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Chicago Boy Scout Sexual Abuse Attorney

Abuse in the Boy Scouts Since its founding in 1910, more than 115 million boys and young men have been members of the Boys Scouts of America. The BSA motto of “Be Prepared” has long been pledged by boys from an early age all the way through their teen years. Unfortunately, the same organization that sought to forge strong values in the nation’s male youth also has had a dirty secret: Since the 1920s, BSA has been aware that its young members have been targeted as prey for sexual abuse by pedophiles volunteering as scout leaders.

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC is committed to holding the Boy Scouts organization accountable for abuse perpetrated by scout leaders and other officials. If you or a loved one was a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of someone associated with the Boy Scouts, we are here to ease your concerns and discuss your legal options for financial recovery. Our office is centrally located in Chicago, Illinois, and we have a network of Boy Scout sexual-abuse attorneys across the U.S. Complete our online case intake form today and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Emergence of the “Perversion Files” in the Boy Scout Organization

After the Boys Scouts of America was founded in 1910, it was not long before incidents of sexual abuse by scout leaders began rearing their heads. Starting in the 1920s, BSA started keeping confidential files on volunteers who were accused of sexually abusing boys within the organization. This “ineligible volunteer file” was how BSA quietly identified pedophiles in its ranks and attempted to keep them out of the organization. Decades later, these files would be renamed the “perversion files” as they were made public during landmark lawsuits against BSA.

However, although these files had been kept within the organization for close to 90 years, they were released to the public only in recent years. In 2011, content from the files that was used as evidence in a 1980s sexual abuse case in California was published in the Los Angeles Times, revealing 1,900 alleged abusers from 1971 to 1991.

Then in 2012, after BSA settled an $18.5 million civil lawsuit in Oregon (see below), the Oregon Supreme Court ordered the release of 20,000 pages from these files dating from 1965 to 1985, containing information about 1,200 suspected pedophiles.

Boy Scouts Organization Perpetuated Sexual Abuse Through Silence

The most damaging evidence against BSA is the organization’s apparent knowledge of sexual abuse of children in its care with no real attempt to bring the perpetrators to justice. Although these “perversion files” were created under the guise of keeping pedophiles out of the organization, they also show that BSA was well aware of the abuse but did nothing to alert authorities or the victims’ parents about it. This knowledge and conspiracy of silence may be the most disturbing part of BSA’s history of sexual abuse.

The detailed documentation that BSA kept secret all these years reveals they were acutely aware of the problem and knew the harm that was being inflicted on their young members. It is estimated that by 1935, over 2,900 men had been identified as “ineligible volunteers” because of sexual abuse against children. It was not until the late 1980s that BSA started its “Youth Protection” program, which began actively addressing the problem of abuse within the organization.

More than 2,000 cases of abuse were reported by Scout leaders before 1994, although the number of victims is most likely much higher. With documented abuse happening almost a century back, many victims undoubtedly suffered in silence and never reported the abuse inflicted on them as young boys. Fortunately, those who have come forward have helped bring light to these dark secrets, which can help protect other boys from such abuse.

High-Profile Legal Cases and Sex Assault Claims Against the Boy Scouts

Lewis v. Boys Scouts of America et al. (Oregon, 2010)

This was a 2010 child sexual molestation suit filed against the Boy Scouts by a former member of the youth organization. He alleged that in the 1980s, his scout leader abused him. The same man had previously confessed to a BSA coordinator to having sexually abused over one dozen boys in the Scouts organization. The plaintiff argued that the organization could have taken steps to prevent further abuse but did not, allowing him to be victimized by the perpetrator. The case was decided in 2010 by a jury, who awarded the victim $19.9 million, $18.5 million of which was for punitive damages that are meant to punish egregious conduct. The jury believed that the organization’s pre-existing knowledge of the troop leader’s actions and failure to remove him from the Boy Scouts justified this award.

29 Men Sue the Boy Scouts and the Mormon Church in Idaho

This group brought two lawsuits against the Boy Scouts and Church of Latter Day Saints. They alleged that the organizations knew about predatory volunteers within their groups but did nothing to stop them. These perpetrators went on to molest boys, including them, from the 1960s through the 1980s. All the alleged abuse occurred in Idaho. Many of the men who brought these cases settled their claims or had them dismissed. This is another example of the growing legal problems facing Boy Scouts of America.

Where can You Turn if You Were a Victim of Chicago Boy Scout Sexual Abuse?

The Chicago Boy Scout sex abuse attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers stand by victims of sexual abuse in all contexts. Our sexual abuse lawyers are sensitive to your needs and wishes when taking the steps necessary to fully prosecute your case from a civil litigation perspective. If you were abused while a member of the Boy Scout organization, contact our office for a confidential discussion with a Boy Scout sex assault attorney who can explain your legal options.

Illinois Boy Scout Leader Sexual Abuse Lookup

Name:Date:Boy Scout Case #:Troop #:Specifics:
Robert Allan4/25/90143118 CAccused of aggravated criminal sexual abuse and convicted in April, 1989. Four year probabtion sentence and mandatory psychological counseling. Revoked membership.
Lawrence N. Allen11/7/912Molestation of a 13 year old boy scout - charged.
Mihcael J. Bardy9/22/87949960 TPled guilty in 1988 to two counts of importing child pornography.
Bradley Bogart3/8/721787923;9007Fondled youth he took to a campsite and gave them alcohol.
Gerald R. Brown5/26/89406316 TCharged with aggravated criinal abuse and assault; charges were dropped; registration suspended
Tom M. Burke6/24/751680444 TInitiated boys by running ice all over boys and tried to have oral sex with several of them.
David J. Buzzek9/28/771608904 D; 3904 D; 2904 DPolice discovered thousands of photos of nude boys performing homosexual acts; part of a porn ring; charged with contributing to sexual deliquency of a child
Mario Joseph3/22/88707118 C1971 was arrested for child abuse of 6 year old girl; current charge is attempted murder
Albert M. Conekin10/28/87972Mention of child abuse post resignation
Howard Cunningham6/17/9127279Convicted of child molestation
Vernon Daniels9/9/85123830331981 pled guilty to indecent liberties with a child. 15 year sentence for abusing a child; Registration suspended in 1985
Harold E. Davis1/31/913098 T6 months in county jail after guilt plea to sexual abuse of a 13 year old boy
Robert F. DeCesaee6/16/771613245 EAccused of inappropriate behavior with a scout and resigned.
Kirk J. DiFiore3/2/8872910 T"Immoral Acts" were commited with a girl in 1986; He was 14 and the girl was 8
Edward J. Dole4/2/861128101 TAttempting to sexually harass scouts in the troop; registration suspended
Arthur R. Emanuelson2/21/8944423 Tshowered with a young boy scout and examined gentials for ticks
Paul R. Emmons3/4/7716146 Tguilty plea to misdemeanor of contributing to sexual delinquency of a child; 2 year probation
Frank A. Farrell6/16/81150154Molestation and oral sex on scouts in 1981; convicted of indecent liberties with a child
Gary L. Findlay6/22/8711336001 VSeven counts of aggravated criminal sexual against two or more members of varsity team.
Gregory J. Flosi11/1/887502079 E; 0083Convicted and given 14 year sentence for sexual abuse of several hundred young boys while a Boy Scout counselor - admitted to 75-100 actus with one youth alone
William Frankenfield6/29/8945448 TDuring camp in 1988 was masturbating in front of them; two counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse and two counts of indecent solicitation of a child
Charles F. Fugate9/8/771616294Convicted of fondling and improper touching 3 boys in his troop in 1987
David L. Gilman6/4/741712Illegible; 138 TDuring a campout in 1974 he olested a couple of boys.
Lester L. Goodman2/21/791556323 TClass one felony of indecent libations with a child; resigned
Morris W. Grooms12/11/871003Consensual sexual involvement with a fellow staff member
Robert M. Haber5/31/831414495 T; 495 PConvicted of indecent liberties with a minor.
Gwenn Hale1/12/841353141 T16 year prison sentence for sexual relations with a 13 year old boy; extensive criminal background, was just paroled before becoming an employee of Boy Scouts of America
Gary W. Hall10/10/7516901254Molested many boys and beat up one.
Gene Hallquist11/13/721800412 PGuilty to contributing to the sexual delinqency of a child in 1972; 2 years probation
Ned M. Harkness12/22/75169134 TMolestedmany boys many times on many camp trips
Richard Harrison1/1/89473Molested his own daughter who came forward to make sure he could not abuse other children in the scouts
Charles D. Helms12/18/9021721 PAbused of child molestation in 1990s
Daniel R. Hemley2/16/8878231985 a victim was tied up in residence for 2 days; the victim saw the registrant had child pornography and was sexually involved with a boy in the neighborhood; charged with one count of child porn and one count of possession of a fire arm without registration
Michael James Hosch11/6/89488138 T; 39 T1989 charged with 5 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse and 2 counts of child porn in reference to a 15 year old boy; also on probation for an Indiana burglary conviction
John K Hunter7/9/904920650 SAt camp in 1989 he fondled a 12 year old
Thomas A. Janiak12/13/90227118Charged with sex attack on a young boy in 1987
Gerald Roger Jarman9/23/871015371 PArrested and charged with 2nd degree sexual abuse involving 10 year old girl; served a 5 year sentence
Harry L. Johnson3/5/902305 T1989 fondled a 13 year old girls genitals
Warren Leslie Johnson12/22/861016682 T; 133 TDecember 1986 charged with 3 counts of aggravated criminal sexual assault and 7 counts of aggravated criminal sexual assault; victims were 3 and 4 years old; plead guilty on 6/11 of the charges
Daniel W. Johnson7/7/887540055 SExploited children; Showed two scouts pornographic material and exposed himself to them
Alan G. Keyes9/27/89505567 TSexually molested a 7th grade student in early 1989
Paul Scott Koefoot6/30/83142316 TTook indecent liberties with a young boy at Scout camp; parents demanded his removal
David M. Krauszowski12/1/9871035414Asked to resign in 1987 after sexually moleting a couple of scouts
Robert A. Lambert8/14/8015344057 P$20 was won from registrant after sleeping in registrants camper; Registrant told scout to drop pands and placed needles into buttocks
Charles A. Lamont2/7/895190025 S1989 ID'd by former spouse as a homosexual and he had abused a 14 year old boy in Florida
James R. Lankton9/30/811512304Several boys accused him of fondling and molesting them in 1981
Michael James LaRoche9/26/8512662:00 PMAccused of child sexual abuse
Lester D. Lee2/7/895240041 Cconfessed to sexually abusing a 14 year old boy
James Michael Lemp3/16/90102913 P; 13 TNovember 1987 he had a history of child abuse
Alan M. Lenich12/20/771625173 T1977 charged with 2 counts of sexual assault on a child without force
David E. Lundell3/5/8710339681Charged with one count of aggravated criminal sexual assault and 3 counts of sexual abuse; sexual assault includes penetration; admitted to sexual experiences with 6 boys; plead innocent by reason of insanity; found guilty but mentally ill
Glen A. Madigan5/25/8881326 TGuilty pleas to 5 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse for contact with a 14 year old scout; pled guilty
Johnnie L. Mahr8/1/851276430Rescinded membership 1991; former pastor; registration was refused
Gerald E. Margrave11/20/85127390Not guilty of sexual abuse of a minor; stayed registered on Council Committee but no contact with boys; fired due to drinking, leaving campouts and intimate touching
Keith A. martz5/8/9182A781 Sarrested and convicted of fondling 13 year old female
Donald W. Matheny6/2/8953314 T; 147 CAccused of child sexual abuse; registration suspended
Stephen J. Merkel10/30/9026581 TIndicted in 1990 for sexually abusing 2 boys; 2 charges were dropped for counseling and a guilty plea on the charge of molestation of a young girl
James M. Meyer7/19/841371113 TGuilry of indecent liberies with a child
George R Miller8/20/861166141 T; 141 PSexual abuse with scouts; 4 year sentence of probation; registration suspended
Gary L. Monroe2/13/8954665 TGuilty plea to sexually abusing boys
Lenny M. Morrison3/15/919114 T; 14 PDenied registration due to falsification of application regarding child abuse
Osayimwese A. Mosi9/21/990274124Guilty of aggravated criminal assault; 6 year sentence
Rudy T. Olivia12/5/88567999 T; IllegibleAlleged sexual abuse; registration suspended
Edward A. Pence3/23/90291 A118; 716Arrest for child molestation; registration suspended
Alan J. Petitt12/27/895753112 C; 43 T; 127 CFondled pre teen girl; registration denied
Thomas J. Petrauskas11/6/89576471Charges with sexual assault of a 13 year old boy scout; sentenced to 1 - 15 years; registration suspended
Rex D. Presson6/8/89582120 C4 years probation for aggravated criminal sexual abuse
Gary L. Radloff11/2/87106614Homosexual involvement with a 14 year old boy; 5 counts of aggravated sexual abuse; 5 victims in the troop
Kerry S. Ruch10/4/831441106 Tsuspended for inapporpriate remark to a scout
Robert C. Sample11/13/77163465 T; 34 PGuilty to contributing to the sexual delinqency of a child
Terry L. Sandage5/8/911128604 D; 660 CArrested for disorderly conduct with young females; registration denied and continued instructing
John Lloyd Sanford5/24/88884354 CConvicted of child abuse
Alan J. Schroeder5/26/89602Accused of molesting a scout; arrested for cocaine delivery to a minor
Kenneth E. Schultz7/31/903196 TArrested and charged with aggravated sexual abuse of a 6 year old niece; 180 days in jail and 3 years probation; registration suspended
Gary L. Shadden8/10/881186512Guilty of molestation of 16 year old scout; 3 years in prison
Lawrence E. Shinn3/21/9032345 TFound not guilty for indecent liberties with minor; registration suspended
Phillip Shoemaker9/2/871086IllegibleDeveloped a relationship with a scout and some sexual molestation occurred
Brian Lynn Smith9/30/888955 T; 19 TMolested two boys scouts over 3 years; happened at scout events and at their homes while parents were away
Michael R. Spreitler7/18/89620116 CConvicted and sentenced to 8 years in prison for molestation of a girl
Donald Stensland2/27/90336118Parent wrote a letter to scouts regarding inappropriate contact with his son (special gifts and treatment); details not disclosed
Mark Strobel8/1/88902473 P; 95 PConvicted child molester
Christopher Taylor4/19/89635148 PPled guilty to charges of child molestation; 12 months probation
Farrell J. Theis8/16/89538147 C; 38 TConvicted of child sexial molestation; 12 years in prison
Duanne Dale Troyer4/29/821490188 TDiscovered engaged in sexual act with another man in park after dark; reported and forwarded to boy scouts
Arnold A. Volkmar12/3/90353128 C; 3057 CPrior allegations of sexually molesting his daughters; registered when this came out
Steven Joseph Walker9/2/8775Accused of molesting/fondling scouts
Tom Warner7/25/75173776 TConvicted on morals charge for sexual activities with minors
Gregg D. Weber1/29/79157146 TCharged with battery; Resigned as a staff member at Abe Lincoln Council
Paul Robert Wechter1/23/861210A23 persons arrested due to illicit sex activity
Patrick A. Weglarz9/8/771639294; 16 DCharged in June 1977 with 3/4 counts of indecent liberties with a child
James Welander6/15/89660Former police sergeant, was sued for $48 million dollars for focing his victime to participate in sex acts and nude photos; suspected in a murder of an attorney
Fred Wells6/14/851304721Indicted on one count of aggravated criminal sexual abuse of a 14 year old Boy Scout; 18 months of periodic imprisonment
Donald Lee White8/19/889250510 T; 8606 Dtroop leader for 10 years and convicted of aggravated sexual abuse of 2 souts; 8 years probation and minimum of 2 years of sex offender treatment
Michael Wilson10/7/91136204 SFondled 2 scouts in their tents; membership revoked
John Zak (aka Bruno E. Rush)5/19/771644875; 16Convicted several times of child molestation
Daneil Russell Dine or Holmes9/24/9018935Charged with child molestation 10 years prior and changed his name and joined the Boy Scouts
Redacted Redacted6/8/701879Arrested for homosexual activity with many boys in scouting and through the school where he was teaching; Previously convicted in Indianapolis in 1970 and Mt. Prospect in 1971.

For additional reading on sexual abuse involving Boy Scouts of America:

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