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March 2, 2023

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Belt Sander Accident Attorney

The belt sander accident attorneys of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC are dedicated to serving the needs of anyone who has been injured on the job.

We have found that defects in the design or quality of the machines many of our clients were operating at the time of their accidents played significant roles and have been able to recover compensation from the manufacturers of this defective equipment to cover the financial obligations victims have that cannot be covered through their workers’ compensation benefits.

If you have been injured in a belt sander accident, our belt sander accident attorney can help you explore all legal avenues available to recover the maximum amount of damages the law will allow.

Types of Belt Sanders and Associated Dangers

The purpose of a belt sander is to smooth the surface of a metal or wooden object using sandpaper that is pulled through two wheels or drums by an electric motor.

They come in a variety of sizes and forms and the larger, stationary ones can efficiently handle larger quantities of material. The most popular belt sander manufacturers are Makita, DeWalt, Rikon, Ryobi, Bosch, Black and Decker, Porter-Cable, Proxxon, and Grizzly.

Whether workers are using a portable or stationary belt sander, they are likely to be exposed to large quantities of debris and sawdust thrown into the air as they sand down the wood or metal they are working on.

This can cause injuries to the lungs over time through the inhalation of fine particles and employees have reported lung diseases such as pleurisy, cancer, and various forms of tumors.

Injuries Caused by Belt Sander Accidents

In addition to repetitive use injuries and exposure to contaminants, workers may suffer any of the following due to belt sander defects.

  • Injuries to the eye— debris thrown into the air can make it into the eyes, even when the worker is wearing protective gear. Fine particles can remain in the air for some time, making it possible for fine wood or metal shavings to enter the eyes where they become irritants. Serious damage may occur to the eyes (including vision loss and blindness) if the shavings scratch the cornea or become lodged in the eye.
  • Lacerations— lacerations can occur when the safety guard fails to adequately protect the machine operator. These deep cuts can even result in the need for amputation or result in complete disfiguration of the affected limb.
  • Burns— the surface of the material being sanded and the sander itself can become extremely hot due to the amount of friction generated and without proper safety measures in place, this can result in injury to the worker. One of the ways this may happen is when the guards in place to protect people from burns fail.
  • Poor posture— it is possible to experience repetitive use injuries while using a belt sander over time, but these injuries can be accelerated if an employee does not operate the machine with proper posture. Sufficient warnings must be provided so that employees are aware of how to safely operate the machinery.

Belt Sander Accident Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a Belt Sander Dangerous?

Belt sanders are so dangerous because they can shoot out pieces of wood or other materials that can lodge in your eye or other parts of your body. This is why it is so important to wear personal protective eyewear.

Why do the Belts Keep Breaking on my Belt Sander?

The most common reasons why belts on sanders break in Illinois include wear, age, humidity, and heat. Though they rarely break, these conditions can contribute to their failure and you should consult the manufacturer or an expert technician if they do.

How Much Can a Belt Sander Take Off?

Belt sanders can handle projects of all sizes but they are optimal for tasks that are smaller in scope. These might include door shavings that need between one-quarter and one-half an inch of shaving.

What Would a Belt Disc Sander be Used for?

Belt disc sanders are typically used to initiate the sanding procedure or to quickly remove the top layer of a material such as wood or paint. Their uses may vary but this is their primary function.

Put Our Experienced Belt Sander Accident Attorneys to Work on Your Behalf

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC is a leader in the protection of workers’ rights and has helped thousands of injured workers recover the maximum amount of compensation the law will provide for their injuries. If you have been injured, we can help you file your worker’s compensation claim while exploring additional avenues to make sure that you can cover all of the costs associated with your accident.

If a defect in the belt sander you were using contributed to your accident, we can seek additional compensation from the equipment manufacturer on the grounds of product liability. Contact our personal injury attorneys today at (888) 424-5757 to learn more about how we can give you the greatest chance of securing fair compensation for your injuries. If we are unable to recover compensation on your behalf, our services will be completely free of charge.

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