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March 2, 2023

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Construction is the most dangerous form of work in the United States currently and almost one out of five workplace deaths occur at a construction site. This is a shockingly high fatal injury rate.

Our country relies greatly on the construction trade and commerce and industry would come to a halt without the dedicated efforts of our construction workers.

We must take care of those workers who knowingly enter dangerous careers and look out for their families. In the event that the negligent actions of another worker or the failure of an employer to follow proper safety protocol results in the death of an employee, they need to be taken care of.

If your loved one died due to injuries suffered on a construction industry job, you are entitled to file a claim for wrongful death if the injuries were the result of negligence. Our Chicago fatal construction accident attorneys can help your family after an accident.

Construction workers and families deserve more support in the construction industry, especially after fatal occupational injuries. Our Chicago construction accident attorneys can help you obtain relief following work deaths. Talk to our experts now about the injury, illness, or illnesses.

Types of Fatal Construction Accidents That Our Attorneys Prosecute

Many things can go wrong on a construction site and work conditions can change rapidly, easily putting a worker in harm’s way if he or she is not aware of a hazard. The common causes of construction fatalities are the following.

  • Falling Objects— Even with proper protection, workers can suffer severe or life-ending injuries when struck by an object from above.
  • Slips, Trips, and Falls— The majority of construction accidents involve falls or falling objects and hazards must be marked so that workers are aware of slippery conditions, obstacles, or uneven or weakened platforms.
  • Electrocution— Many deaths that occur due to electrocution are the result of poor communication or lack of warning signs. An employee may begin to work unknowingly on an electrical component that has a live charge or come in contact with an object that is drawing a current.
  • Pinch Point Accidents— A pinch point is any point in which two objects can intersect or collide with one another. When a person is occupying a space that is considered to be a pinch point, he or she may easily be crushed under the weight of machinery or objects that are moved into one another. These types of accidents often result in extremely debilitating injuries or death.

Data and research suggest construction industries are responsible for the highest rate and a total number of illness (illnesses), deaths, fatal health problems, and fatal work injuries. This is why OSHA and occupational safety and health groups have set job site safety and health standards.

They are meant to improve safety in the construction industry. Safety standards reduce preventable injuries and the number of fatal injuries and fatalities including falls.

Rights of Construction Workers and Their Families after a Fatal Accident

If your loved one has died in a construction accident, you have the right to investigate the cause of the accident in order to determine whether negligent actions on the part of your loved one’s employer or coworkers resulted in the accident.

If it is determined that negligence was in fact the cause of your loved one’s death, you have the right to seek damages for the loss you’ve incurred as well as the income that he or she has been providing for your family.

You may be awarded compensation for the cost of medical treatment prior to your loved one’s death, funeral costs, loss of consortium— which is defined as loss of companionship— and the estimated value of your loved one’s future earnings.

Per the national safety council and health administration as well as the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nonfatal injuries and the fatal injury rate is way too high including worker deaths in private industry. Workplace safety and occupational safety should be the focus at construction sites.

If this were the case, occupational injuries and the fatal work injury rate would go down according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Talk to Our Construction Industry Attorneys Today about a Case

For more information about your rights and to determine how best to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit involving an accident at a construction site; contact the Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC at (888) 424-5757.

We are a leading personal injury law firm that has extensive experience representing families just like your own when seeking damages from negligent employers when their actions have resulted in the death of another.

We will be happy to consult with you free of charge in order to review the details of your case, answer your questions and guide you through the process of litigation so that you are informed of everything that you can expect as well as the time frame in which you can expect things to happen.

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If we are unable to take on your case or agree to represent you but fail to secure compensation on your behalf, you will owe us nothing and our services and advice will be free of charge.

Further Reading and Labor Statistics on Construction Worker Deaths.

You can also read about OSHA mandates to lower the number of fatal injury events and job safety accidents and injuries. Some industries have a higher fatality rate (fatal injury rate) and more illnesses than others per the data and you can read about why before you start your job.

This site and related articles post info for your construction knowledge including the leading cause of fatalities. Please don’t leave an abusive comment or comment offensive statements.

Workers safety in the construction industry is our top priority. If construction industry workers were struck by something, suffered falls injuries (like falls to a lower level), or other injury, call us.

We can do a full accounting and make an injuries or illnesses report for the breach of safety and resulting harm to the construction workers in the industry. Fatal occupational injuries are unacceptable.

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