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Boarding School Sex Abuse Lawyer

boarding school sexual abuse attorneys

The boarding and prep school sexual abuse attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC have represented victims of sexual molestation in cases across the United States.

We understand the epidemic nature of abusers having access to vulnerable children and school settings and academic campuses.

In recent years, many boarding and preparatory schools have failed to take legal action against predators in their midst and never protected young students.

Administrators have often placed their reputation over helping boarding school abuse survivors.

A Boarding School Sex Abuse Attorney Can Help

Were you victimized by sexual abuse? If so, contact our law firm today at (888) 424-5757 to discuss what happened during a confidential, free, case evaluation. Let us conduct an independent investigation to find evidence, gather witness testimony, and build a sex abuse boarding school compensation case.

Public and private boarding school and prep school students are highly vulnerable to sexual abuse and molestation by educators, counselors, boarding school administrators, and fellow students.

The boarding school officials could be held legally liable if any child under their care is sexually assaulted by an employee, teacher, staff member, or anyone.

A Family’s Expectations

Families place their children under the care and supervision of boarding school administrators acting “in loco parentis,” assuming parental status.

All boarding schools and teachers are responsible for providing care like a reasonable parent acting as a surrogate liable for the student’s education and well-being.

Parents send their children to boarding school expecting that they will receive a high-quality education in a safe and caring environment.

However, boarding school officials could cause physical and psychological damage to a student under their care through various means including:

  • Failed hiring practices including a lack of background checks
  • Failing to provide students a duty of care to ensure their well-being
  • Lack of supervision of all children in boarding schools by the school faculty, employees, and teachers
  • Negligent supervision of any student that could lead to child abuse
  • Failure to retain quality staff
  • Exposure to sexual predators

Any failure to provide the student with a safe environment could cost the boarding school its reputation and funds to defend school sex abuse cases.

Students or their parents could hold the school liable for any action or inaction that resulted in school sexual misconduct that harmed their child.

The school could also be liable if they failed to thoroughly investigate an abuse allegation or take action to prevent or stop further abuse of that student or other children.

Will Taking the Predator to Court be Worse for My Child Then the School Sexual Abuse Itself?

Many victims of sexual abuse, including young children, feel empowered by going to court in holding the predator legally accountable. An attorney working on your behalf’s behalf can ensure that your loved one’s rights are protected to minimize the child’s traumatic court experience.

Many local communities have made the court process gentler for victims of sexual abuse. Many advocacy groups are available in the local community to assist the family and the abused student through the court process.

Boarding School Students Sexually Molested, Harassed, and Assaulted

Students enrolled at prestigious American boarding schools have experienced lifelong psychological damage through school sexual abuse, inappropriate touching, harassment, or insufficient supervision.

Many schools offer programs to provide educational and boarding services at varying levels. Some schools provide specialized services for the academically motivated. Other schools provide therapeutic assistance for the child’s behavioral or learning challenges.

Many of the schools have residential programs that provide shelter, security, and safety where the child lives on campus. The administrators, teachers, staff, former faculty members, and counselors are entrusted by the parents to provide the highest level of professional care.

Covering up Sexual Abuse Cases Harms Children

Many educational administrators choose to cover up any case of sexual assault on the school campus or by their teachers to avoid ruining the lives of the predator or facing negative publicity.

Often, the boarding school fails to notify local law enforcement of any incident or serial pattern of school sex allegations. Just one failure to notify the police of an abuse case could cause lifelong damage to the young victims.

According to some statistics, sexual misconduct occurring in schools has become a pandemic. Some estimates show that ten percent of all students from kindergarten to high school will experience sexual misconduct by an employee, teacher, staff member, volunteer, coach, or others during their young life.

Most inappropriate sexual activity involving abuse school predators occurred at a school event, the facility, or away from campus. About one and six incidents involve non-contact including online activity.

Most sexual abuse offenders are white males with an average age of thirty-six years. About one in five sexual predators at schools are coaches. Less than ten percent are art music teachers, and nearly half have had a prior allegation filed against them.

Nationwide, the average prison sentence for an abuse predator that was caught, prosecuted and sentenced predator is forty-seven months. Over half of all convicted predatory abuse felons must register as a sex offender.

More than half of all minor sexual abuse victims are female with an average age of fifteen years. Nearly two-thirds of the victims were high school ethnic students that work at an economic disadvantage.

In some cases, school officials attempt to destroy the evidence to save face and prevent extensive and costly molestation and sexual assault cases. In many cases, the predator is allowed to remain on paid leave during the legal process until the abuse case has been finalized.

It is usually only after the predator has been found guilty of abuse by the jury that they must resign from their position at the school.

Fortunately, experienced personal injury attorneys have been able to resolve many lawsuits that have given the sexually assaulted victim justice and financial compensation for their damages.

Many of these predators have lost their teaching credentials and licenses to ensure they never have access to vulnerable students in school settings.

When the School Enables the Predator

Unfortunately, over the last few decades, educational institutions across the United States have faced allegations of sexual harassment and child sexual abuse and assault among school employees, staff members, and administrators.

Some of these inappropriate school sex events were reported in New England, specifically in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, and New Hampshire, concerning molestation occurring at Christian and private schools.

In December 2020, the Boston Globe published an article concerning a Portsmouth Abbey former student alleging she was sexually assaulted by the teacher years before. At the time of the alleged assault, the male predator was forty-eight years old and the sexually assaulted student was a fifteen-year-old school sophomore.

A report by the Associated Press stated that a former student filed a civil case claiming that the Abbey failed to protect the young student and instead protected themselves while giving the young girl poor legal advice.

The plaintiff’s case stated that administrators “wanted to keep the potential scandal contained and commenced to do so by ‘steering” the plaintiff to use the school’s outside consultant to ‘help’ her out of this predicament.”

The young sexually abused victim had grown close to her humanities teacher stating that the relationship was “sort of filling avoiding giving me some of the praise and support that I was used to getting at home.”

The lawsuit states that although the sexual abuse lasted for years, the Catholic Church, school administration, and staff members never investigated the spreading rumors.

The school sexual abuse victim stated that “there was not a lot of desire to follow up. People did not want to deal with it.”

In 2019, the Rhode Island legislature enacted a law that extended the statute of limitations to file a civil lawsuit against predators charged with sexual abuse of students. The victim filed a civil case after the predator continued to harass her through emails.

Predatory Behavior and Grooming

Many boarding and prep schools operate in a small community that provides safety on a secure campus. Educators, administrators, facility staff, and others are often familiar and closer to students than at other public and private schools.

This close-knit community provides ample opportunity for sexual predators to target victims who are easily accessible. Many predators use grooming as an effective ploy to capture vulnerable students experiencing loneliness, emotional neediness, low self-esteem, and attention-driven behaviors.

Predator Tactics

The predator uses tactics that include:

Trust –Boarding school abuse predators can build a trusting relationship between the student in themselves through group activities involving school employees, other students, and former students

Reliance – As the student’s trust begins to build they start relying on the abuser through gained affection and attention. The predator might provide their victims with valuable gifts that might involve higher marks, money, or presents

Isolation – A part of the grooming process nearly always and violence isolating the victim away from the boarding schools' campus community through tutor sessions, after our get-togethers, individualize sporting activities, or tailored religious learning

Sexual Interaction – Over time, the predator can desensitize their school sex abuse victims to repeated inappropriate touching, kissing, caressing, or other closeness that will eventually extend to sexual activity. A relationship that once involved only talking and touching could advance to sexual assault including physical sexual intercourse, sodomy, or oral sex

Maintenance – Once a boarding school sexual predator has established an intimate relationship they begin maintaining the interaction through continual control that might involve shaming, guilt, threatening, and secrecy to ensure their victim knows that they are unique and desired

After the predator builds a trusting relationship they initiate the sexual abuse under the guise of care and concern. These teachers often their abused students remain silent about what is going on by revealing the boarding schools' policies on teacher/student relationships that might cause legal problems for both the abused student and abuser.

Boarding Schools Sexual Abuse Involving Teachers

Teachers, employees, staff members, parents, and visitors should report sexual abuse in schools. However, the state and federal government mandate that administrators and school owners must report any inappropriate sexual activity involving students.

Any failure of school officials and reporting sexual abuse in schools could lead to criminal charges and civil litigation. However, across the country, schools are not required to share information involving child abuse with other educational institutions.

A lack of sharing data means that the sexual predator dismissed for inappropriate activity could become a teacher at a different facility that was never informed of any abuse allegations.

The predatory teacher could take another job at a different school in their state, or across state lines, without other teachers, school faculty, or parents being aware of their unacceptable behavior.

Boarding Schools Keep Quiet About Sexual Abuse

Boarding schools and their administrators are often encouraged to keep quiet about what happened and sweep the sexual abuse issues under the rug when dismissing the teacher for wrongful abuse behavior.

The educational institution's administrators and owners could avoid civil litigation when passing the sexual abuse boarding school problem onto another school while saving the reputation of the school.

However, this action violates school policy in providing a duty of care to all children and places students in harm's way. The predatory school teachers have easy access to vulnerable students.

This serious sexual abuse problem reaches across the country. A USA Today reported in twenty sixteen identified the "fundamental defects in the teacher screening systems used to ensure the safety of children in the nation's more than thirteen thousand school districts."

The article identified the failure of many states and publicly identifying thousands of teachers who had been disciplined due to inappropriate sexual abuse behavior.

This major cover-up involved many schools and their insufficient background checks on every staff member, teacher, and employee.

The article revealed that the United States' Department of Education likely contributed to the nationwide school sexual abuse cases.

Boarding School Sexual Abuse FAQs

How can I Tell Who Is a Sex Offender?

Identifying the potential sex offender that might harm children could be challenging. To protect your children against sexual assault, keep the lines of communication open with your loved one.

Tell your children that sexual predators often select students that are perceived to have unfulfilled emotional needs or those who are neglected by their parents. Abuse in schools often involves a teacher that recognizes the vulnerability of a student who has been abused before.

How do I Know If I Make a Sexual Abuse Allegation That I Will be Believed?

Most sexual abuse victims tend to minimize what happened or failed to disclose the molestation because of shame, fear, or self-blaming. Studies have shown that alleged sexual misconduct survivors claiming sexual abuse do not file false reports compared to other crimes.

If possible, speak openly to proper state authorities and report about precisely what happened. Those in charge will likely listen to the child abuse allegation, offer support, and assist you in getting help.

Parents of a sexually abused student have numerous legal options provided by the state, to hold the teacher predator criminally and financially accountable.

Will My Child be Permanently Damage if They are Victimized by Sexual Abuse?

Your child’s physical, mental, and psychological damage could be minimized if the family offers appropriate and supportive responses and directs their loved one to receive professionals' intervention.

Give the sexually abused child time and space to heal under the guidance of professional mental health care providers. Assistance is also available for family members who must learn how to deal with what happened without further traumatizing the victim.

I Am Afraid That my Child Was a Willing Participant in Their Sexual Abuse. How do I Know What is True?

The mental development of a young child is insufficient to truly consent to any sexual act or behavior. In most sex assault cases involving adolescents, the cognitive development, maturity, and age difference between the sexual abuser and their prey are usually substantial to indicate that there was truly no agreement between consenting “adults.”

However, the sexual abuser often makes their prey feel as though they are a willing participant, further contributing to the tactic of making them feel guilty, shameful, or to blame for what happened.

Will I Ever Know if My Child Was Sexually Abused?

The reality is that most child sexual abuse survivors never discuss what happened with anyone. However, you might be able to identify specific behaviors that serve as indicators that when children are victims of sexual abuse.

These indicators include:

  • Personality changes
  • Isolation and withdrawal from others
  • Clingy behavior around loved ones
  • Behavioral problems including aggressive and self-destructive behaviors
  • Sudden unfounded fears
  • Unusual shyness
  • Moody behavior including non-stop crying
  • Feeling uncomfortable around specific individuals
  • Unexpected need for your reassurance or approval
  • Changes in their social skills where they revert to more youthful behavior
  • Unexpected interest in their private party
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Unexplained timidity about taking baths or changing clothing suicidal ideation (thinking about suicide)
  • Newly developed alcohol or drug abuse

Sexual Abuse Attorneys Provide Legal Options

The personal injury attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC have extensive experience in filing in resolving sexual abuse lawsuits nationwide. We hold the abuse of school legally responsible and financially accountable for providing sexual predators easy access to the children under their care.

Contact us today at (888) 424-5757 for a free case evaluation to ensure that your sexual molestation cases are handled appropriately and resolved in financial compensation.

We represent victims who were sexually assaulted at private schools, public schools, kindergartens, colleges, universities, boarding schools, and preparatory schools.

Boarding School Abuse Victims Face Lifelong Challenges

Even one incident of inappropriate sexual activity involving a targeted student can create lifelong challenges for the victim. Many predators use tactics that have feelings of shame and guilt in the victim who likely blames themselves for what happened and never reported to proper authorities.

In some cases, school administrators become aware of what happened and failed to take appropriate measures to stop the behavior and protect the sex abuse victim.

Instead, once the assault is known, school sexual abuse victims are often subjected to rumors, intimidation, and social pressure involving retaliation, alienation, or bullying by educators, staff members, and administrators.

As a result, many school sexual abuse victims transfer out of the campus to avoid further social persecution and isolation. Only a small number of former school students will report the sex abuse years after the abuse occurs. Nearly all are impacted by life-altering, severe personality changes.

Many child sexual abuse survivors experience the ongoing effects of assault that involve anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, post-traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse, insomnia, suicidal ideation (thinking about suicide), and challenges associated with maintaining healthy relationships.

Speak with a Boarding School Abuse Attorney For Legal Assistance

Our boarding schools' sex abuse attorneys have experienced heartbreaking consultations with students of sexual assault. We listen carefully to the student's stories on how the sexually inappropriate behavior of others caused them physical and mental harm.

We take great steps to ensure that sexually abused children are never alone in holding their abuser legally responsible for what they did. Are you, or a loved one, the victim of child sex abuse?

If so, contact the boarding school abuse injury attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC to schedule a free, case evaluation.

You may be entitled to receive financial compensation for the private schools' sexual misconduct even years after the abuse occurs. Call us at (888) 424-5757 (toll-free phone number).

We are ready to fight aggressively on your behalf to hold boarding schools' staff members, teachers, coaches, school officials, educators, fellow school students, or former school students accountable.

Our legal team is following the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines on staying safe during the time of Covid-19 (coronavirus).

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