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Valuation of Soft-Tissue Bicycle Accident Cases in Illinois

Bicycle Accident Claims InjuriesSoft tissue damage is a broad category of injuries affecting the muscles, ligaments, and tendons in the body. They normally arise after strains or traumatic blows to a particular area. Here are some Illinois bike accident summaries of settlements and jury awards involving soft tissue injuries.

If you are an injured bicyclist and have questions about the value of your case, we invite you to contact our office for a free review of your case with an attorney who has successfully prosecuted similar matters.

This incident involved a 51-year-old female bicyclist. She was hit by a truck when it crossed the yellow line and knocked her off her bike. She sustained multiple soft tissue injuries as well as a broken arm

She sued the truck driver and the driver’s employer. She alleged that the former was negligent in the operation of his vehicle and the latter was negligent in the supervision of its employees. 

The defendants retorted that they were not liable and that the plaintiff did not mitigate her damages by seeing a doctor for her various injuries so the matter went to trial. Eventually, a jury found for the woman and awarded her $350,000 for pain and suffering.

The victim in this case was a retired man in his late-sixties. He was riding his bike around Chicago and approached a busy intersection. Seeing he had the right of way, he proceeded across the street when a car sped through the crosswalk and hit him. 

The result was the biker suffered a soft tissue injury to his elbow and various injuries and lacerations to his spine, ribs, and shoulder. He quickly sued for negligence and claimed that the automobile driver should have slowed upon the intersection and yielded to him

The defendant turned around and repeated the same allegations to him and added that the biker was riding at a negligently fast speed. The jury awarded the plaintiff $179,600 but also apportioned him 10% of the responsibility for the incident so the award was eventually lowered to $161,640. This represents a sizeable recovery over the plaintiff’s actual claimed medical and wages damages of approximately $25,000.

A 25-year-old man was hit by a car when he was riding his bike around Northern Illinois. His most significant injury was to his soft tissue around his hip but he also sustained a dislocated shoulder

To recover for these damages, he sued the automobile driver for negligence. His lawsuit alleged that the defendant should have yielded to him and maintained control of his car to avoid the incident. The defendant refused that he was fault so the matter went to trial. 

He lost and the plaintiff was awarded $20,000. This might seem significant but it was not much more than half of the economic damages that the plaintiff asked for in his complaint.

A middle-aged woman was knocked off her bicycle by a truck when she riding around a town in the suburbs of Chicago. She sustained soft tissue injuries in her neck and back as well as a head injury. She sued the driver and the driver’s boss for negligence. 

She claimed that they were responsible for these injuries as well as the seizures that resulted from them. The defendants admitted they were responsible for the accident but denied the extent of her injuries. 

Specifically, they claimed that the seizures were not the result of their actions but did not deny they caused the aforementioned injuries. A jury awarded the woman $150,000. This was more than three times her claimed medical and wages damages.

A car driver hit a bicyclist as he passed through a crosswalk in McHenry County. The victim was in his late twenties and sustained soft tissue injuries to his back and neck. He sued the automobile driver for negligence and claimed that the driver failed to stay alert while operating his vehicle. 

The defendant driver said that the biker darted out of nowhere and that the accident was not his fault. The jury awarded the plaintiff $12,031 ($3,609 for medical damages and $8,422 for non-economic damages). This recovery was almost four times greater than the man’s claimed economic damages (medical and wages).

A little 8-year-old girl was sent flying off her bike when a car rammed into her on the street. Through her parents, the girl brought a negligence action against the driver. 

The suit alleged that the driver’s conduct caused injuries to her including soft tissue damage in her back and broken teeth. Additionally, the complaint noted that she had been experiencing ongoing headaches since the accident. 

The defendant replied that the child should have been riding on the sidewalk instead of the road and that her parents should have been supervising her. These two parties were able to hash out their differences outside of court and the family received $7,500.

Do You Have Questions About an Illinois Bike Accident Involving Soft-Tissue Injuries?

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