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Building Collapse Accident Lawyers

Lawyers for building collapsesBuilding collapses are an unfortunate reality in the world of construction work. Relaxed enforcement of construction standards and ignoring any existing standards have lead to a wide flex of building collapses throughout the country.

A recent notable example of a building collapse was the collapse of a Philadelphia-based construction project onto a Salvation Army Thrift Shop. Six people were killed in the accident, and thirteen people were injured by the collapse. The tragedy spurred a nationwide effort to hold city councils and construction companies accountable for providing safer worksites, training, equipment and protective gear for construction workers.

Currently, construction managers are usually required to obtain a permit for new projects in a city. City councils usually seek to determine how a building will be demolished and ensure that a construction company will be able to use proper means of securing a premises for demolition work. If construction managers proceed with demolition work without the adequate permit, there can be severe sanctions in the form of hefty fines or loss of future construction work privileges.

Why Building Collapses Occur Frequently During Construction Or Demolition

Building collapses occur when a construction company has not eliminated all of the potential risk factors that could arise in the course of demolition work. There are multiple parties that can be held accountable for failing to eliminate the risk factors that can be inherent in a building collapse. One may work with a personal injury lawyer to sue the construction general contractor owner of the building or equipment manufacturer for the existence of any risks that resulted in injuries and could have been prevented.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration puts forth protective regulations to ensure that workers have the necessary safeguards for dangerous work. These protective regulations are also created to protect any outsiders who may be in close proximity to construction work and potentially could be injured as a result of negligence.

OSHA has a specific procedure for dealing with building collapses. When a building collapse occurs, OSHA will proceed with its Incident Command System. A trained Structures Specialist will arrive on the scene and will evaluate the immediate conditions of the structure and determine ways in which to mitigate future damage. The specialist will try to find ways to minimize risks that rescue personnel face in saving workers and outsiders who have been harmed by the collapse.

A safety officer will also inspect building collapse accidents to see whether there was any wrongdoing on the part of a construction firm or individual who was in charge of overseeing the process. He or she documents the injuries suffered by employees, the protective equipment used, assess any identified risks, train employees in hazard awareness and assess any instabilities in the structure.

How Construction Workers (and Passers By) Can Be Injured Due To A Building Collapse

There are many hazards that individuals can face when a building collapses. It is important for construction firms to make employees aware of these hazards so that they can be protected in building collapses. Some of the following hazards can cause individuals to suffer from serious injuries after an accident:

• Water flooding
• Exposure to harmful chemicals and pathogens
• Exposure to dangerous electricity
• Exposure to fire from gasoline
• Lack of oxygen
Confined spaces
• Collapse after a second explosion
• Bad weather conditions
• Radiological contamination

When any of these additional elements are present at the scene of a building collapse accidents, individuals can suffer in tremendous ways. A personal injury attorney may be able to help individuals who suffer in the following manner as the result of a building collapse:

• Crushed limbs
Loss of limbs
• Permanent disability
• Brain damage
• Severe burns and abrasions
• Toxic poisoning
• Asphyxia
• In the worst cases, death

It is important for individuals to be aware that there may be responsible individuals in a case that involves an injury in building collapse. Injured victims may have a cause of action against those who had certain responsibilities in eliminating risks on the site of a construction project, demolition project or other type of work-related project.

How a Lawyer Can Help You Recover Compensation For Injuries or Fatalities Involving a Chicago Building Collapse

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC has attorneys who are available to assist those who have suffered from an injury in building collapse due to work being performed on the structure or demolition. Our attorneys are available to help you understand the OSHA regulations and whether your construction firm owed a duty to eliminate risks on the site of a building collapse. They can also play a crucial role in the investigatory process after a building collapse. You can contact a building collapse lawyer today to schedule an initial consultation of your claim.

Information on building collapses and safe demolition:

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