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Chicago Postal Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents involve drivers or employees who are either insured or can be held personally liable for any injuries resulting from their actions. Alternatively, Chicago motor vehicle accidents involving federal postal workers are much more legally complicated.

U.S. Postal Service vehicle drivers are employees of a Government entity that is immune to lawsuits via a doctrine of sovereign immunity. The law protects any State or Federal government employee from civil liability involving car crash liability accident victims with minor to severe injuries.

Victims can still file personal injury claims via the Federal Tort Claims Act [1]. However, most people are put off by the “red tape” bureaucracy involved in processing claims against government workers crashing commercial vehicles. Talk to a Chicago postal truck accident lawyer today.

Hiring a Postal Truck Accident Attorney Can Help

Were you involved in a Chicago motor vehicle accident with a United States service vehicle? If so, Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC can help you navigate the steps required to file your claim and ensure that you can receive fair compensation for your injuries and damages.

Our personal injury lawyers currently represent clients throughout Illinois, including Cook County, DuPage County, Kane County, Lake County, Will County, Aurora, Chicago, Elgin, Naperville, and Schaumburg.

Time is Critical When Filing a Tort Claim Against a Government Body

Whenever you have a claim against a government entity, it must be filed immediately to secure your right to claim compensation. For this reason, it is vital to retain legal representation quickly to make sure that your case is appropriately built and filed in the appropriate court within the required statute of limitations.

Following your initial claim, you will receive a government response regarding your case and the amount of compensation, if any, it has agreed to provide for your injuries. If the initial response is not in your favor, you have the option to file a lawsuit within six months to contest the ruling and claim additional damages.

During this time, you need to build your case and establish both the fault of the government employee and the financial value of your injuries.

Following most auto accidents, disputes are generally settled between the victims and the defendants’ insurance companies. The process is far more straightforward than when filing a claim against an employee of the government.

Most people are either afraid to pursue a claim because they do not know how to proceed or pursue the claim improperly. Whenever you are dealing with the government, it is far more beneficial to lean on an attorney’s knowledge and experience than to attempt to go through the process yourself.

Our attorneys are happy to assess our clients’ cases and file lawsuits on their behalf without requiring an upfront payment. We finally receive payment for our legal services after assisting you through every step of the process and securing financial compensation for you.

Determining the Value of Your Chicago Postal Service Auto or Truck Case

The value of your post office vehicle accident case will depend on numerous factors such as the medical care you received immediately following the accident, the amount of damage sustained to your property, and financial losses incurred due to time off work or ongoing medical care, surgeries or therapy.

Our law firm has access to experts who can assist us in building your case. Because of years of experience, your lawyers and experts can determine the fault of all parties that are responsible and assess the physical, economic, and emotional impact of your injuries.

Our economists and medical professionals can establish the need and expense for your past and ongoing medical care as well as the cost of time off of work and out-of-pocket expenses that you will incur now and in the future. Our personal injury attorneys can use these answers to pursue the maximum fair amount of compensation for you, your family members, or your loved ones.

Postal Vehicle Accident FAQs

Below you will find some frequently asked questions raised by people injured in automobile accidents involving a United State Post Office vehicle. We recognize that these questions may not address all of your concerns. Consequently, we invite you to contact our law firm for a free consultation with a top-rated Chicago postal truck accident lawyer.

Is the USPS Self-Insured?

The United States Postal Service does not carry insurance coverage [2] to pay for any physical damage, injuries, or wrongful death in an accident. Instead, the USPS is self-insured because it maintains a state statute exemption from carrying insurance coverage that all other business entities and private citizens must carry.

How do I File a Claim With USPS Accident?

If you were involved with a USPS driver and suffered minimal property damage, you can file a compensation claim online at You can also contact them by mail by calling a toll-free number (800) ASK-USPS and requesting they send you a claim form.

For compensation, you will need to show evidence of insurance coverage along with proof of the value of what was damaged and the extent of the loss or damage.

How Long Does it Take for USPS to Resolve the Claim?

Once a claim is submitted to the United States Postal Service, the government agency will decide whether the claim is valid within the first ten days. Claimants can check the historical updates of their complaint submission through their account at

The time to process the claim depends on various factors, including the extent of loss or damage.

Is it Illegal to Pass a Postal Truck?

The same laws apply to pass a postal truck as with any other vehicle on the road. If the Postal Service worker’s vehicle is stopped at a mailbox, you can pass to the left if you follow all standard traffic laws, including not crossing a double line.

Do Mail Trucks Always Have the Right-of-Way?

Postal Service trucks only have the right-of-way when delivering mail to residences and business locations. However, in many local and rural areas, postal trucks dart in and out of traffic moving from mailbox to mailbox, causing other drivers’ hazardous scenarios.

Motorists can create a safer environment by driving defensively when approaching or passing a U.S. Postal Service delivery vehicle.

Hire a Chicago Postal Vehicle Accident Lawyer Today

Schedule a free consultation today with our injury law firm at (888) 424-5757 (toll-free phone number) for more information on Chicago motor vehicle accidents involving the United States Postal Service. Our postal service accident attorneys will evaluate and investigate your personal injury case in detail and answer your questions.

If we cannot assist you or fail to secure financial compensation on your behalf, our time, resources, and services will be free of charge. All discussions with our car accident law office remain confidential through an attorney-client relationship.

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Resources: [1], [2] USPS

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