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E-Bike Accident Statistics

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E-bike usage has surged in recent years, leading to a notable increase in accidents and injuries. These e-bike accident statistics reveal insightful data on the impacts associated with e-bike accidents, highlighting the prevalence, causes, and demographics involved. 

If you or a loved one has been involved in an e-bike accident, it’s crucial to understand your rights and the resources available to you. Our experienced e-bike accident lawyers are dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of these personal injury claims, ensuring you receive the support and justice you deserve.

Between 2017 and 2022, there were approximately 53,200 emergency department (ED) visits resulting from e-bike accidents.

Among e-bike accidents, males experienced a significantly higher percentage of ED-treated e-bike injuries, accounting for 76% of all cases. [1]

Older adults also represent a considerable portion of electric bike related injuries, with those aged 45-64 comprising 30% and those aged 65 and over making up 11% of ED visits following accidents with electric bikes. 

Interestingly, younger individuals are also involved in e-bike accidents, though to a lesser extent. Electric bicycle riders aged 15-24 account for 18% of the injuries, while those aged 5-14 make up 7%. 

Even very young children under the age of 5 are affected, albeit minimally, representing 1% of ED visits following accidents with e-bikes. [1]

A significant number of e-bike accidents occurred on the streets or highways, accounting for 55% of ED visits due to electric bike injuries.

In 32% of accidents involving electric bikes, the location of the accident was not recorded.

8% took place on other public properties, while accidents at home or a place of recreation and sports accounted for 2% each. 

Less than 1% of the accidents occurred at schools. [1]

At 14%, most electric bike accidents occur in August.

July and September both follow with 12%, while June and October each see 11% of emergency department visits due to electric bike accidents.

May accounts for 10% of the visits, while November for 8%. December, March, and April each record 6% of emergency department visits due to electric bicycle accidents, followed by January and February at 3% each. [1]

E-Bike Accident Statistics

At 21.4%, fractures are the most common injuries sustained in accidents involving e-bikes.

E-bike injury statistics reveal lacerations rank second with 18.1%, followed by internal injuries (14.6%), and concussion traumatic brain injuries (4.4%). 

In terms of anatomic sites, lower leg injuries are the most common in accidents involving electric bicycles, at 36%.

Face, head, and neck injuries follow closely with 34.9%, while upper extremity and trunk injuries account for 23.8% and 5.1%, respectively. [2]

In total, 88% of those injured in an e-bike accident are treated and released from emergency departments.

Approximately 8% of cases result in hospital admission or transfer to another facility. The remaining 4% of cases include those who leave without being seen, are held for observation, or have severe injuries resulting in fatalities. [1]

This figure accounts for 45% of all deaths involving micromobility devices (e-scooters, hoverboards, and e-bikes combined). 

80.77% of e-bike riders who lost their lives in an accident were male, while 18.27% were female. [1]

The 25-44 age group experiences the highest percentage of e-bike fatalities, accounting for 34.62% of the total.

Individuals aged 45-64 represent 26.92% of deaths involving electric bikes, followed by those 65 and older, who make up 22.12% of the fatalities. 

The 15-24 age group accounts for 6.73% of fatalities in accidents involving electric bicycles. Younger children aged 5-14 represent 2.88% of the fatalities, while there are no reported fatalities for those aged under 5. [1]

Collisions with motor vehicles are the leading cause of death, accounting for 55% of fatalities involving e-bikes.

About 16% of fatalities involving e-bikes are attributed to riders crashing into fixed objects such as gates, signs, posts, barricades, railings, dumpsters, medians, fences, and striking road curbs.

Of the 104 fatalities involving electric bikes recorded between 2017 and 2022, 8 involved pedestrians. Of those, 2 electric bike riders were killed due to blunt impact caused when they struck pedestrians, and 6 pedestrians died after being struck by electric bikes and subsequently experiencing serious injuries due to blunt impact or falls. 

In 2 cases, riders of electric bites were intoxicated at the time of the fatal accident, and 1 fatality was caused by an e-bike rider hitting a speed bump, becoming airborne, and then crash-landing. 

Residential e-bike battery fires resulted in two deaths, and unknown falls accounted for around 17% of fatalities related to e-bikes. [1] 

A study of 59 electric bicycle accidents revealed fire hazards were identified in over 47% of cases.

The majority of these fire incidents occurred while the e-bikes were being charged. In one instance, the battery caught fire suddenly after being removed from the e-bike by the user. 

Various product-related issues—such as problems with pedals, tires, wheels, and other structural integrity or design defects—were identified in 40% of accidents involving e-bikes. 

Of them, over 41.67% involved pedals that suddenly came loose or separated from the crank while riding. About 29% involved ruptured, exploded or blown-out, and cracked tires. More than 12% of incidents with e-bikes involved the front wheel detaching without warning, while over 16.67% included frame collapse, white powder forming around battery terminals, a shaky and wobbly bike, and a pin in the handlebars preventing left turns.

Brake issues were reported in less than 4% of accidents involving e-bikes. In 75% of them, the brakes malfunctioned or stopped working, while in the remainder, the brakes failed completely after having to repeatedly tighten them.

Multiple product-related issues—such as problems with the bicycle chain and throttle, causing the motor to stall and the rider to fall—were noted in under 2% of accidents involving electric bicycles.

The study found another electrical hazard was reported in 1 incident, which involved the rear wheel suddenly engaging, causing the e-bike to move without notice. [1]

E-bike safety is a growing concern with the increase in e-bike ridership and sales.

E-bike accident statistics reveal collisions with motor vehicles, which are common on streets and highways, are the leading cause of e-bike accidents. Rider inexperience and not following traffic rules contribute significantly to these incidents. Wearing helmets and adhering to traffic laws can reduce the risk of injuries. 

If you or a loved one has been injured in an e-bike accident, understanding your rights and the legal options available to you is crucial. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your case and explore potential compensation. Our experienced legal team is dedicated to helping electric bike riders navigate the complexities of personal injury claims.  

Sources: [1] Consumer Product Safety Commission, [2] Science Direct

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