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You can turn on the television news on almost any night of the first week of July and hear about more injuries caused by fireworks. The news reports homes being burned to the ground, children losing fingers, and other senseless fireworks accidents that maim and kill people nationwide.

When these catastrophic injuries occur, the victims are often left with permanent physical and emotional injuries that will scar them for the rest of their lives.

The personal injury lawyers at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers, LLC regularly represent adults and children injured by fireworks at the home of friends and at public celebrations throughout Illinois. A fireworks accident attorney will file a legal claim on your behalf and help you seek compensation against those who acted negligently to recover your medical bills and lost wages.

Contact a Chicago firework injury lawyer at (888) 424-5757 or use the contact form to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case. We always do our best to recover compensation for your damages. All confidential or sensitive information you share with our legal team remains private through an attorney-client relationship.

Chicago Firework Injury Lawyer

Fireworks Accident Injury Statistics

Fireworks accidents don’t just happen on Independence Day.

Fireworks have become a significant part of our culture and are regularly used to celebrate birthdays, holidays, and plain old backyard fun. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPCS) records injury statistics for consumer products that cause injuries.

Fireworks are among the most dangerous entertainment products, resulting in thousands of casualties yearly.

The number of injuries had risen and fallen each year yet remained average. In the injury statistics report issued by CPCS for 2012 on fireworks injuries, some of the significant dates include:

  • Over 8,920 estimated injuries due to fireworks in 2020.
  • About 5,350, or about 60% of all injuries, happened between June 22 and July 22 each year.
  • Nearly six or more non-occupational deaths were reported from fireworks.
  • Approximately 46% of firework injuries involved children or teenagers under the age of twenty.
  • Burns accounted for over half of all injuries.
  • Fireworks accident-related property damage costs consumers millions each year.

Contact our law firm to file a claim and get compensation for your injuries.

Consumer Fireworks Accidents: Firework Injuries

Although burns may be the most common injury, they are far from being the only way fireworks can cause harm. Explosions can cause objects to be thrown at high speeds, causing wounds, contusions, and other injuries. Smoke inhalation can cause respiratory problems.

There are genuine dangers to those using the fireworks and those just standing nearby.

Fireworks-Related Injuries

Common injuries include:

  • Hands, fingers, and arms: The most common area to be injured is the hands and fingers, making up 41% of the injuries in 2019. Burns are the most common injury. However, they are also prone to lacerations, sprains, fractures, and even amputation.
  • Head, face, and ears: The 2nd highest area of injury was the head area. 19% of injuries were to the head, face, or ears.
  • Eyes: The eyes were injured in 12% of the injuries, most often from flying objects. Combined with the other head injuries, 31% of all injuries affected the head region.

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Small Fireworks Accident Injuries

Small explosives and fireworks cause serious harm to children if they are not adequately supervised. Even seemingly innocuous items such as sparklers and smoke bombs can be hazardous if misused or used by an untrained individual.

In addition, firecrackers, bottle rockets, and other larger fireworks can be even more dangerous for young users. Burns and lacerations are common injuries associated with the use of smaller fireworks, and in some cases, can result in permanent disfigurement or disability.

Firework Safety and Accident Prevention

The best way to protect yourself from firework injury is not to use fireworks or be around others using fireworks. The National Fire Protection Agency [1] recommends that consumers refrain from using any consumer fireworks and enjoy professional fireworks displays from a safe distance.

If you’re going to use fireworks, take extreme precautions. Sparklers considered the safest fireworks and given to small children, burn at 1200 degrees, 300 degrees higher than what is needed to melt glass.

Many consumers and public firework displays and pyrotechnic explosives that cause serious injuries include:

  • Roman candles
  • Firecrackers
  • Bottle rockets

It should be noted that the State of Illinois has banned the consumers’ use of fireworks. Most Illinois light firework accidents at a private residence are covered under a homeowner’s insurance policy injury claim.

In the case of a person injured at a Fourth of July public firework display organized by a municipality, fireworks show accident claims for injuries may also be brought.

Successfully bringing forth a compensation legal claim requires proving negligence, revealing that the municipality acted recklessly. The compensation should cover your medical bills, pain, and suffering.

Firework Injury Accidents FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions about firework injuries in and around Chicago, Illinois. Our personal injury lawyers appreciate that you may have additional questions.

Consequently, we invite you to contact our law firm for a free consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer with a proven track record of claims and lawsuits related to fireworks injuries.

What happens if a firework hits you?

Any lit firework hitting your face or body could cause permanent damage to your facial skin, hands, eyes, and lips. Many firework accidents occur when the lighted firework stays on the ground. Others happen when burning debris falls from the sky.

Most individuals injured by fireworks suffer severe burns that might leave permanent scarring.

Can you die if a firework hits you?

Nearly any firework is exceptionally hazardous since it can ignite at over 2000°F. At that intensive temperature, a lit sparkler could melt steel.

Small firework accident fires can cause severe burns and hand and arm damage. Small and large explosions caused by igniting fireworks can cause death if the victim is too close and in harm’s way.

What fireworks injuries can you get from fireworks displays?

Bottle rockets, sparklers, firecrackers, and other fireworks cause significant yearly damage to a victim’s eyes, neck, head, and hands. Severe burns are the leading firework injury in the United States.

Fireworks injuries are treatable and can range from minor burns to amputations. In the worst cases, fireworks explosions have caused unintended fatalities. These damages are more common in communities where consumer use involves illegal fireworks.

How many fireworks injuries happen on the 4th of July?

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), [2] there were twelve firework-related deaths in 2019 on or around the 4th of July. The number was up significantly from the year before, when there were five firework-related deaths at the beginning of July 2018.

What are the most dangerous fireworks?

Over 85% of all visits to the emergency room for treatments of firework injuries involve shell and mortar fireworks, which are banned in nearly every state. While the shell and mortar fireworks create spectacular displays in the sky with wide blooms, they account for almost 40% of all fireworks injuries involving commercial fireworks displays.

Many victims have suffered injuries when the mortar explodes, sending shrapnel over fifteen feet in all directions.

How can we prevent fireworks accidents?

The most dangerous fireworks cause severe damage and even death. You can prevent an accident by never leaning over a lit firework or leaving behind unexploded fireworks.

Also, keep a garden hose or bucket of water adjacent to where the fireworks will take place. Never throw, point, or give a lit firework to another person.

Can a fireworks manufacturer be held liable for damages if a public fireworks display explodes?

A fireworks manufacturer could be held liable for non-economic and property damages if a professional fireworks display explodes. Generally, manufacturers of consumer products owe the personal users and bystanders of those products a duty of care.

It means they must use reasonable care to ensure their products are safe for consumer use. If a public fireworks display is set up or operated in an unreasonably dangerous manner. In that case, the manufacturer may be held responsible for any damages caused by the explosion.

Just like a person must act with caution when they use heavy machinery or operate a motor vehicle when a person makes use of fireworks, they have a high duty to be careful because everyone knows that fireworks are dangerous.

The theory of negligence essentially holds a party liable for damages sustained by the victim in an accident if that party failed to exercise the level of care that a reasonable person would have been expected to exercise given the circumstances.

Call a Chicago Firework Injury Lawyer to File a Personal Injury Claim

Fireworks can cause painful injuries that can leave burn scars and, in extreme cases, cause permanent damage or a disability.

Depending on the circumstance, you or your loved one may receive a financial award for your injury that can cover medical expenses, lost wages and compensate for the pain the injury caused.

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers, LLC can examine your case and discuss your options for compensation. We offer a free initial consultation and never charge for personal injury representation unless it results in financial compensation for our clients.

Free Consultation With an Experienced Firework Accident Law Firm

A fireworks injury attorney from our law office will determine the right course of action and applicable legal theories to hold those accountable for your fireworks accident, whether it is a private individual or a government agency.

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Resources: [1] National Fire Protection Agency , [2] CPSC

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