Illinois Car Accident Attorneys

Illinois Car Accident Attorneys

Car Accidents in IllinoisThe State of Illinois is home to nearly nine million licensed drivers and the Secretary of State reported that roughly 105.5 billion miles were traveled on the state’s roads in 2013. It is an unfortunate reality that dense traffic, near constant road construction, driver negligence and other factors make our state’s roads some of the most treacherous in the nation. 

People make mistakes all of the time, but whenever an accident is the result of reckless or careless behavior, the Illinois car accident attorneys of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers are available to represent the rights and interests of those who have been unduly injured as well as the families of those killed. Our attorneys have experience settling and litigating car accident injury cases across Illinois. We offer free case reviews and never charge a fee unless there is a recovery for you.

Illinois Auto Accidents Have an Alarming Injury Rate

According to data collected by the Secretary of State, there were over 285,000 reported auto accidents in 2013. The rate of injuries recorded is equivalent to 9 injuries every single hour throughout the entire year. Less than one percent of these accidents resulted in fatalities, but over one in five accidents did result in an injury to one or more person involved in the collision. Of those injured, about 16% suffered injuries so severe that they were unable to fully recover— impacting their ability to work, enjoy recreational activities and do menial tasks without assistance.

Approximately 1.2 people suffer life-altering injuries every hour in our state, which is too many and we are all responsible for making the roads safer in hopes that we don’t contribute to the problem.

Speed and Distracted Driving are Most Common Accident Causes

High-speed collisions are responsible for over one-third of all accidents in which one or more person is harmed and about 35% of fatalities are the result of accidents in which one or more drivers was speeding. While speeding is one of the largest factors in dangerous collisions, distracted driving is a growing concern. Almost 70% of drivers in the country have confessed to driving while taking a phone call and a third of drivers text regularly while operating a vehicle. Approximately 20% of accidents in Illinois are caused by some degree of distraction.

Other Common Causes of Accidents

Speeding and distracted driving are not the only causes of accidents. Many serious and fatal accidents are the result of the following forms of driver negligence or reckless behavior.

  • Road rage and violence. When drivers lose their cool and attempt to make others feel their frustration, their harsh and rash decisions can be the primary cause of an accident.
  • Alcohol and substance abuse. Alcohol impairs the ability of drivers to react with the same speed as those who are sober and may influence the ability to make responsible choices. 33% of fatal accidents involve drunk drivers.
  • Adverse weather conditions. Roughly 20% of the accidents reported in Illinois occur during wet or icy conditions. It is important to slow down and drive at appropriate speeds whenever there is a chance that the road conditions may limit your ability to reduce speed or come to a stop.
  • Speeding through construction zones. Killing a road construction worker is a serious offense and is punishable by jail time and a steep fine.

The Impact of Car Insurance Companies on Compensation For Injuries Sustained in Illinois Auto Accidents

If you have been involved in an auto accident in Illinois and it was clearly the other person’s fault, you may expect the other party’s insurance to offer you a quick and fair settlement, but this is wishful thinking at best. The reality of the matter is that insurance adjusters are trained to limit the company’s financial responsibility. You may think that a quick settlement offer is a good thing, but you need to review the conditions of the offer and determine whether it is in your best interest to accept it. It is for this reason that you should consult an Illinois car accident attorney.

Other ways that insurance companies will attempt to avoid paying your claim is to ask you questions during recorded conversations that could be damaging to your case or call into question who was really at fault. The insurance company will also challenge your need for certain medical services and evaluate the scene of the accident as thoroughly as your own attorney will in order to find any discrepancies that will impact your case.

The Benefits of Having an Illinois Car Accident Attorney Representing You For Your Injuries

One of the scare tactics that insurance companies use is to threaten you with negative consequences if you choose to be represented by a lawyer. In reality, however, insurance companies are far more likely to comply with what you are demanding when you have a legal representative working on your behalf. The reputable attorneys of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers have worked with insurance companies on thousands of Illinois auto accident cases and these companies know that they cannot get anything past our legal team.

When you’ve been in an accident, you may not know what to do immediately following the incident in order to ensure your ability to make and win a case, but our attorneys have access to an excellent staff of accident reconstruction specialists, surgeons, physicians and other medical experts and economists who can all work in tandem with one another to prove that the other party was at fault and that your demands represent the true value of your medical treatment, out of pocket expenses and long-term care.

Contact us today to schedule a confidential and risk-free consultation with one of our Illinois car accident attorneys to learn more about your rights and legal options. We will guide you on the important first steps that you need to take to protect your interests and perform a comprehensive evaluation of your case before going over your legal options with you. Should we be unable to help you secure compensation for your injuries, our services will be free of charge.

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