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Burns From Car Accidents: Chicago, Illinois

Burns in car accidentsUnlike most injuries involved in vehicle collisions, suffering a burn in a car accident often has long-term effects, which can leave permanent scars all over the body.

Burns from automobile fires are still a leading cause of severe burns in the U.S. and occur at increasing rates.

The Chicago metropolitan area has had a significant increase in the number of auto accident fires as the roads have become significantly more congested over the last few decades, as the population continues to grow.

Hiring a Chicago Vehicle Accident Burn Injury Attorney Can Help

The burn accident injury attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC represent victims suffering burn injuries caused by another’s negligence. We ensure that our clients receive adequate financial compensation to pay for their hospitalization costs and medical expenses.

Burn Victim Statistics

Statistics by the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) indicate that there approximately 200,000 vehicle fires every year, with more than a thousand reported serious injuries and over 200 deaths. Many of the injuries and fatalities resulted in severe burns.

The NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) indicate that automobile fires occur more on highways than urban roads or city streets, due to congested traffic traveling at a higher speed.

Even though the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) adopted standards in the 1970s to maintain the vehicle fuel system’s integrity, busy highways and defects in automobile manufacturing still cause too many victims to suffer a burn in a car accident.

Causes of Automobile Fires & Resulting Burns

Driver error, car defects, and unexpected extenuating circumstances, including road and weather conditions, cause most vehicle fires.

Since car fires are one of the leading causes of severe burn injuries, Chicago area motorists must remain aware of how vehicle fires happen to avoid them from starting.

According to the American Burn Association, various situational factors can influence a vehicle fire’s potential in the United States.

These include:

  • Two Colliding Vehicles – When two vehicles collide, one or both fuel tanks could rupture and produce a fuel-fed fire. These fires could instantly become extremely dangerous for all passengers involved in the collision, along with others nearby.
  • Leaking Fuel Tank – In some situations, the fuel tank could spontaneously explode or leak and create a dangerous situation involving hazardous projectiles on the vehicle’s interior. A leaking or exploding fuel tank could trap passengers and motorists inside the car. An exploding fuel tank could be catastrophic or even fatal.
  • Auto Part Defect – Other significant causes of a car fire could include exhaust, leaking fluid, faulty wiring, waste or trash igniting, an arcing short-circuit wire, seat heater malfunction, cigarette lighter accident, flammable liquid spill, and electrical malfunction.
  • Smoking - While many people would never consider smoking in their homes, some believe lighting up is okay when the vehicle is stuck in traffic. In a confined area with flammable auto interior materials, any hot ash from a cigarette or hot lighter can quickly start a fire that threatens all occupants.

Determining Responsibility for Burn Injuries Related to a Car Fire

Determining responsibility for a car fire can be challenging because an intense examination of the burned parts by a competent car crash expert can be challenging.

However, many of these experts can determine if the design and construction of a fuel system might be insufficient to withstand the car collision’s impact, causing it to lose its integrity in the crash.

In some incidences, a skilled personal injury attorney specializing in Chicago car accidents can build a case for financial compensation on the improper design, construction, or manufacturing of car components.

Your accident might have been the result of faulty exhaust systems, electrical wiring, and other heat sources that might have possibly started the fire when the gas tank erupted during impact.

If the vehicle manufacturer failed to meet their legal obligation to sell a safe product, the carmaker could be held accountable for their negligence. As a result, a car accident victim burned in the crash might be entitled to receive sufficient financial compensation.

Monetary compensation might include funds to pay for all ongoing medical expenses, rehabilitation, future surgery, missed work, or other costs directly related to the injury.

If your attorney can prove that the auto manufacturer was egregious in their conduct in designing, manufacturing, and selling a defective product, the victim might also obtain punitive damages.

Your attorney might also add the other driver to the lawsuit as a defendant because they might also be at fault for the motor vehicle accident and should be held accountable for your damages.

Car Accident Burn Injury FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions raised by people with burns from car accidents. We appreciate that you may have additional questions, we welcome you to contact our attorneys for a free consultation.

What Does it Mean When an Injury Burns?

A burning sensation on the skin could mean that the skin cells have been damaged by heat, friction, sunlight, radiator, hot metal, electricity, scalds. Chemical burns can also damage the skin. A superficial burn might be classified as a first-degree burn that damages only the skin’s outer layer.

However, more intense burn (second-degree burn) can damage the skin’s outer layer and layers underneath. A third-degree burn could damage or kill layers of skin and bone at the deepest levels.

What Burn Injuries can a car Accident Cause?

Nearly all types of burn injuries in a vehicle accident could require immediate medical attention to avoid harmful complications. Common complications associated with car accident burn include a life-threatening bloodstream infection (sepsis), respiratory complications (breathing issues), and low body temperature.

Do Burns Sting When Healing?

Nearly every intense burn will sting during the healing process when the patient also experiences blisters, redness, and pain at the skin’s outer layer. In the first few weeks during the healing process, the burned area might bleed or ooze fluids or pus (infection).

There might be a permanent loss of hair follicles at the burn site.

What Does a Second-Degree Burn Look Like?

A second-degree burn causes damage to the skin’s deeper layers and often leaves the patient experiencing intense pain. The damage can occur at the dermis and epidermis layers, blistering and swelling the site.

During the healing process, the area might become wet when blisters rupture and form a healing scab over the damaged area.

What is a Third-Degree Burn?

Third-degree burns are severe and often life-threatening, where the dermis and epidermis layers at the burned site are severely damaged or destroyed. These horrific burns can cause significant damage to tendons, muscles, and underlying bones.

The burn victim might require skin grafts to help repair the damaged skin layers in the accident. Most serious burns are treated with ongoing medical care by medical professionals trained in treating nerve damage and disfigurement caused by the burn event.

What is a Fourth-Degree Burn?

Most burn victims are aware of first-, second-, and third-degree burns. However, there are three more classifications of burns, including fourth-, fifth- and sixth degree.

A fourth-degree burn chars the patient’s skin and can reveal the exposed bone. Typically, there is significant damage to the muscles, nerves, tendons, and skin. Some fourth-degree burns require amputation of the damaged area.

Fifth-degree burns involved damaged exposed bone, know That skin, and charred areas. These burns cause permanent body damage, organ damage, and amputation.

Sixth-degree burns often involve fatalities where there is extensive exposed bone and loss of skin.

Get Compensation for Burns Sustained in a Car Fire or Explosion in Chicago

Were you or a loved one injured by a burn in a car accident?

If so, the skilled Chicago car accident burn injury attorneys at Rosenfeld Lawyers can investigate your compensation claim.

Our law firm will hire medical experts and accident reconstruction engineers to document precisely how the fiery crash occurred.

If you have suffered severe injuries caused by a car accident burn, you are likely eligible for compensation through the responsible party’s insurance company.

Call the law office at (888) 424-5757 or fill out our online contact form for an initial, free consultation.


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