact the patient. However, a mistake by a gynecologist can resonate across an entire family.

Female patients can suffer physical and emotional trauma when medical malpractice alters their chances of ever having children or denies intimate relations with their partners. In some cases, an OB/GYN's substandard care may also harm an unborn child, resulting in congenital disabilities, developmental disorders, or permanent brain damage.

Here are some examples of mistakes and errors that may be considered medical malpractice by a jury resolving a medical malpractice claim involving an OB/GYN doctor.

  • Failure to order cancer screenings. Cancers of the cervix and uterus are known to spread rapidly if unchecked. Early detection is crucial to many women’s survival. The failure of an OB/GYN to order appropriate tests can mean life or death.
  • Late diagnosis of medical conditions. Some complications and illnesses are easily treated when patients receive a prompt diagnosis. Yet, treatment but can become quite serious if they are allowed to progress. Aside from cancer, shared concerns during pregnancy can injure the child if they are not promptly discovered and addressed.
  • Not performing tests properly or misinterpreting the results. Examples of this can include tests that do not result in a thorough examination of all of the critical areas of concern, such as a pelvic exam that ignores the cervix or the doctor's failure to investigate an abnormality found during a mammogram Pap test.
  • Injuries to reproductive organs due to defective devices. Some procedures utilize transvaginal mesh devices to help with pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence. Many patients have reported complications after these devices caused internal bleeding, organ perforation, and other serious injuries. In other cases, some patients may be injured by defective surgical tools used in operations, leading to the development or spread of cancer or infection.

These are only some examples of medical errors that can forever change the lives of those affected by poor medical care.

In addition to enduring physical suffering, many women are also forced to endure shame and embarrassment when they are no longer able to have children or enjoy normal sexual relations with their loved ones due to their injuries. In other cases, the advancement of cancer into the third or fourth stage means a death sentence.

Chicago Gynecologist Malpractice Attorneys

Medical Malpractice Lawyer – Sample Illinois Gynecology Malpractice Verdicts & Settlements

$795,000 Settlement; Gynecology Malpractice; Chicago, Illinois

The facts that gave rise to this gynecology malpractice case occurred in 2013. A woman in her late 50s saw her gynecologist for a LEEP procedure to have a cervical biopsy. In a LEEP procedure, doctors use a wire to pull out potentially cancerous cells from a woman’s cervix.

The wire usually is electric. Here, the gynecologist allegedly cut the woman’s bowel during the LEEP operation.

The procedure caused her pain and required a hysterectomy to fix the problem. The woman sued the doctor and facility for negligence, alleging the doctor unreasonably operated on her and was responsible for her suffering, bills, and other losses. The doctor filed an answer to the lawsuit.

Both sides settled to end the dispute. The case was resolved for $795,000 in compensation during a negotiated settlement between the plaintiff and OB/GYN defendant.

$540,000 Settlement; Gynecology Malpractice; Chicago, Illinois

A forty-four-year-old female plaintiff involved in this legal, medical malpractice action filed legal action against her OB/GYN doctor and surgeon for a failure to diagnose, surgical errors, and substandard care.

She alleged that the failure to diagnose and treat her breast cancer led to mastectomies followed by chemotherapy. Healthcare provider professionals' failure cost her tens of thousands of dollars in receiving medical consultation, care, and treatment from other doctors.

The patient argued that she would only have needed lumpectomies if appropriately diagnosed. She blamed the resultant pain, disfigurement, and costs on the defendants. Interestingly, she was cancer-free over five years after these procedures.

Therefore, her medical malpractice case's crux was based on the isolated gynecological errors that resulted in harm and additional expense. The medical malpractice case did not project long-term damages.

However, the plaintiff and defendants' medical malpractice attorneys negotiated a settlement for $540,000. This figure reflects the value of her personal injury and the invasive and fundamental trauma she endured.

$1,000,000 Settlement; Gynecology Malpractice; Tazewell County, Illinois

This medical malpractice lawsuit involved the combined medical negligence of an OB/GYN doctor and anesthesiologist. The patient, in her middle thirties, was scheduled to undergo a hysterectomy based on her diagnosis.

Her doctors chose to perform the procedure using robotic assistance through the umbilicus. As they cut and entered her abdominal cavity, the tools cut the woman, and blood accumulated.

However, neither the anesthesiologist nor the OB/GYN doctor monitored what was happening during the procedure or noticed a problem for over thirty minutes as the bleeding intensified. About one hour into surgery, doctors finally used aggressive measures to stop the bleeding.

However, they were unable to control the situation. The patient died from bleeding-related complications.

Her husband and three teenage children survived her and filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the OB/GYN doctor, anesthesiologist, and medical facility, based on wrongful death by gynecological negligence.

The plaintiffs claimed the anesthesiologist and OB/GYN doctor should have prevented or controlled the bleeding. The family's medical malpractice lawyer offered several measures that would have solved the problem-none of which were taken.

The defendants countered no negligence or sub-standard of care in treating the patient before her death. The defendants claimed that they did not act unreasonably nor provide an improper standard of care.

Also, the defendants offered that what happened was a known risk-a risk that the patient accepted. The differences between the surviving family members and OB/GYN doctor and anesthesiologist were not hashed out in court. Instead, like most medical malpractice cases, all parties agreed to a negotiated settlement.

In the medical malpractice lawsuit, the plaintiffs agreed to accept $1 million to resolve the case. This figure compensated the family for the pain, sorrow, lost consortium, companionship, and other expenses from the tragic event.

$500,500 Jury Award; Gynecological Malpractice; Cook County, Illinois

In this malpractice compensation case, the defendant's doctor performed a laparoscopic procedure to determine why the patient had bleeding and pelvic pain. The surgeon cut her bowel during the operation, causing severe harm.

The patient's personal injury lawyers claimed that she developed hernias after the procedure and has suffered mental trauma and PTSD. She required a colostomy with a colostomy bag for some time during the healing process.

Her malpractice attorney said that several surgeries were required to fix the medical problems caused by the original procedure. In the end, her injury left her with scars and other disfigurements.

Her lawyers filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the doctors seeking financial compensation for her injury based on their negligence.

Her case documents claimed that the laparoscopic operation was unnecessary; the operation was negligently performed. The defendants were responsible for her damages, including medical bills (over $100,000), lost income, disfigurement, and related economic and non-economic losses.

The defendants disagreed with the medical malpractice claims, claiming that the treatment was proper for the circumstances. Additionally, they claimed they warned the plaintiff about the risks of the operation.

In the end, they also stated that whatever harm the woman sustained had not impacted her life substantially. In essence, they doubted her damages were as high as she claimed in her medical malpractice documents.

The malpractice lawyers for both sides could not resolve the dispute amicably, resulting in a personal injury trial. In the end, the jury was tasked to decide who was responsible for damages and the value of the plaintiff's medical malpractice claims.

The jurors awarded the plaintiff (injured patient), ordering the defendants to pay the woman $500,000, including $105,500 for her medical bills, $200,000 for suffering, $40,000 for losing an everyday life, and $25,000 disfigurement and $130,000 for her distress.

Gynecologist Malpractice Lawyer Chicago

The Difference an Experienced Chicago Medical Malpractice Gynecologist Lawyer Can Make in the Outcome of Your Case

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC is a leading Chicago medical malpractice law firm serving the Chicago area. We owe our success to specialized legal teams with knowledge and experience working on cases just like your own.

The lawyers at our Chicago, IL law offices understand that choosing the best counsel will be the most crucial decision individuals make when pursuing compensation in medical malpractice cases. Your attorney can assure you that our medical malpractice lawyers can provide you with the best possible chance of success because of their extensive medical law experience.

Contact us today. Call (888) 424-5757 (toll-free phone call) to arrange a free consultation with one of our award-winning Chicago gynecologist medical malpractice attorneys. Our law firm can discuss your case, legal rights, and how your attorney can help to make sure you receive compensation for your damages.

After reviewing your case's details during the free consultation, your attorney will discuss the best way to proceed with your case and what you can expect throughout the entire legal process. If we cannot recover compensation on your behalf, you are assured that our services will cost you nothing.


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