Personal Injury Settlements & Verdicts

Below is a compilation of recently resolved (via settlement or trial) accident cases Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers has worked on for our clients. We regularly handle a variety of serious personal injury, medical malpractice and nursing home neglect cases in both the Chicagoland area and across the country. If you have questions about a particular situation, we invite you to discuss your options with us without any cost or obligation on your end. (888) 424-5757

Medical Malpractice
  • $6,140,000: Cerebral Palsy / Medical Negligence A medical malpractice lawsuit was brought against a physician and hospital for their failure to monitor a woman who was past her due date. Despite clear signs of fetal distress, the condition was never relayed to the mother nor was a cesarean section suggested. Hours after the fetal monitor strips indicated that the child’s heart rate was elevated, the baby was born. The child sustained damage to the brain and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He requires round-the-clock care.

  • $2,700,000: Medical malpractice, a 48-year-old man who was poorly monitored following surgery and allowed to fall from his hospital bed sustained a closed head injury that required an emergency surgery to relieve pressure. While the man was unable to return to his pre-injury employment, he was able to return to the workforce.

  • $1,730,000: Brachial plexus/shoulder injury was allegedly associated with a forceful delivery by an OB/GYN who used improper maneuvering to dislodge the child’s head after it got stuck during the birthing process.

  • $1,100,000: Stillbirth settlement to a family at 39 weeks. The family alleged that the treating doctor failed to listen to repeated complaints of fetal distress or order any diagnostic testing despite the fact that the mother was considered to be a ‘high risk’ pregnancy due to her age.

  • $875,000: Medical negligence. An 88-year-old man developed multiple pressure sores to his buttocks, ankles and head during an admission to a hospital. The wounds became infected and necessitated an extended stay at a series of long-term care facilities. The man passed due to complications from an underlying illness as opposed to the pressure sores.

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Nursing Home Abuse
  • $1,095,000: Nursing home neglect. A 62-year old woman was admitted to a reputable nursing home for rehabilitation following a hip replacement surgery. The staff at the nursing home failed to get her out of bed at the intervals prescribed by her doctor. As a result of the inattentive care, the woman developed significant pressure sores on her buttocks necessitating multiple debridements and a ‘flap-reconstruction’ surgery.

  • $815,000: Nursing home staff ignored ‘soft diet’ orders and gave a hot dog to a man who was recovering from a stroke and was incapable of chewing or swallowing. The man began apparently struggled and choked for more than 30 minutes to clear the food from his throat before staff responded. It was not until three hours after the incident did the staff call the paramedics. The man was pronounced dead at the hospital. Two nursing home staff members were fired after the incident.

  • $750,000: Nursing home negligence. A 76-year-old man who was wheelchair bound fell down the front stairs of a nursing home when staff forgot to engage the wheel-locks. The fall resulted in facial fractures and a subdural hematoma.

  • $710,200: Nursing home abuse. A staff member with a criminal history allegedly molested an elderly nursing home patient. Our attorneys alleged that the facility was negligent in hiring this person who was then allowed to care for patients with Alzheimer’s.

  • $600,000: A wheelchair-bound patient was transferred from her bed to a nearby wheelchair by a staff member using a Hoyer Lift. Instead of utilizing a two-person assist as required by the patients ‘care plan’ the staff member elected to move the patient without assistance. The patient fell and fractured her hip and femur.  Orthopedic surgery was performed via open reduction / internal fixation. After a four-week recovery at a different skilled nursing facility, the woman died.

  • $570,000: Assisted living facility fall while being escorted by a staff member to the dining area with a walker. The CNA instructed the resident to ‘use the stairs’ as opposed to waiting for an adjacent handicapped lift. The patient fell down the stairs and sustained facial fractures and a torn rotator cuff, which necessitated two surgeries.

  • $395,000: Nursing home pressure sore. Staff at a national nursing home chain failed to prevent the development of bedsores and notify the family of their development. Elderly gentleman died from sepsis within 30 days of formation of wound.

  • $299,000: Nursing home neglect: Patient fell and fractured hip within two days of initial admission. Staff at the facility failed to supervise when patient was using the toilet despite orders, which indicated she was a 'full assist'.

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Dog Bites
  • $400,000: Dog bite. A child visiting the home of a friend was attacked by a German Shepherd while eating lunch in the back yard. The child has scars to his face and arms. The animal also had a history of aggressive behavior and attacked a repairman in the area the week before.

  • $380,000: Awarded to a 16-year-old girl who received bites to her lips, nose and ear while walking her dog in a northern suburb of Chicago. The girl underwent two facial reconstructive surgeries and several dermal abrasions to close the wound and reduce scarring.

  • $265,000: A seventy-year-old woman was attacked by a neighbor’s mixed-breed pit bull. Though the dog did not bite the woman, it did knock her down a narrow alley. The woman fractured her ankle and required surgery and rehabilitation at an in-patient facility.

  • $235,500: While relaxing at a popular park on a hot summer day, our client was approached by a yellow Labrador retriever who was wandering without a leash. As the woman began to walk away, the dog lunged at her arm and hand. The woman was taken to a nearby emergency room and transferred to a trauma center where a hand surgeon performed a delicate surgery to repair some of the nerves that were damaged in the attack. After physical therapy, the woman has limited grip strength and some sensory loss.

  • $205,433: Our client, a 6-year old boy, was invited to a friend’s home for an after school play date. While eating a snack, the friend’s family's Doberman bit the boy in the face. The boy received 28 stitches to his lip and nose area. After consulting with various plastic surgeons, the consensus was that there was no corrective treatment to minimize the scarring.

  • $170,000: A young Portuguese Water Dog attacked a woman who was riding her bicycle with her children. Though no contact was made between the animal and the woman, the attack startled the woman so much that she lost control of her bicycle, and she fell over the handlebars fracturing her wrist. A plate was surgically implanted in the wrist.

  • $99,000: An 85-pound Rottweiler jumped on a three-year-old boy while he was playing at a beach. The dog’s claws broke the skin on the boy’s chest and stomach. Over a year and one-half following the incident, the claw marks are still prominent. Incidentally, the only medical expense submitted to the dog owner’s insurance carrier was a visit to a pediatrician for approximately $150.00.

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Truck Accidents
  • $3,000,000: Motor vehicle / trucking accident. A disabled man was crossing a street with his blind cane when a garbage truck making a right turn collided with him in the intersection. The man suffered bilateral femur fractures and de-gloving injuries, which required extensive surgeries and rehabilitation.

  • $1,400,000: Semi truck accident. Our clients, a mother and daughter, were stopped at a red light when they were rear-ended by a semi-truck delivering food to a nearby restaurant. The driver of the truck had been driving for hours beyond what his company allowed and was in violation of NTSB laws. Both mother and daughter sustained herniated discs in their lower back. The daughter was treated with physical therapy and epidural injections while the mother required an L4/5 fusion.

  • $805,500: Truck v. bicycle collision: Our client was struck by a truck making a right turn directly into his marked bike lane. The impact with the truck and the pavement resulted in a compound clavicle fracture and rotator cuff damage that required multiple surgeries. Our client, a physical education teacher missed one year of school while he recovered from his injuries but was able to resume teaching following his physical therapy.

  • $750,000: Truck loading dock accident involving a truck driver who was pinned by a forklift operator who was unloading pallets at an electronic warehouse. The driver sustained a crush injury to his leg and received two surgeries for a diagnosed case of compartment syndrome. In addition to the recovery from the company of the forklift operator, the driver also received benefits from his employer’s workers compensation carrier.

  • $720,000: After getting rear-ended by a semi-truck with a double trailer, our client thought he was ‘ok’ and went to work. After gradually increasing pain, he went to an urgent care center where he was told he ‘sprained’ his back. Three days later, and practically unable to walk, our client visited his primary care physician where he was referred to an orthopedist. An MRI was performed and showed two herniated discs in his lower back. A three level lumbar fusion was performed several weeks later.

  • $616,772: Four friends were on their way home from dinner when a truck ignored a traffic light and t-boned them. The impact was so significant that rescue workers needed to remove them from their vehicle with the ‘jaws of life’. Two of the passengers were released from the hospital the following day. The other two spent approximately one week in the hospital before receiving outpatient care.

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Car Accidents
  • $1,000,000: Car accident. Paid to the family of a deceased 23-year-old woman who was a backseat passenger involved in a high-speed rear-end impact with a pickup truck. The woman died at the scene.

  • $667,000: Pedestrian accident with car. A 34-year-old man was crossing the middle of a busy street (not in the crosswalk) when a construction company employee driving a private car struck the man. We successfully argued that the company was responsible for our client’s injuries as the driver was in the course of his employment.

  • $599,900: Auto accident. A 55-year-old teacher was on her way to work when she was hit head-on by a distracted driver texting on his phone. Our client had fractures to her sternum and ankle.

  • $449,000: Our client, the front-seat passenger in a friend’s car, was thrown into the windshield when the driver apparently swerved to avoid an oncoming vehicle.  Our client had numerous facial and head injuries from the impact with the glass. A subdural hematoma was identified at the emergency room and bleeding was surgically drained. This settlement was entered into by the defendant's insurance company despite the fact that the expert neuropsychologist that they hired testified that our client's cognitive impairments were not objectively measureable.

  • $350,000: After leaving work after an afternoon shift at a hospital lab, our client was crossing a street to take the bus home from work. While crossing the street and in the intersection, a taxicab making a left-hand turn struck the woman. The impact resulted in a fractured tibia and fibula that required surgical repair. The case was settled prior to litigation.

  • $250,000: Uninsured motorist policy ( see here for discussion on UM / UIM cases) limits paid to a mother who was rear-ended by another vehicle on a suburban street. Our client sustained a shatter patella that required surgery. An extensive search revealed the other driver’s insurance lapsed prior to the crash.

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Bicycle Accidents
  • $499,000: Bike accident. A vehicle exiting a parking garage in Chicago struck a bike messenger. Our attorneys proved through discovery that the driver was new to the area and did not know there was two-way traffic on the street he was pulling onto. This settlement was achieved within four months of litigation and for virtually the full amount of available insurance coverage (a $1,000 policy discount).

  • $250,000: Uninsured motorist claim for a businessman involved in a hit-and-run bicycle accident. Incidentally, the man was a manager at a bicycle shop. The recovery was made through his own insurance policy.

  • $250,000: Bicycle accident. The driver failed to yield to cyclists on a busy city street during rush hour. The cyclist had damage to the knee and required arthroscopic surgery. Policy limits of at fault driver were tendered within 60 days of our involvement.

  • $180,000: 23-year old man was ‘doored’ by a man exiting his vehicle on the Northside of Chicago. The cyclist was thrown over his handlebars and fractured his clavicle and skull. Initially, the driver’s insurance company denied this claim due to the fact that there was road construction underway on the street, which precluded the driver from parking adjacent to the curb.

  • $105,000: An amateur triathlete was out for a morning ride when a vehicle trying to pass her struck her. The woman was thrown from her bike and injured her knee, requiring arthroscopic repair. This award represents the policy limits of the cyclist’s uninsured motorist policy from their auto insurance and the full amount of medical payment coverage.

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Motorcycle Accidents
  • $1,000,000: Motorcycle accident, A wrongful death lawsuit was filed on behalf of a deceased 50-year-old motorcyclist who was struck by a vehicle making a left-hand turn. This settlement represents a collection of the policy limits from both the at-fault driver and a recovery from the motorcyclist’s own insurance policy through an under-insured motorist claim.

  • $570,000: A motorcyclist was thrown off his bike when a car attempted to pass in a ‘no pass zone’. Our client, a 41-year-old computer technician, sustained an injury to his peroneal nerve and was eventually diagnosed with ‘drop foot’. The case was vigorously disputed by the other driver’s insurance company. They retained a doctor who opined that the injury was pre-existing.

  • $330,000: Motorcycle passenger injury: A motorcycle passenger was thrown off the back of a bike when a car veered into their lane of traffic. Our lawyers successfully demonstrated that both the operator of the car and motorcycle were at fault for the accident.

  • $200,000: Our client was struck while preceding through an intersection when a person driving a pickup truck blew a stop sign. The impact resulted in a crush injury to the motorcyclist’s leg and knee. An MRI revealed a torn meniscus, which was repaired surgically. This settlement represents the maximum insurance coverage available for this claim.

  • $175,000: 25-year-old husband and wife were rear-ended while waiting for a left-turn signal at an intersection by a teenage driver who was talking on the phone. The couple received soft tissue injuries and significant scrapes to their arms and legs. After emergency room care, the couple saw an orthopedist and received approximately three months of physical therapy.

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Personal Injury
  • $4,000,000: Sexual Abuse. Five boys were sexually abused by a leader of a religious group over a course of three years. One of the boys took his own life as a teenager citing his childhood sexual abuse as a primary reason. ( Look here for more discussion on this topic)

  • $2,750,000: Helicopter crash involving a Bell 206L with three employees who sustained serious lumbar and cervical injuries due to the force of the crash. In addition to a recovery from the pilot, the employees also received medical benefits and disability payments under workers compensation.

  • $1,000,000+: Premises liability. A 5-year-old boy suffered a significant injury to his leg when he fell down a flight of stairs through an unsecured stairway at a childcare center at a large office building. The settlement was made with the contractor who operated the childcare facility. The settlement represents a lump sum payment and an annuity, which will be paid in periodic payments through the boy's 27th birthday. Anticipated payments and lump sum distribution will exceed $1.8 million. (Read about our premises liability practice here)

  • $600,000: Recovered on behalf of a family that received carbon monoxide poisoning at a home they were renting. A lawsuit was pursued against both the landlord and the furnace maintenance company. The case was settled via an elective mediation process with a retired Cook County, IL Judge. Despite the fact that some of the family members spent up to a week in the hospital, no loss of cognitive function was reportedly related to incident.

  • $330,000: Stairway fall: A premises liability lawsuit was filed against a landlord when a visitor to the property fell down a poorly lighted stairway. In addition to the inadequate lighting, we retained an engineer who examined the area and determined that there were multiple building code violations.

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Work Injury / Workers Compensation
  • $2,150,000: Construction accident, a tuckpointer received injuries to his dominant arm and shoulder (torn rotator cuff). The injuries were sustained when he fell from a scaffolding structure at a Chicago construction site. The injuries prevented him from returning to his trade, but he has resumed his employment in an office setting.

  • $800,000: A plumber received crush injuries to his foot and ankle when a delivery company was in the process of unloading a load of copper and iron pipes from a flatbed truck. A transportation expert was retained and opined that the materials on the truck were loaded improperly and should not have been unloaded in the manner done. The 63-year-old plumber did not return back to his profession of 44-years after this incident.

  • $480,000: Construction accident. A carpenter fell through the opening of a floor at a home he was working on. The general contractor failed to follow various code and practices, which require the opening to be marked. A workers compensation case was also filed, and the carrier waived their lien as part of a global settlement.

  • $400,000: Fall from a scaffold while performing masonry work on an apartment building renovation. Our client fractured his leg and remained off work for approximately five months doing physical therapy and occupational rehabilitation. The medical expenses and time lost from work were paid by the employer's workers compensation insurance while the general contractor paid the recoverable settlement.

  • $300,000+: Workers compensation. Factory worker fell down a loading ramp and sustained a fractured pelvis and femur. At the time of the injury, our client was approximately two years away from a planned retirement.

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Birth Injury
  • $6,140,000: Cerebral palsy

  • $5,000,000: Brain injury / oxygen deprivation

  • $4,250,000: Anesthesia error

  • $3,610,000: Surgical mistake

  • $2,700,000: Hospital fall

  • $2,000,000: Pharmacy medication error

  • $1,730,000: Brachial plexus/shoulder injury

  • $1,680,000: Lab error

  • $1,100,000: Stillbirth settlement

  • $875,000: Hospital bed sores

  • $400,000: Food allergy at hospital

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Premises Liability
  • Confidential Mid-seven figure: sexual assault in hospital

  • $1,800,000: Stairway fall

  • $1,000,000: Pool drowning

  • $1,000,000: Falling brick from building

  • $600,000: Carbon monoxide poisoning

  • $500,000: Business trip and fall

  • $390,000: Fence collapse

  • $350,000: Apartment building fall

  • $305,000: Porch collapse

  • $295,000: Parking lot slip and fall

  • $200,000: Pool deck fall

  • $165,000: Stairway fall

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