Determining who is at fault in a car accident requires you to identify who acted unreasonably under the circumstances (what is known as negligence under the law) and caused damage to others.

Unreasonable conduct can include aggressive, distracted, or intoxicated driving and not respecting a traffic light or a stop sign, among other things. Damage can be of many types, from bodily injury to car damage, disability to disfigurement, and much more.

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Do Most Car Accidents at Intersections Involve Oncoming Traffic, Traffic Control Devices, or Some Other Factor?

Like any car accident, an intersection accident can arise in numerous ways and involve one or many different circumstances. A stop sign, traffic control device, red light, traffic lights, improper left turn, or anything else could trigger it.

In our experience, here are some of the most common reasons that intersection accidents happen:

  • The other driver was not paying attention to the car ahead.
  • The other vehicle suddenly pulls out in front of you.
  • They were going in the opposite direction of traffic.
  • Drivers attempt to rush through a yellow light when, in fact, there isn’t enough time to do so.
  • The vehicle’s speed was too fast (per police reports, etc.).
  • Driver making a left turn across traffic fails to yield to foot traffic or approaching vehicles.
  • The car ahead stops too fast.
  • The driver was ignoring traffic control devices like red, green, or yellow light signals.
  • They ran through a stop sign.
  • Malfunctioning traffic lights
  • An uncontrolled intersection with no speed limit traffic control device.

What Are the Common Injuries After an Intersection Collision?

Most motor vehicle accidents present the driver and passenger with a substantial risk of life-threatening injuries, no matter how the T-bone accident happens. The vehicle moves with so much force due to its size and speed that even death is possible, depending on how the T-bone car accident occurs.

If the driver fails to take proper precautions, then they could open up everyone involved to dangers like the following:

The list could go even longer if the T-bone car accident is bad enough. These collisions are hazardous, and you must take safety measures to prevent them. If you find yourself in an accident like this, you must get medical attention to find out what happened.

Understanding of how a T-bone accident occurs is one of the biggest keys to making a personal injury claim for relief. In a free case evaluation, a car accident attorney from our law group can offer you further guidance on proceeding after such a T-bone collision.

Common Types of Car Accidents that Occur at Intersections

When car accidents occur at intersections, the two drivers involved will likely need to go through a legal process involving insurance companies and numerous other professionals to determine liability.

Nevertheless, one of the first things experts must ascertain is the nature of the incident, as this is crucial for the police report and aids in determining the liable party.

Although every case is different, there are commonalities among many of them and how accidents occur. The most common accidents people could witness at junctions fall into the following categories:


When two vehicles traveling in opposing directions collide, it results in a head-on collision. This accident happens most frequently when one of the two participants is operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

When under the influence of alcohol or drugs, a person may be unable to regulate the direction of their car or, worse yet, doze off behind the wheel. Even if a traffic signal is flashing directly in front of them, they might not notice it.

However, there are other factors besides just being under the influence of drugs and alcohol that can cause an accident; sometimes, the driver making the left turn thinks a red light has turned into a green light when it is red.

When the driver makes the left turn, it may do so in front of a vehicle going the opposite direction with the green light, which causes a head-on collision. Speaking with a personal injury attorney is crucial to determining who’s responsible.

Side Impact

The second important form of collision is a side-impact collision, which can happen when one driver tries to pass another who is taking a left turn or right at a traffic light.

Because there is no protection for the person’s side when a T-bone accident happens, side collisions can be extremely hazardous and frequently result in casualties. They often even have the potential to result in severe or fatal injuries.

Rear End

Other factors could be at play in rear-end collisions. For instance, careless drivers may be texting while operating a vehicle or being otherwise distracted, failing to see the stop sign ahead.

Speak with a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer after calling the police. Drivers who seek legal counsel can ensure they receive the best results possible throughout the claim procedure.

Fault Can Impact Insurance Claims

In many cases, experts must still assess who is at fault when vehicles collide. Several outcomes depend on the person who caused the accident.

For instance, one driver might not need to do anything while the insurance company for the other motorist covers expenses such as lost wages and unpaid bills. Everything can vary based on the circumstance, which is why consulting an expert is crucial.

Who Is Responsible for Intersection Accidents?

The party at fault in an intersection accident is called the negligent driver and assigned contributory negligence if their conduct was unreasonable for the circumstances leading to the crash.

Further, it must have caused the plaintiff’s injuries and subsequent damages. Typically, the at-fault driver will attempt to shift the blame or claim that the plaintiff did not suffer any damages.

When determining fault in an intersection car accident or other intersection collisions, the plaintiff’s lawyers will review the available evidence, including:

  • Property damage
  • Police report
  • Medical bills
  • Medical treatment
  • Witness statements about oncoming traffic and other issues
  • Traffic lights history
  • Physical evidence of the accident or other vehicles
  • Injuries sustained
  • Placement of stop signs
  • Other physical and circumstantial evidence

As T-bone accidents happen, we also need to reference the serious injuries caused by the at-fault driver or another driver.

Get a free consultation on how to prove fault to obtain just compensation and fair compensation under Illinois law.

We work with cases involving standard and contributory negligence like rear-end collisions, t bone accidents, distracted driving, rear-end accidents, side impact crashes, complete stop crashes, intersection collisions, and more.

What Compensation Can You Receive in an Intersection Accident?

Any award or settlement you receive following a car collision around an intersection will tie directly into how the Event caused harm and financial damages. Typically, the plaintiffs face Ongoing costs and expenses tied to their economic and non-economic damages, including:

  • Out-of-pocket expenses like healthcare, property losses, and missed paychecks or income.
  • Intangible losses like disability, disfigurement, pain, suffering, and lost quality of life.
  • Punitive damages if the defendant’s conduct is egregious.
  • Wrongful death damages if you lose a loved one in the events.

Call us for a free case evaluation to learn about your rights against the other driver after an intersection crash like a t-bone accident, rear-end accident, or similar events. Our attorneys can discuss the facts of your case with you and quickly determine your rights and ability to recover compensation.

The Case Value of Your Car Accident Lawsuit

Valuating a case’s worth is typically based on all of the evidence, medical records, expert testimony, and financial consultants they can accurately determine past costs and future bills. Some of the contributing factors used to determine a case’s value include:

  • The extent of serious injuries, including scarring, head wounds, amputations, or even death.
  • Significant medical expenses for things like surgery or rehabilitation.
  • Long-term impact on quality of life, including pain or disability.
  • Lost income from work absences or missed investment opportunities.
  • Impaired personal and familial relationships.
  • Reckless and punitive conduct on behalf of the defendant.

How an Attorney Can Help in Your Car Accident Claim

While it is possible and your right to pursue justice and compensation on your own, most people use personal injury lawyers’ services for their cases. There are a lot of reasons for this.

This type of litigation is ordinarily burdensome and tedious. Frankly, there is a lot to do, and it takes time and resources. The work also requires a fair amount of sophistication and experience, including:

  • Investigating the scene of the accident
  • Figuring out how the driver caused the collision
  • Organizing all of the evidence and supporting facts
  • Writing a complaint or claim
  • Preparing and advocating the case at trial

As a motor vehicle collision victim, you will be concerned with your health and safety, returning to work, and tending to your family. Let our attorneys help get you and your family back on track.

Auto Collision Case Summaries

To give you a better sense of the type and amount of relief and financial compensation available in Illinois and other states, we have organized the following settlement and verdict summaries:

$639,000 Settlement:

The 44-year-old plaintiff was riding in the back of his friend’s car when he rear-ended at a stop sign west of Chicago. He suffered herniated discs, back trauma, and facial lacerations-medical expenses totaling about $250,000.

Doctors diagnosed him with radiculopathy and spinal damage at LF and performed surgery on his spine and back. He had permanent damage to his back and needed long-term medical treatment (steroid injections).

He settled with the responsible driver’s insurance company for $639,000.

$100,000 Settlement:

This automobile accident occurred in downtown Chicago. The plaintiff, a man in his late forties, was driven by a cab to a social engagement. The defendant crashed into his car while attempting to make a left-hand turn through an intersection.

The plaintiff sustained whiplash, a broken collarbone, and a concussion. He racked up tens of thousands of dollars in medical expenses, other harm, and losses, pain and suffering.

In the end, the parties could negotiate a settlement to end the protracted litigation for $100,000 in financial compensation.

$675,000 Settlement:

The plaintiff, a man in his early fifties, was sitting quietly at a red light when the defendant rear-ended him while attempting to turn left through an intersection. The plaintiff suffered several personal injuries, including whiplash, a concussion, and cervical radiculopathy.

The bill for the medical expenses alone was more than $225,000. After multiple negotiation meetings, both sides finally agreed to the $675,000 to close the case with a settlement involving economic and non-economic damages.

$100,000 Settlement:

The defendant ran a stop sign and T-boned a 34-year-old male Victim’s car. He broke his hip and damaged soft tissue in his back-totaling $11,000 in medical expenses.

The woman denied where the incident occurred but did not dispute who was at fault. Therefore, counsel for both sides engaged in negotiations to settle the dispute. The man received $100,000 for his pain, suffering, and costs.

$350,000 Settlement:

The plaintiff was parked at a red light on the south side of Chicago when the defendant rear-ended him. He sustained whiplash and other cervical injuries.

He needed back and spinal surgeries totaling over $100,000 in medical expenses. To make up for these pain and costs, he sued the defendant.

The defendant did not have the necessary funds to cover the plaintiff’s damages. However, his insurance Company paid the difference To ensure that the Plaintiff received $350,000 in settlement compensation.

How Our Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help You

A car accident lawyer from our law firm can give you a free consultation on intersection collisions and your rights against the other car driver.

During your no-cost consultation, our experienced personal injury attorney can review the personal injuries the other driver caused in the intersection collision. We will also review all traffic laws related to the traffic accident to determine fault for the vehicles involved at the accident scene.

After reviewing all the evidence, we can file a personal injury claim on your behalf, stating someone else was at fault in an intersection car crash, including the other driver’s insurance. Resolving the case will ensure that the victims receive the financial compensation they deserve.

Talk to our personal injury lawyers when determining fault for car accident victims after intersection accidents. We can see if the intersection collision was due to an uncontrolled intersection, faulty traffic light, stop sign, red light, or other contributing factors.

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