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Chicago Fatal Car Accident

chicago illinois fatal car accidentAs safe as automobiles have been made in modern times, this has not prevented the extraordinary loss of life of passengers and motorists on America's roads, highways, and tollways especially in Illinois.

Each year, trucks, motorcycles, and passenger vehicles play host to fatalities the likes of which you might not realize. Chicago, in particular, sees a lot of deaths and injuries from car accidents annually.

This might be because the position in which it sits relative to the rest of the nation, as its throughway connecting East and West. Schedule a free consultation with an injury attorney regarding a fatal car crash case against the driver and his or her insurance company.

mva deaths

An attorney can discuss with you important aspects of a case including your injuries, compensation, insurance, and deadlines to file (two years).

Also, we can talk about the next steps. There will be a lot that needs to be done and we talk about where to go with your pain, injuries, insurance claims, and case requirements.

Seeking Financial Recovery After a Deadly Chicago, IL Auto Collision

If you are considering a case for compensation after an event like this, you should think about the possible relief at the end of the road. Chicago car accidents inject a lot of pain and costs into your life so the time and effort of a lawsuit might be worth it.

You could pursue insurance or money directly from the at fault motorist. Each of these have their own advantages and disadvantages.

If you craft the right plan with a lawyer, you could maximize the amount of recovery possible for yourself and a family member.

Chicago Car Accident Lawyers Helping Your Family Recover Compensation for Your Loss

You might be involved in a Chicago car accident that results in the death of a loved one especially if the motorist ignored the speed limit.

If that is the case, our Chicago car accident lawyers can help you against the insurance companies in a case for compensation. A tragic auto accident does not have to keep ruining your life over and over again. An attorney may help.

Talk to a car accident lawyer from our law firm in a free consultation today about your car accidents and compensation. In that meeting, our auto accident lawyers can review what you may expect to receive in a car accident injury claim and wrongful death case for your pain and suffering, injuries, medical expenses, and other losses.

Contact us today and speak to a Chicago auto crash lawyer. We regularly work with car accident victims and their loved ones in car accident cases for compensation against parties that are totally or partially at fault for the crash including the relevant insurance company or person that was drunk driving.

A lawyer can make sure you file a claim, case (against the insurance company), or accident claim (car accident claim) for the compensation you deserve throughout Illinois for your auto accidents injuries, crash damage, traumatic brain injury, medical bills, and accident injuries. Schedule a free consultation with our car accident attorneys today to discuss your case and claim compensation.

Time is Not Always on Your Side in a Deadly Auto Case

If you suffer serious injuries (traumatic brain injury, concussion, etc.) or even fatal wounds, then you will not have much time to bring a case against the car insurance company or at fault. Illinois law only gives you two years to file a case against the negligent party (See 735 ILCS 5/)

An injury attorney law firm can help draft a case for injuries, insurance, and compensation.

If you do not already have a lawyer or attorney, consider hiring one to make sure you do not miss out any insurance policy or compensation area allowed within the law.

Your case should be crafted by an expert attorney or lawyer so that it is on time and on point. Otherwise, your injuries may be ignored.

We Can Help After a Tragic Auto Accident

If you are caught up in a fatal car accident, your mind might race and you can quickly and understandably feel overwhelmed. Many people may call and a lot of others might show up to see you. However, you must remember that accident cases, especially accidents in Chicago, can be won or lost in the first few hours.

An attorney can help build a foundation for a personal injury lawsuit or insurance company claim. A Chicago car accident lawyer or car accident attorney from our law firm can rush to the accident scene to investigate.

You will need to research what happened, talk to witnesses, analyze the law, and bring a case to recover financial compensation for your injuries, medical bills, broken bones, and pain and suffering as soon as possible. A lawyer can make sure this goes smoothly.

Aside from these rather mundane legal and investigative steps to take, car accident attorneys should be able to broadly put your mind at ease as well. These claims take a lot of money, time (sometimes two years or more!), effort, and skill.

By offloading the responsibility for the cause of action to your lawyer, you can relax knowing that you need only focus on your health and your family. The rest you should be able to leave to your attorney.

Frequent Causes of Fatal Auto Accidents

Car accidents are incredibly common. Hundreds of thousands of them happen each year so you might wonder how an auto accident goes from normal to fatal. There are some common themes that make a car accident deadlier than others so you should be aware of them.

Here are some dangerous crash patterns on the roads:

Drunk driving. Intoxication is one of the leading causes of deaths and injuries on the roads because it lowers the driver's response time and alertness among other reasons.

Speeding. Speeding contributes to car accident fatalities primarily because it heightens the severity of the crash.

Fatigue. Fatigue, even sleeping, leads to more killed people and injuries on highways than you may imagine especially for long-distance drivers.

Distraction. The rise of mobile technology has coincided with more serious injuries and deadly crashes as drivers' eyes go from the roads to their screens.

Trucking. Truckers haul big rigs at high speeds for long hours and this has deadly consequences quite often.

If you are in a crash or car accident with fatalities, talk to an experienced Chicago car accident lawyer about a claim or case in Chicago today.

car crashes

Understanding the Deadly Problem of Auto Crashes

We wanted to give you a better sense of the true risk and danger of Chicago Illinois roadways.

Here is some information that highlights just how reckless some drivers can be from the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT).

  • There are tens of thousands of fatal motor vehicle crashes each year.
  • Almost fifty thousand people die annually in an automobile wreck.
  • In Illinois, around one thousand persons' lives are taken in these accidents each and every year.
  • A little over ten people pass away for every one hundred thousand on the roads and highways.
  • For Illinois, this number is around eight for every one hundred thousand passengers so it is a bit lower than the national average.

As you can see, auto collisions can be very serious. They frequently and critically injure, maim, and kill passengers and motorists. If you are in a car accident, get the help you need from a car accident attorney.

Applicable Illinois Law and Analysis of a Deadly Auto Accident

Your ability to recover after a violent crash will be entirely dependent upon your understanding of Illinois' laws regarding car accidents?

To proceed with an action for damages in Chicago Il, you need to file a cause of action for negligence or wrongful death.

When you proceed with a negligence lawsuit. You must allege that the defendant acted unreasonably and that misconduct caused your damages. Damages can mean tangible harm or loss (broken bones, medical bills, etc.) or intangible harm or loss (disability; suffering; lost self-esteem).

Of course, if someone dies, then you will need to raise this cause of action. In that personal injury lawsuit, your legal contention is that someone else wrongful took the life of your close one and you have resulting damages.

Most fatal car accident claims in Chicago are filed under the Illinois Wrongful Death Act (See 740 ILCS 180/), which codifies who can bring a lawsuit, how the proceeds are to be distributed and available damages.

Damages here generally refers to lost income, companionship, consortium, or support among others.

Who is Eligible to Pursue a Wrongful Death Claim?

Generally, only close relatives, spouses, and partners can bring these causes of action. However, some states are broadening their definition of partner and close relative.

Therefore, if you lost someone that you care about deeply in a Chicago IL motor vehicle collision, talk to our Chicago auto accident lawyers.

We can answer any questions that you have about the driver, insurance company, or other person or organization responsible for your frustration and loss.

Damages in Fatal Auto Accident Cases

Illinois law allows plaintiffs to make cases for all of the damage that the defendant's wrongful or unlawful conduct caused them including personal injuries, financial losses, or other expenses.

Therefore, it is on you and your counsel to identify and demonstrate to a jury the exact nature and scope of your harms. You know this the best so it will be important for you to take some time to reflect on it.

FAQs for Deadly Car Accidents in Chicago, Illinois

Below are some frequently asked questions related to fatal car accidents in Chicago. We appreciate that these questions may give rise to additional questions.

Consequently, we invite you to contact our car accident attorneys for a free consultation.

What is the Cause of Most Fatal Car Accidents?

The most common reason for car crash fatalities is distraction. Many people die in Chicago each year from auto accidents. They can also be caused by intoxication, fatigue, or speeding. Accident cases frequently litigate these events and a car accident case may help you if a loved one was injured in a vehicle accident or even died.

What is the Deadliest Type of Chicago Car Accident?

Head-on collisions cause the most fatalities in Chicago. They are so deadly because both vehicles are travelling at high speeds in opposite directions.

What are the Biggest Reasons for Personal Injuries and Fatalities in Chicago IL Accident Cases?

Distraction, negligence, drunk driving, speeding, and related conduct cause the most deaths in car accidents. The Chicago auto accident lawyers of our law firm can help your family after a serious car accident. You may have questions about a car accident lawsuit and a member of our law group can assist you!

What are the Chances of Being Killed in a Motor Vehicle Accident?

While you have a much higher chance of passing away due to natural causes (like cancer or heart disease), you have bigger odds of dying in a car accident than you may realize. About one in one hundred people die in car accidents each year.

Do Slow Drivers Cause More Chicago Auto Accident Fatalities?

Did you know that slow drivers can be a bigger danger than speeding drivers on the road?

Studies suggest that just driving a few miles per hour slower than the posted speed can lead to many more car accident fatalities than speeding. Think about this the next time you are driving slowly in the right lane and others are flying by you in the left lane.

How do Most Accidents Cause Fatalities?

Car accidents are incredibly common. Hundreds of thousands of them happen each year so you might wonder how an auto accident goes from normal to fatal. There are some common themes that make a car accident deadlier than others so you should be aware of them. Here are some dangerous crash patterns on the roads:

  • Drunk driving. Intoxication is one of the leading causes of deaths on the roads because it lowers the driver's response time and alertness among other reasons.
  • Speeding. Speeding contributes to car accident fatalities primarily because it heightens the severity of the crash.
  • Fatigue. Fatigue, even sleeping, leads to more killed people on highways than you may imagine especially for long-distance drivers.
  • Distraction. The rise of mobile technology has coincided with more serious and deadly crashes as drivers' eyes go from the roads to their screens.
  • Trucking. Truckers haul big rigs at high speeds for long hours and this has deadly consequences quite often.

If you are in a crash or car accident with fatalities, talk to an experienced Chicago car accident lawyer about a personal injury claim in Chicago today.

Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents Awards and Settlements

We have organized some sample summaries of car accident cases and settlements so you can see how these events play out in the legal process. They are organized by the type of auto accidents. Talk to a Chicago car accident lawyer if you have more questions.

$2,000,000 Settlement; Chicago Illinois Fatal Car Accident Case:

In this fatal car accident, a trucker was driving erratically down the highway and lost control of his large truck at some point. Another motor vehicle traveling in the opposite direction crashed into the truck and started a fire.

The plaintiff drove up on this scene later but could not stop in time to avoid crashing into this fiasco. His vehicle soon ignited as well and he succumbed to the fire and subsequently died. He had several children that survived him though they had all reached adulthood.

Lawyers for the family brought an action against the negligent truck driver for damages. They alleged the trucker’s reckless conduct solely and proximity the incident. The defendant trucker’s insurance carrier intervened and settled on his behalf for $2 million.

$1,275,000 Settlement; Chicago Fatal Car Accident Lawsuit; 2018:

This fatal auto crash occurred on the west side of Chicago. A family was driving to do some last-minute Christmas shopping. As they entered an intersection on Halsted, another car blew a red light at high speeds and broadsided them.

A child (eleven years old) was ejected from the family’s passenger vehicle. Emergency medical responders rushed him to the hospital but he still passed away from the injuries he suffered that day.

Apparently, the person who was speeding and caused the collision was evading the police. Therefore, he was clearly at-fault for the incident. After the two sides negotiated for a period of time, the family received $1,275,000 for the tragedy and their damages.

$1,840,000 Settlement; Chicago Wrongful Killing Case; 2017:

A middle-aged couple was driving down Harlem Avenue when a USPS driver bumped into them. The rear-end impact forced the pair’s vehicle into the oncoming lane of traffic. Then, another motor vehicle hit them head-on. The wife died on the scene. She was survived by her husband, who was also injured in the car accident, as well as her kids.

To account for the tragic loss of her passing as well as the pain, suffering, and expense of the incident, the family brought this personal injury lawsuit against USPS. They claimed in their documents that none of this would have happened if the postal worker had not been negligent in the operation of his vehicle while in the course of employment.

There really was no legitimate objection to this rationale and the defendant company quickly realized that. The two sides settled for $1,840,000.

$1,000,000 Settlement; Cook County Truck Case; 2016:

A teenager was driving down Route 30 when a tractor-trailer turned left right in front of her. She could not avoid a collision and the two crashed into each other.

The impact left her seriously injured and she needed to be airlifted to a nearby hospital for medical treatment and observation.

Unfortunately, the young girl did not make it more than a day. Her family settled with the insurance company for $1 million.

$1,050,000 Settlement; Chicagoland area; 2006:

This tragic incident occurred on the south side of Chicago. A tour guide left his vehicle after a minor collision. He was returning home from work.

As he did this, a truck driver ran him over and took his life. The man was seventy-four at the time of his death. He was survived by a loving family including a wife and three kids.

They sued the truck driver’s employer as well as the related distributor. The case did not see a jury because all sides reached an amicable settlement for $1,050,000.

$1,300,000 Settlement; Chicago Il motorcycle claim; 2018:

A doctor was riding home from work on his bike when a trucker came through an intersection and hit him. He died right at the accident scene. His siblings survived him.

The truck driver refused to admit fault so the case went to trial. During the case, the defendant attempted to show that the decedent was at fault because he was speeding and went through the intersection when the light was yellow.

Yet, as the trial dragged on and the jury deliberated, the two sides began to talk settlement. Eventually, the plaintiffs received $1.3 million.

This was to compensate the family for their losses including medical expenses, funeral expenses, pain, lost companionship, and suffering among other damages.

This claim was interesting because the jury had found the motorcyclist to be substantially at fault. Yet, the defendants still believed they would be apportioned a majority of the blame and thought their chances in settlement were better than a jury verdict.

$700,000 Settlement; Chicago Fatal Motorcycle Crash Case; 2017:

A man in his early forties was driving his motorcycle down Sheridan Road in a northern suburb of Chicago. Another motorist turned left and hit him. He died from the wounds he sustained in this collision some time after this occurred. His siblings and parents survived him.

Collectively, they brought this cause of action against the man who caused the incident. They argued the defendant driver was negligent and responsible for his untimely death. They sought compensation for their departed loved one’s pain, their suffering as well as their expenses. The defendant originally denied all fault in the affair and was obstinate in discussions. Yet, the slog of the litigation brought him down in the end and he came around to the negotiating table. T

he family obtained $700,000 in financial compensation for their losses from this tremendous loss.

$3,750,000 Settlement; Bicycle Accident Fatality Claim; 2019:

A young woman in her early twenties was riding her bike down Damen in Chicago. As she went through an intersection, a truck driver made a right-hand turn. The two collided and the woman was run over by the truck’s tire.

She passed away at the scene of the accident. Her two sisters and parents survived her. They decided to make a claim against the motorist and the company that employed him. The trucker had no funds so he was quickly dismissed.

The company stayed in it for a while though until both sides got serious about settling. In the end, the family received $3.75 million for the unspeakable loss and harm that this tragic crash caused them. This sum was actually paid by the insurance carrier of the defendant. It covered their economic and non-economic damages.

$6,000,000 Settlement; Killed Pedestrian Auto Lawsuit; 2019:

A woman in her early fifties was out walking along Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago when a CTA bus went through the crosswalk and killed her. The woman had the right of way because the walk sign was displayed. The bus driver ignored that.

At the time of her death, she had two children who had reached adulthood. They brought this action for negligence and unlawful killing. They sought recompense from the CTA for this injustice and the pain, grief, and cost it put on their family.

Since the bus driver was clearly in the wrong, the only item worth disputing was damages. This was finally settled when they agreed to end the matter for a reported $6 million.

Talk to a Chicago Car Accident Lawyer After a Fatal Crash

If you or a loved is in an Illinois car crash and someone dies, contact us today. The Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC have a network of auto accident lawyers that talk to you in free consultation.

After we go over what happened in the car accident, we will organize a specific plan of attack and claim to get you all financial compensation Illinois law allows from the insurance company or other at fault party.

We work on contingency so that you can worry about getting better instead of paying bills. We do not collect a dime unless we win for you! Your family deserves to move on from a fatal car accident and our injury lawyers can craft a car accident claim that lets you do that!

Talk to an attorney to see what compensation may be in store for you or a family member. Our group works in Cook County and every other part of Illinois. We can start your motor vehicle accident claim immediately.

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