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Can Cerebral Palsy be Treated?

Can Cerebral Palsy Be Treated Unfortunately, there is currently no cure available for people that suffer from Cerebral Palsy. However, there are several options to treat the underlying symptoms. In addition, programs are available to assist individuals with cerebral palsy including local programs detailed at

What Kinds of Treatment are Available for Cerebral Palsy?

To treat the effects of Cerebral Palsy, physicians might recommend various forms of treatment, including:

  • Physical Therapy: Normally, physical therapy is the most basic and fundamental treatment Cerebral Palsy patients receive. The overall goal is to increase motor skills, but it can be tailored to the person's particular needs by emphasizing balance, strength, agility, and other skills.

  • Occupational Therapy: After progress has been made in physical therapy, Cerebral Palsy patients frequently move on to occupational therapy. This treatment attempts to specialize their ability to complete specific tasks like writing, moving various objects, and other common objectives in daily life.

  • Medication: Many of the problems that Cerebral Palsy causes in the human body can be alleviated with medication. For instance, seizures, spastic moves, constipation, urinary disorders, and other effects can be treated with prescriptions. To understand how medication can help, speak with a physician.

  • Surgery: In certain situations, surgery can reduce the effects of Cerebral Palsy. Normally, those with spastic Cerebral Palsy are helped the most by it. When they do recommend surgery, doctors attempt tendon removal, osteotomy, muscle enlargement and neurectomy.

  • Speech Therapy: Cerebral Palsy quite frequently affects a person's speech patterns. Speech therapists can work with children to help them articulate and pronounce words better. Indirectly, this will also help kids with other issues like drooling, breathing, and even eating. Speech therapy is one of the most useful treatments for anybody suffering from Cerebral Palsy.

What can I do to Prevent my Child From Getting Cerebral Palsy?

Outside of figuring out what they can do if their child has Cerebral Palsy, many parents want to know what they can do to prevent the condition. Many causes of Cerebral Palsy in kids are preventable no matter if it arises before, during, or after birth. However, understanding how to prevent it first requires some explanation of the different kinds of Cerebral Palsy:

  • Congenital: This occurs when the child suffers damage to the brain before birth.

  • Acquired: This happens when a child's brain is injured after birth and can come about from an accident, illness or attack.

  • Genetically Predisposed: This comes from the genetic code of a child.

Most instances of Cerebral Palsy could be prevented if the life and health of the mother and child are better protected. With regard to the last form of his condition, genetic predisposition, some families choose to adopt if they know their child would be at risk. However, there are other ways you can learn about and protect against Cerebral Palsy. To understand these issues in more detail, speak with your personal physician.

How do Doctors Diagnose Cerebral Palsy?

Normally, doctors employ a combination of devices to detect and identify the condition. For instance, they test and monitor a child's development, reflexes, and speech abilities. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests these tests be administered at nine months, eighteen months, and twenty-four months. Doctors might also utilize advanced medical examinations including CT scans, MRIs and EEGs.

Still Worried About What You can do After Your Child is Diagnosed With Cerebral Palsy?

After your child is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, the flood of emotions can make moving on and organizing what you have to do very difficult. Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC helps families collect the facts and pursue a birth injury lawsuit that they can get the relief they need to take care of themselves. Additionally, we do this work for no charge until the case has ended. To hear more, give us a call. The offices of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC are open every day of the year so there's no reason to wait!

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