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The heavy weight and fast speeds of motor vehicles traveling the roads and highways leave personal injury victims with serious injuries after accidents occur.

These accidents leave the victim’s hips broken, dislocated, and lacerated in many cases. These injuries can cause lifelong pain and suffering, resulting in long-term complications.

Did you or a loved one suffer a hip injury from car accident? A personal injury attorney working on your behalf can discuss all possible legal options and help you seek compensation to cover the cost of:

  • Emergency medical bills,
  • Ongoing medical treatment,
  • Missed work, and
  • Property damage.

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hip injury from car accident

How Most People Experience Hip Pain After Car Accidents

Car/pedestrian accidents can leave victims with catastrophic injuries or death. The forceful impact of a devastating car accident can cause substantial pain and generate exorbitant bills for medical treatment, including surgery, rehabilitation, medication prescriptions, etc.

In some cases involving a mild hip dislocation or injury, the victim can heal a few weeks after comprehensive physical therapy. However, it may take months or years to heal completely in other cases involving a broken hip, fractured hip, or another joint injury.

The most common types of hip injuries involved in Chicago automobile collisions include:

  • Hip fractures
  • Hip dislocation
  • Joint-related tendinitis
  • Restricted blood supply
  • Deadly blood clots
  • Infected hip joints
  • Labral tears
  • Hip joint-related bursitis
  • Muscle strain

Your car accident, hip injuries, and related personal injuries may take different forms, but these are just the most common. Many hip injury victims harmed in car accidents require a hip replacement.

Treatment for Personal Injury and Hip Pain After a Car Accident

Hip injuries manifest in different ways and can be impacted by the unique circumstances of the auto accident, the victim’s medical background, and a whole host of other factors.

Due to this fact and the general nature of hip damage, treatment can vary from person to person. Personal injury victims need to consult with their physicians to determine an individual course of care to best treat the problem.

People can do many things to alleviate pain from their hip injury after a motor vehicle accident at home. Here are some of the best at-home remedies:

  • Rest
  • Heat and ice
  • Stretching exercise
  • Over-the-counter medication

If the damage is more advanced, doctors might need to recommend surgery, prescribe medications, or even refer the person to a physical therapy specialist.

Determining the Value of a Car Accident Claim for Those Who Suffer Hip Pain

A hip fracture or other injuries following a car crash can leave the victim with ongoing health and financial problems. Many victims require maximum compensation from those responsible for causing the accident.

However, determining the actual value of the case can be challenging due to the unique circumstances that caused the crash. No experienced car accident lawyer can give you a precise compensation amount because judges and juries are inconsistent.

Your settlement payout must be negotiated with the defendant’s insurance company or lawyers.

Typically, personal injury attorneys representing the injured victim will evaluate contributing factors that may influence settlements and verdicts, including:

  • The severity of the victim’s serious hip injuries
  • Current medical expenses
  • Lost wages and future earning capacity compromised from a temporary/permanent disability
  • The extent of property damage
  • Long-term aggravation and change of life circumstances
  • Non-economic damages include pain, suffering, emotional trauma, and mental anxiety.
  • The victim’s remaining life expectancy

Typically, if the case goes to trial, the jury will determine the case’s value based on many contributing factors, including those listed above. The victim’s life expectancy will play a crucial role in determining future medical expenses and other damages.

For example, senior citizens with a shorter lifespan would likely receive less financial compensation than a younger person involved in a car accident.

Discussing your case with a hip injury attorney from our law firm could be beneficial to ensure that the contributing factors that led to your particular case are evaluated correctly before negotiating a settlement or taking the case to trial.

Sample Hip Injury From Car Accident Settlement and Verdicts

$2,050,000 Settlement; Jo Daviess, Illinois; 2020:

An elderly couple driving on the highway (Route 2) in Northwest Illinois was suddenly T-boned. A truck driver hauling a trailer and pickup drove through a stop sign and slammed into the pair’s motor vehicle.

The husband suffered a hip fracture and broke his patella and ribs. He also sustained a concussion and mental trauma and experienced general pain after a car wreck in the hip joint area.

The man required ongoing medical treatment, medical care, and counsel. His pain from his injuries was valued at $300,000.

Since the large truck driver was working when he crashed, the pair brought suit against the truck driver and truck company. The woman also suffered a concussion, cuts, and other personal injuries that required medical attention. Her bills were $25,000.

The two defendants did not want to pursue this matter in court and sought to negotiate this car accident case with the plaintiff’s counsel in a private settlement to bring about a quicker end to the dispute. In the end, they were able to settle for $2,050,000.

The case was resolved with a substantial settlement after reviewing the medical records and noting that no hip replacement was needed despite significant hip pain.

$1,375,000 Settlement; Chicago, Illinois:

A motorist lost control of his motor vehicle on the Edens Expressway and crashed into the 42-year-old plaintiff’s automobile.

After a car collision, he suffered a traumatic brain injury, memory loss, severe pain, a dislocated hip, a damaged knee, and other hip pain. Medical bills for the related treatment, medical records review, and additional medical attention were $90,000.

He also claimed $25,000 in lost wages in a fair settlement. His claim sought damages from the other motorist for negligence.

Not long after it was filed, the insurance company, Allstate, took over and directly negotiated a deal with him for a reported $1.375 million of financial compensation for his economic damages and non-economic damages.

$440,000 Settlement; LaSalle, Illinois:

A family riding through a snowstorm was hit head-on by a large truck on a late winter night. One of the little girls, just eleven years old, was paralyzed below the waist.

The impact broke the hip of another nine-year-old girl who sustained a concussion, among other personal injuries. Their combined healthcare expenses for the medical care were hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Their subsequent personal injury lawsuit for hip fractures, pain, and other harms targeted the driver and the driver’s insurance policy.

The two could recover $440,000 collectively in financial compensation, and their parents’ claims against the same defendants were still outstanding.

$63,000 Settlement; Lake County, Illinois:

A mother and daughter swerved to get away from another motor vehicle that had crossed the median, traveled toward them, and drove into a ditch.

The mother suffered severe back and hip injuries and other symptoms related to the crash. She needed injections and other medical treatment worth $25,000 to care for her joint pain and common injuries.

Her daughter sprained her back and neck. She also injured her elbow and suffered hip pain. The younger woman’s medical bills were nearly $10,000. Together they brought a car accident case against the driver that forced them off the road.

They settled with his insurance company, American Family, for $63,000. $47,000 was for the mother’s harm, and the rest was apportioned for the daughter’s pain and suffering.

What to Expect in a Hip Injury From Car Accident Case

Our law firm represents many injured victims who suffered severe injuries in car accidents and seek financial compensation for their damages. Many of these cases involve hip dislocations, fractured bones, labral tear injuries, and other damages caused by the collision.

Our lawyers work on behalf of the injured victims to ensure that they are compensated for all of their damages that might involve hospital bills, lost income, pain-and-suffering. Unfortunately, receiving compensation is not automatic. The injured party must prove how someone else’s negligence led to their damages.

Our legal team will work to prove your case by providing evidence based on the four elements of civil tort law, including:

  • The defendant had a legal obligation to ensure your safety
  • The defendant breached that duty, leading to the accident
  • The accident caused your damages, including your injuries, property damage, or wrongful death of a loved one
  • You can prove the extent of your harm

Call our law office today for a free case evaluation if you need legal assistance. Speaking with our attorneys can ensure that your rights are protected.

Filing a personal injury case concerning your injury accident should be done promptly due to the state statute of limitations, limiting the time you can file a claim. Waiting past the deadline takes away your legal right to ever seek compensation for damages from those who caused you harm.

In Illinois, that deadline is typically two years from the date of the accident. However, there could be extenuating circumstances that could extend the length of time you have to file. Talk with an attorney today.

Contact Our Chicago Car Accident Lawyers About Your Hip Injuries

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