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Chicago Archdiocese Abuse Lawyer

Abuse in the Church  There has been worldwide media coverage of the sexual abuse perpetrated by clergy within the U.S. Catholic Church against innocent children.

Although some of these horrendous acts have been made public after years of alleged coverups by the Church’s leadership, it is difficult to know precisely how many children were harmed by those in positions of power within the Church. What is known is that this abuse was not isolated; there have been accounts of abuse of children at the hands of priests, bishops, and even nuns from many dioceses in the Chicagoland area.

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC stands behind victims of sexual abuse in a Church setting in the Chicago area and fights for their legal rights while protecting their personal privacy. Our law firm is also committed to securing the maximum financial recovery possible on behalf of each victim.

If you or a loved one suffered mistreatment at the hands of a priest, bishop, clergy or church official of the Archdiocese of Chicago, a clergy abuse lawyer stands ready to guide you through the recovery process and advise of you of possible legal action. 

Complete our case intake form and our Chicago clergy abuse attorneys will be in contact with you soon.

Long History of Catholic Church Sexual Abuse in the Chicago Diocese

The Catholic Church child sexual abuse scandals are now widely known. However, this abuse was quietly swept under the rug by Church leaders for many decades. 

It was not until 1981, when a clergy member in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles was accused of sexual molestation of a minor, a crime he later pled guilty to, that these crimes were more thoroughly investigated.

When the case of a priest in Louisiana charged with 11 counts of sexual molestation became headline news, more reports began to surface. In 1998, when the Roman Catholic Diocese of Dallas was reported to have paid a $30.9-million settlement to 12 alleged victims of one priest, the entire world began to take notice.

Since then, thousands of victims have come forward with their stories of sexual misconduct at the hands of Catholic Church staff.

According to, by 2012 an estimated $3 billion in lawsuits had been settled by the Church for sexual abuse claims occurring from 1950 to 2012. In a six-year period from 2003 to 2009, more than 1,550 victims received financial settlements from the U.S. church. These civil lawsuit settlements are separate from the criminal charges many of the accused priests and church officials faced.

The public outcry over these abuses by clergy and other staff members of the Church has prompted many more victims to come forward. Those who suffered in silence for years finally learned they were not alone. These grown adults discovered that their child molesters needed to be punished for the cycle of abusive treatment to end.

It is the bravery of these victims coming forward who were traumatized at the hands of a trusted priest or other church staff that may have the most significant impact in ending this abuse of children.

Legal Claims and Damages Paid for Chicago Church Officials / Clergy to Sexual Abuse Victims

$1.4 Million for Three Boys Abused by Catholic Priest

The alleged conduct, in this case, happened over a two-year period in the early 1980s. The victims were three little boys (all under the age of 11) and the perpetrator was the same priest. Apparently, others had complained about similar instances of sexual exploitation involving this individual.

Whenever this happened, the Church would simply move him into a different position. When this case was finally brought by a clergy abuse attorney, the Church tried to get it thrown out of court by claiming that the applicable statute of limitations barred the action. 

The court dismissed this request, reasoning that the defendant tried to conceal its conduct through settlements and other maneuvers, therefore it should not be allowed to escape liability.

The boys, now grown men but whose true names were concealed in the case, each received $410,000, $580,000, and $410,000 respectively, for a combined award against the Church of $1.4 million.

Man Obtains $2.95 Million from Church After Repeated Incidents

The facts of this case arose in 2000. The victim was just an eight-year-old boy. He claimed he was sexually exploited by the same priest at a church called St. Agatha’s.

However, he did not recall the events until several years later due to repressed memory. His claims were aided by the fact that the Church knew this priest had a history of similar conduct, which should have put them on notice. Yet they still kept him in his duties, employed no supervisory systems, and let him interact with children.

In the end, the court allowed the plaintiff to seek punitive damages from the Church for this reason, which are typically only allowed when the defendant acts in a reckless or wanton fashion. Punitive damages are meant to punish a wrongdoer in the hopes of preventing similar sexual assaults.

The plaintiff was awarded almost $3 million from the court, an amount that withstood the Church’s appeal to the Illinois Supreme Court.

Former Victim Reaches $1.55 Million Settlement with Chicago Church

This settlement agreement was reached in 2017 between the Church (St. Bede) and an anonymous plaintiff who was a sexual abuse victim over a period of several years by the same priest when he was between the ages of 10 and 13.

The Church knew the priest in question had done this before but took no steps to remove him or to protect the boys and girls who came in contact with this predator every day. The victim here came in contact with the priest when he was an altar boy at the church.

The effects of the molestation left him with depression, traumatic stress disorder, suicidal thoughts, and PTSD. Ultimately, the Church had to pay him $1.55 million for these damages.

Boy with Special Needs Receives Settlement

The sexual abuse victim, in this case, was just eight years old. He had special needs and was particularly vulnerable. An adult male volunteer at his church allegedly sexually assaulted and abused him.

Lawyers for the boy accused the Church of creating the circumstances that allowed this terrible incident to occur. The Church agreed to privately settle the matter for a reported $1.75 million.

Chicago Priest and Clergy Abuse Attorneys Who Stand with You

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC understands the lifelong trauma that childhood events can inflict on a person. Our sexual abuse lawyers are committed to fully prosecuting your case from a civil damages perspective, while also respecting your wishes for privacy.

Consequently, every case we take on involving Chicago, Illinois Catholic Priest and Bishop abuse is handled with the utmost discretion and care. If you were a victim of sexual abuse by a priest or other Church official, one of our attorneys experienced with sex abuse litigation can explain your legal options without any cost or obligation on your part. Contact us today.

Chicago Archdiocese Diocese Accused Priests & Church Officials Lookup

Look up convicted Chicago Diocese (priests and other officials) sex offenders.

Name:Date of Ordination:Action Taken:Current Status:
Angel, Lawrence A.Deceased
Baranowski, Alexander Sylvester5/3/55Resigned 6/1975; Laicized 8/1976Deceased 6/2011
Bartz, Richard Barry5/8/74Limited Ministry with Restrictions & Monitoring 8/1987; Removed from Public Ministry 6/2002; Resigned 6/2002; Laicized 9/2015Laicized
Batuyong, Patricio William4/16/83Removed from Public Ministry 4/1993 Laicized 4/1996Deceased 4/2009
Becker, Robert Charles4/29/65Restricted 3/1986Deceased 10/1989
Beckstrom, Robert E
Bennett, Joseph R4/26/66Monitored 1/2003; Removed from Public Ministry 2/2006; Resigned 7/2012; Laicized 8/2014Laicized
Bogdan, Leonard Adolph5/3/60Monitored 6/1987; Excardinated to Kalamazoo 1/1994Retired from Diocese of Kalamazoo 6/2000
Bonebreak, DennisAccused of abusing one boy. Order agreed to $16.5 Million settlement in 5/2013
Bowman, Robert Peter5/3/55Limited Ministry with Restrictions & Monitoring 4/2002; Removed from Public Ministry 5/2002Deceased 4/2011
Braun, David Francis5/5/54Removed from Public Ministry 1/1994Deceased 12/1997
Brigham, Kenneth Mnineteen sixty oneAccused of sexual abuse minors in 1/2014Deceased 6/2005
Brouillette, Robert4 years probation 2000Changed name to Robert Sullivan
Buck, Daniel Peter5/12/71Limited Ministry with Restrictions & Monitoring 6/1995; Returned to Ministry 12/1997; Removed from Public Ministry 6/2002Removed from Public Ministry
Burke, Edmund F5/6/44Accused by archdiocese with substantiated allegations of child sexual abuse 11/28/2018Deceased 2/1989
Burns, Eugene Patrick5/3/55Accused of abuse of a girl ages 8-13 1961 - 1966Deceased 1/2005
Butler, DonaldAccused by Midwest Province on its list 12/18/2018Deceased 7/27/1999
Byrne, Eamonnprior to 1953Accused in 1992 lawsuit of abuse of girl during church outing in 1974; Retired to Ireland in 2007Deceased 12/12/2015
Calicott, John Walter5/8/74Limited Ministry with Restrictions & Monitoring 4/1994; Returned to Ministry with Restrictions & Monitoring 10/1995; Removed from Public Ministry 6/2002; Laicized 9/2009Laicized
Carr, Michael T.Accused by at least two persons in claims settled in bankruptcy proceedingsDeceased
Carroll, Francis C.Accused by at least two persons in claims settled in bankruptcy proceedingsDeceased
Chmura, Thomas M1982Arrested 4/2013, 5/2013; Pled guilty 12/5/20136 month of periodic imprisonment plus 24 months of felony probation
Clements, George H1957AccusedSuspended from Ministry 8/2019 pending investigation of allegation
Cloutier, William J5/14/75Monitored 1987; Removed from Public Ministry 11/1991; Resigned 7/1993Deceased 8/2003
Cobb, Alan S.Accused by at least two persons in claims settled in bankruptcy proceedings
Collins, Daniel J.1958Sued
Collins, Donald CecilAccused by at least two persons in claims settled in bankruptcy proceedings
Condon, Eugene LaurenceAccused by at least two persons in claims settled in bankruptcy proceedings
Corrigan, EdmundOne of 10 brothers and two laymen accused by more than 30 men in 5/2013
Craig, Robert5/8/74Removed from Public Ministry 10/1990; Resigned 10/1993; Laicized 10/2009Laicized
Crosby, Thomas Carroll5/8/48Allegations of child sexual abuse 11/28/2018Deceased 1/1987
Curran, John William5/3/57Removed from Public Ministry 12/1994Deceased 3/2000
Czajka, Norman J5/1/61Removed from Public Ministry 4/2006Deceased 10/2012
Daschbach, Richardnioneteen sixty fourAccused of sexual abuse 2018; LaicizedStill Under Investigation
DeRoeck, Walter George5/12/71Removed from Public Ministry 8/2001; Resigned 8/2001; Laicized 1/2002Laicized
Diederich, Dominic Aloysius6/2/17Deceased 4/1977
Dilla, Francis Emil5/1/53Removed from Public Ministry 2/1992Deceased 2/2005
Duggan, Jeremiah C.nineteen fifty fiveAlleged abuse occurred in 1970s - 1980sDeceased 7/1999
Dunn, James ClaverAccused by at least two persons in claims settled in bankruptcy proceedings
Farrell, William Patricknineteen sixty fiveAccusations in 2017 that he abused a 16 year old Chicago boy in 1970Deceased 2/8/1989
Fassbinder, Richard Wayne5/1/53Removed from Public Ministry 2/2002Deceased 5/2004
Ferro, Salvatore A.Accused by at least two persons in claims settled in bankruptcy proceedings
Finan, Mark A.nineteen forty eightMultiple allegations of abuse in 1944; Dismissed from the Jesuits 4/13/1973Deceased 11/18/1993
Fitzgerald, John D.nineteen thurty threeAccused of sexual abuse by a woman, happened in 1964Deceased in 1984 or 1985
Fitzgerald, John J.nineteen sixty nineAccused by the Congregation of Holy Cross on its list 6/12/19; Removed from ministry in 1992; left the order in 1997
Fitharris, Joseph L.4/28/62Limited Ministry with Restrictions & Monitoring 3/87; Removed from Public Ministry 10/1991; Resigned 1/1995; Laicized 5/2009Laicized
Fitzmaurice, Terence1963Accused of molesting at least 15 boys in early 1970s; Three settled in 2006;Claimants still exist
Flosi, James Vincent5/12/71Resigned 7/1992; Laicized 19/2010Laicized
Friese, Robert5/10/78Resigned 8/1985; Laicized 7/1987Laicized
Gamez-Alfonso, Rigobertonineteen ninety fiveArrested 10/2018 charged with criminal sexual abuse involving force and bettery
Gardner, Stephen JustinAccused by at least two persons in claims settled in bankruptcy proceedings
Garza, Jesus P5/9/79Resigned 7/2000Laicized
Graf, Garynineteen eighty-fourAccused in 7/2018 of inappropriate behavior toward a male teen who was a parish employee; Found not guilty 1/2019Returned to ministry 4/2019
Hagain, James Craig5/8/74Removed from Public Ministry 4/1996; Resigned 4/1997; Laicized 4/2010Laicized
Hefferan, John Edward5/1/56Limited Ministry with Restrictions & Monitoring 3/1993; Returned to Ministry 7/1993; Removed from Public Ministry 10/2003Deceased 1/29/2018
Hensley, Gilbert Leroynineteen sixty twoAccused in civil suit filed 10/26/2007 of sodomizing a boy at least four times in the 4th and 5th grade in the late 1970sDeceased 5/31/2014
Hinojosa, Juan FranciscoAllegedly assaulted a 16 year old youthMay have fled to Mexico
Hoder, James Allen5/14/75Limited Ministry with Restrictions & Monitoring 10/1985; Resigned 5/1997; Laicized 12/2009Laicized
Hogan, Michael J5/19/84Limited Ministry with Restrictions & Monitoring 2/1986; Resigned 7/1993; Laicized 6/2015Laicized
Hogan, Michael Pnineteen fifty sixAccused on sexual abuseDeceased 9/29/2008
Holihan, Daniel Mark5/3/57Limited Ministry with Restrictions & Monitoring 6/1990; Reoved from Public Ministry 6/2002; Resigned 11/2008; Laicized 7/2010Deceased 10/2016
Horne, Thomas Barryprior to 1939Accused and sued of abusing Kay Ebeling at age 5 in earlry 1950sDeceased 1985
Houlihan, James AlvarezAccused by at least two persons in claims settled in bankruptcy proceedings
Huppenbauer, Walter Edward5/3/57Limited Ministry with Restrictions & Monitoring 8/1992; Removed from Public Ministry 10/2002; Laicized 8/2010Deceased 12/2014
Huske, Leonard5/1/56Removed from Public Ministry 5/2018Removed from Public Ministry
Irwin, Charles BOne of 10 brothers and two laymen accused by more than 30 men in 5/2013Deceased 10/9/1997
Job, Thomas5/13/70Resigned 10/1991; Laicized 6/2010Laicized
Jones, Augustine K.nineteen fifty threeConvicted 1968 of abuse of boy; Received 3 years probation and treatment; More charges in 1993; Indicted 1993 and pled guilty; Sentenced to 4 years probationDeceased 9/28/2007
Jordan, John Enineteen thirty fiveAccused of abuse in a civil suitDeceased 9/1987
Kealy, Robert Louis5/10/72Limited Ministry with Restrictions & Monitoring 3/2002; Removed from Public Ministry 6/2002; Resigned 4/2006; Laicized 12/2018Laicized
Keehan, John James4/27/67Monitored 10/1992; Limited Ministry with Restrictions & Monitoring 4/1993; Removed from Public Ministry 6/2002Removed from Public Ministry
Kelly, Thomas Francis4/28/62Deceased 6/1990
Kent, BenenAccused of abuse 1962- 1967 by one woman in 2005 lawsuit; Two more filed in 2006; Claims settled 9/2008Settled
Keough, John Joseph5/1/52Resigned 3/1982; Laicized 11/2008Laicized
Kerman, Joseph CAccused by at least two persons in claims settled in bankruptcy proceedings
Kissane, Joseph Patrick5/14/69Limited Ministry with Restrictions & Monitoring 12/1989; Removed from Public Ministry 4/1991; Resigned 5/1991; Laicized 8/2010Deceased 4/2011
Klein, George W1959Accused 8/2011 of sexually abusing a 15 year old girl in the 1970s; Found inappropriate but not abusive
Kmak, Leonard Paul5/7/59Resigned 8/1968; Laicized 1/1969Deceased 7/2002
Koch, J. Robert1943Accused by the Jesuits Midwest on its list 12/18/2018Deceased 12/9/1996
Lane, John Hnineteen thirty eightAccused by the Jesuits Midwest on its list 12/18/2018Deceased 2/21/2000
Lasik, Ronald JustinAccused in a suit filed 4/26/2013 of abusing two boys in ChicagoObtained early release from prison and was deported in 2003 to the US from Canada
Lee, Patrick Jninetten seventy sixPlaced on leave in 1/2019 after an allegation that he sexually abused a minor in 1979Reinstated in 6/2019
Leyhane, William RAccused publicly in 10/2019 of sexually abusing and 8th grade boyDeceased 8/1982
Lupo, William L.4/29/65Limited Ministry with Restrictions & Monitoring 4/1993; Restrictions Revoked 8/1995; Limited Ministry with Restrictions & Monitoring 11/1998; Resigned 12/2002; Laicized 12/2014Laicized
Maday, Norbert J.4/30/64Limited Ministry with Restrictions & Monitoring 11/1991; Removed from Public Ministry 2/1992; Laicized 12/2007Laicized
Maloney, Edward5/3/55Removed from Public Ministry 5/2009Deceased 6/2018
Mayer, Robert E4/30/64Limited Ministry with Restrictions & Monitoring 6/1987; Removed from Public Ministry 8/1991; Resigned 1/1994; Laicized 7/2010Laicized
McCaffrey, Vincent5/10/78Limited Ministry with Restrictions & Monitoring 11/1987; Removed from Public Ministry 10/1991; Resigned 11/1993; Laicized 7/2010Laicized
McCarthy, David F.nineteen fifty fiveAccused by the Jesuits Midwest on its list 12/18/2018Deceased 2/28/1999
McCartney, Christopher J.Accused of sexual attack in late 1970sDeceased 7/21/2002
McCormack, Daniel J5/21/94Limited Ministry with Restrictions & Monitoring 9/2005; Removed from Public Ministry 2/2006; Laicized 11/2007Laicized
McDonald, Robert Joseph5/9/73Limited Ministry with Restrictions & Monitoring 5/1987; Resigned 6/1990; Laicized 12/2016Laicized
McFarlane, William M.two thousand fiveAccused and removed in 7/2019 for allegations of sexRemoved from Public Ministry
McGuire, Donald Jnineteen sixty oneComplaints in 1960s; Sentenced to 7 years in prison; Federal charges in 2008 of taking teen across state lines for sex; 25 year sentence; Laicized 2008Laicized
McNamara, Peter John6/6/70Resigned 8/1971; Laicized 11/1972Laicized
Miller, Gary M5/10/72Removed from Public Ministry 9/2012Removed from Public Ministry
Mulsoff, Donald John5/14/69Limited Ministry with Restrictions & Monitoring 3/2002; Removed from Public Ministry 5/2002Deceased 11/2005
Munoz Capetillo, Octaviotwo thousand fourPending investigation of sexual images and material on his computer; Arrested 9/2016 charged with one felony count of child pornographyCharged
Murphy, John Danielnineteen sixty eightAccused by at least six plaintiffs in 2003 of abuse; Resigned 1993Settled
Murphy, John EAccused by at least two persons in claims settled in bankruptcy proceedings
Murphy, Thomas IgnatiusAccused by at least two persons in claims settled in bankruptcy proceedings
O'Brien, William John5/9/73Removed from Public Ministry 6/2005; Resigned 4/2006; Laicized 7/2006Laicized
O'Connell, Michael Wnineteen eighty threeTemporarily removed for sexual misconduct; Accused 4/2014 of abuse by boy in 1990sAcoid the parish school and not to be alone with a child
O'Dell, JackAccused in 1996 of abuse of youth in 1980s and 1974Deceased 9/1998
O'Gorman, Thomasnineteen seventy sevenAccused of abuse on minor and placed on leave 8/1992; Resigned 1994Resigned from Public Ministry
O'Leary, PatrickRemoved 9/1992 after exhibiting pattern of inappropriate behaviorRecalled to Spain
O'Shaughnessy, Donald Jnineteen fifty fiveRemoved 2004; Settled 2013 and 2015Deceased 7/2013
O'Toole, Paul Lnineteen sixty seven2006 settlement with a woman who accused him of sexual abuse in 1966Left priesthood to marry
Ormechea, John Baptist (J.B.)nineteen sixty fiveRemoved from ministry 12/2002Sent to Rome in 2003
Owens, Joseph4/29/65Resigned 4/1970; Laicized 4/1971Laicized
Paduch, Franknineteen eighty nineAccused of abuse in 1980-1981 at St. Rita HS in Chicago; Civil suit filed in 1997 in IL; settled around 1999; Placed on leave since 1/15/2010Laicized
Pallikunnen, Emmanuelnineteen fifty twoAccused by woman of abuse in 1966 at St Mary's in Buffalo GroveDeceased 2/17/1978
Pantoja Segura, Eusebionineteen sixty nineAccused of abuse of 14 year old in 1970s at Our Lady of Guadalupe in Chicago; Suir Settled; Accused in 2002 of abuseSued
Paramo, Thomasnineteen fifty six5/2005 woman filed suit for abuse from age 11 - 15; 2nd accuser as wellDeceased 2004
Peralta, Carlosnineteen ninetyHistory of allegations of sexual misconduct; Accused of abusing several children in one family in 1999Working in Mexico since 2004
Phan, KevinCharged with having images of child pornography on his computer; Plead guilty 12/2004 to 1 countAccused
Policetti, Sleeva Raju3/18/87Removed from Public Ministry 5/2002; Laicized 2008Laicized
Powell, John J.nineteen fifty sixAccused of abuse of 7 girls in 1960s and 1970s; Accused in 1970s from student at Loyola UniversityDeceased
Przybylo, Czeslaw6/6/76Removed from Public Ministry 1993Removed from Public Ministry
Przybylski, Konstantynineteen seventy fiveGuilty in 2006 and sentenced to 5 years for sexual assaultConvicted
Ray, James M.5/14/75Limited Ministry with Restrictions & Monitoring 5/1990; Removed from Public Ministry 6/2002; Resigned 3/2009; Laicized 1/2012Laicized
Reuter, Lawrence1971President of Loyola Academy 1975 - 1990 who was removed from active ministry in 2010 after "inappropriate relationship" with a sector at the school; Settlement in 1990sSued
Reycraft, PaulAccused by more that 30 men in 5/2013 civil case of abuse at three Chicago schools; Order agreed to $16.5 million dollar settlementSued
Robinson, John Allen5/12/71Removed from Public Ministry 1/2003Deceased 3/2016
Rohrich, John F4/29/65Resigned 6/1975; Laicized 1/2016Laicized
Romano, Russell Lawrence5/9/73Limited Ministry with Restrictions & Monitoring 3/1986; Resigned 10/1991; Laicized 5/2009Laicized
Ronan, Andrew Mnineteen fifty oneAccused of abuse of male high school students 1963-1964Deceased 1992
Ruge, Kenneth Charles5/1/63Limited Ministry with Restrictions& Monitoring 11/1986; Removed from Public Ministry 1/1991Deceased 5/2002
Ryan, DanielAccused of abuse in Washington state; Minister in ILSued
Savage, Joesph E3/16/18Resigned 12/1936Deceased 6/1974
Schulte, Daniel Rnineteen eighty seven2006 charged with downloading child pornography; sent for treatment in St. Louis; Pleaded guilty 6/2006; Sentenced to 7 years, 3 months prison in 10/2006 and ordered to register as sex offender upon releaseRemained a priest; faced possible laicization
Skiffington, Wilton1936Sued 2003; Accused of abuse of one at Loyola Academy in 1962Deceased 9/1988
Skriba, Raymond Francis5/3/57Removed from Public Ministry 7/2002Deceased 1/2014
Skriba, Richard Lnineteen forty nine7/2002 woman said that she was molested for several years when she was youngDeceased 3/1998
Smyth, John P.nineteen sixty twoRemoved from a residential treatment for abused children after a resident's suicide and allegations of abuse; Suspended in 1/2019 from Notre Dame College Prep after allegations of sexual abuse of two boys ages 13 and 14 in 2002/2003.Deceased 4/16/2019
Snieg, Marion Joseph5/3/55Limited Ministry with Restrictions & Monitoring 2/1987; Removed from Public Ministry 6/2002Deceased 6/2005
Soto, RubenAccused in 1995 of molesting three boys at St. Anthony's Church in Cicero; Arrested in 1995;Convicted
Spine, William J1973Accused of abuse of youth in Peru in 1970s; Permanently removed from duties 2/2006Removed from Public Ministry
Steel, James R5/2/68Resigned 5/1992; Laicized 3/2001Laicized
Stepek, Robert Anineteen eighty oneAccused 5/2006 os sexual abuse of brothers; Removed 11/4/2006; Reinstated with no assignment and limited privileges after 2013Deceased 6/25/2016
Steweart, Victor E5/10/78Limited Ministry with Restrictions & Monitoring 10/1992Deceased 6/1994
Strand, Ralph S4/30/64Removed from Public Ministry 3/1993Deceased 4/2013
Strum, Howard2/2206 Woman announced settlement of $125,000 re: abuse by Strum and two other priestsDeceased
Strus, Walternineteen ninety fourSrus accused of rape and impregnating a woman; Strus denied saying relationship was consensualSued
Swade, Thomas J5/1/61Limited Ministry with Restrictions & Monitoring 6/1992; Returned to Ministry 1997; Removed from Public Ministry 6/2002; Laicized 10/2009Laicized
Swider, Henry Peter5/3/50Left active ministry 1/1969; Resigned 2/1974Deceased 8/2007
Tanghal, Albert5/18/91Suspended from Active Ministry 5/2000Deceased 12/2003
Thedens, Mark EMan accused him and another of abuse between 1976 - 1979;Deceased 2/2003
Theisen, Richard Gregory5/1/52Resigned 5/1978; Laicized 4/2001Deceased 1/2013
Thomas, Joseph S5/1/52Removed from Public Ministry 10/2002Deceased 8/2011
Trujillo, MichaelAccused by more that 30 men in 5/2013 civil case of abuse at three Chicago schools; Order agreed to $16.5 million dollar settlementSued
Turlo, Walter Joseph5/13/70Removed from Public Ministry 6/2005; Resigned 10/2008; Laicized 10/2009Laicized
Ulatowski, Donald Francis5/1/56Limited Ministry with Restrictions & Monitoring 5/1994Deceased 6/1999
Vader, Anthony Joseph5/1/52Limited Ministry with Restrictions & Monitoring 11/2002; Removed from Public Ministry 2/2003Deceased 7/2011
Verhalen, David Hnineteen fifty fourAccused by his order on its list 6/12/2019; IL abuse in 2007; Removed from Public Ministry in 2001Deceased 9/11/2012
Vilchez-Parra, Clovis Javier5/12/12Removed from Public Ministry 2/2015; Laicized 5/2019Laicized
Vorlick, PhillipAccused by more that 30 men in 5/2013 civil case of abuse at three Chicago schools; Order agreed to $16.5 million dollar settlement
Walczak, Karl JAccused by man who alleged that he was abused in 1970-1971 at Br. Rive in Chicago; Resigned 10/31/2012; Denied abuse
Weston, Michael Howard5/9/73Resigned 9/1993; Laicized 10/2009Laicized
Wigglesworth, Wayne E1960sWife found child porn on his computer in 2007; Arrested in 8/2009 in Chicago after caught in car with 15 year old boy he met online; Guilty 1/2011; sentenced 8/2012 to 10 years in prison and 10 years probation
Wilk, Joseph1981Leftr priesthood in 9/2010; Accused of abusing one youth at St. Matthew Church in Schaumburg 1995 when the boy was 10 for 8 yearsSued
Wojtowicz, Louis4/19/97Removed from Public Ministry 7/1999; Dismissed from Mundelein Seminary 2/2000Deceased 4/2013
Yakaitis, Michael T1978Accused of abusive relationship with 18 year old student at Niles College in early 1990s; admitted to relationship and sent for therapy; Found out that Yakaitis was still active in priesthood at Univ. of Chicago and went public with allegations; ResignedDeceased 5/2010

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