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A single auto accident can take a toll on families and result in multiple injuries to everyone involved. One common injury that one may suffer from an incident is hand or wrist pain.

When one experiences an auto accident, wrist pain can signal a deeper issue that should be addressed, such as a wrist fracture or tendon damage. Receiving medical attention as soon as possible for wrist injuries can result in a faster recovery.

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Our car accident lawyers aim to ensure you receive the compensation and medical treatment you deserve for your injuries. We will provide free legal consultation on the next steps that should be taken.

A hand fracture with surgery can have a settlement value in excess of $500,000.

Causes of Hand and Wrist Injury From Car Accident

In a motor vehicle accident, hand and wrist injuries are a couple of the most common injuries one will experience. When one is involved in a car accident, the hand and wrist are vulnerable due to their delicate nature.

Wrist Injury from Car Accident

Wrist Pain in Drivers

Hands play an important role when driving a vehicle because they move the steering wheel to control the direction of travel. The driver usually braces for impact in a car accident by tightly gripping the steering wheel.

The force of the impact will have a greater effect on the hands and wrists when you hold on stiffly to the wheel. If the airbags deploy, there is also a chance that your hand or wrist will receive blunt trauma.

Wrist Pain in Passengers

The passengers involved in a car accident will likely strike a part of the inside of the vehicle with their hand or wrist during the impact.

Any type of blunt trauma to the hand or wrist is likely to result in ligament injuries or fractures. The wrist injuries in car accidents can range from minor to traumatic depending on the point of impact and amount of force the hand and wrist receive.

Some hand and wrist injury cases can have additional value when future surgery is required.

Different Types of Wrist Injuries

Several different symptoms can accompany wrist pain after one has been involved in a car accident. Sometimes, one will experience minor bruising or moderate pain in the wrist and hands and determine on their own that there are no broken bones in the wrist joint.

It is difficult to know for sure, and one should seek a consultation with a medical professional for any sign of hand and wrist pain.

Different Types of Wrist Injuries

Symptoms of a Hand or Wrist Injury

If a seemingly minor injury from a car accident is causing wrist pain, there is a possibility that other issues such as ligament tears are present.

One may experience bruising, swelling, numbness, tingling sensations, puncture wounds, stiffness, weakness, wrist warmth, and radiating pain with an injured wrist. These can be signs that there are broken bones or a sprain.

The Anatomy of the Hand and Wrist

There are thirteen bones in the wrist, known as carpal bones, and fourteen bones in the fingers, which are known as phalanges. Three joints in each wrist and ligaments protect the joints and nerves inside the carpal tunnel.

There are different types of wrist fractures one can experience based on which wrist bones are fractured. A visit to a doctor following a car accident will allow you to undergo X-rays to assess if there are any broken bones.

In some cases, one may need to undergo an MRI to better examine a soft tissue injury.

The Anatomy of the Hand and Wrist

Wrist Fractures

Depending on the impact, one can experience a broken wrist or wrist fracture, also known as a scaphoid fracture.

This injury is a common one seen in motor vehicle accidents, and its name comes from the scaphoid bone, a small bone in the wrist near the thumb. Blunt trauma to your wrist can easily be the cause of this fracture.

Another common type of wrist fracture is known as the distal radius fracture. This long bone that connects to the hand and is part of the wrist joint is known as the radius. The distal radius fracture occurs when there is a break of one of the forearm bones near the wrist on the side of the thumb.

Severe pain, inflammation, numbness, and radiating pain are signs that you may have a broken wrist or fracture. These types of injuries need to be addressed quickly to prevent permanent damage.

If one requires surgery for a wrist fracture, it is more effective to undergo a procedure and receive the care needed right away.

Wrist Sprains

A sprain can cause any pain or discomfort found in the wrist joints. In car accidents, the ligaments in a wrist can be stretched out or completely torn, which causes strains and sprains. There are three different classes that a wrist sprain will fall in depending on how extensive the damage to the ligaments is.

  • Grade one injury is identified for wrist sprains where the ligaments are stretched but does not affect the function of the wrist. This type of wrist sprain will usually require warm compresses and ice packs.
  • Grade two injury identifies a moderate sprain where the ligaments are partially torn. This type of sprain may result in limited function and range of motion. A grade two wrist sprain will likely need to rest and be placed in a splint or sling to aid in the healing process.
  • Grade three injury is considered a severe sprain that may require extensive treatment. This grade is given when the ligaments connecting the bones in the wrist are considered completely torn.

It is common for a grade three sprain to be accompanied by a fracture. A grade three sprain may be so severe that an avulsion fracture accompanies it. It occurs when part of the bone breaks off with the tearing of a ligament.

Damage to Tendons

The tendons in the wrist are the soft tissue that attaches the muscle to the bones. Blunt force trauma and fractures to the wrist bones can cause injury and inflammation in the tendons. This type of injury is known as tendonitis and can cause severe pain and difficulty with your range of motion.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

When an injury occurs to the wrist, there is a chance that the damage can result in carpal tunnel syndrome. A fracture to the carpal bones or inflammation from torn ligaments may put pressure on the median nerve that runs through the carpal tunnel. It can cause numbness and tingling that travels through the hand.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


There are also instances where a bone is dislocated and can be straightened without an invasive procedure. If this is possible, it is important to receive regular treatment to allow your doctor to perform X-rays and keep track of the recovery.

A dislocation in the wrist can occur when a joint moves out of its normal position. If the joint is completely separated, it is called luxation. If it is partially dislocated, it is known as subluxation. Both require medical attention to be placed into a normal position.

Hand Injuries

Broken or fractured finger bones are the most commonly found injury to a hand in car crashes. These bones are called phalanx or phalanges, and there is a range of different types of fractures that can occur.

A dislocated joint in the finger is also possible when a finger is bent or overextended during an impact. The hand can also suffer from soft tissue damage such as a torn ligament or sprain.

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Treating a Hand or Wrist Injury

It is difficult to determine the severity of injuries caused by car accidents. Because our natural impulse is to hold onto the steering wheel firmly during an accident, it is almost inevitable that an injury will occur to our wrists or hands. The most common hand and wrist injuries require medical attention, which will aid in healing your injuries properly.

It is important to seek help from a doctor to diagnose and treat these delicate areas of your body properly. A hand and wrist injury may only require pain medications or can result in the need for surgical intervention.

Receiving medical attention will also ensure that one receives the proper equipment needed, such as a splint or cast.

It is also necessary to visit a medical professional as soon as possible in order to undergo X-rays and receive the proper guidance based on the testing results. It is crucial to receive and follow instructions from a doctor because using your wrist or hand before your body is ready to use it can result in an aggravated injury or chronic pain.

How a Skilled Lawyer Can Help Get You Compensation for a Wrist Injury Form Car Accident

Common hand and wrist injuries from car accidents need to be addressed immediately. When devastating injuries are involved, one may face an overwhelming amount of medical bills and lost wages.

A hand and wrist injury can greatly impact different aspects of your life. Your activities of daily living and work performance will likely be affected. Everyday tasks such as driving, combing your hair, carrying children, and working can become very difficult after having a wrist injury.

In some cases, one cannot work and therefore not receive an income for a period of time. Physical limitations should be properly treated so that one can recover fully and be able to work again without experiencing chronic pain.

Loss of wages and newly acquired medical expenses can be difficult to take on in an already stressful situation.

Most hand and wrist injuries related to car accidents are due to blunt force trauma related to the impact.

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