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Valuation of Bone Fracture Bicycle Accident Cases in Illinois

Bone fractures come in many different varieties and can happen anywhere across the human body. In fact, with over 200 bones, people are very vulnerable to fractures. Some involve a complete break of the bone, while others only involve a partial tear; additionally, sometimes fractures actually pierce the skin of the victim-these are called open fractures.

Unfortunately, broken bones are incredibly common in bike accidents. Here are some case summaries from across Illinois involving settlements and jury verdicts of bike accident cases with fractures and broken bones.

If you or a loved one was injured in a bicycle accident with fractures or other types of injuries, we invite you to contact our office for a free analysis of your case with an attorney who has experience with similar matters. Our law firm is proud to represent injured bicyclists across Illinois.

The plaintiff in this case was riding his bike in a bike lane when he was immediately and violently thrown after riding over a trench. The trench was adjacent to a construction zone and the ground underneath it was loose causing him to loose control of his bike and fly to the ground. 

He suffered a spinal fracture. At trial, he claimed the construction company failed to warn him of the latent dangers in the area, did not protect him from the construction conditions, and should have had a guard to redirect bikers and pedestrians. 

The construction company responded that there was a safe and alternate path around the construction site that he could have taken. At court, the jury found that the company inadequately warned the plaintiff of the unsafe conditions and that that proximately caused his injuries.

In this case, a man was riding his bike around Chicago on Halsted Street. He was simply minding his own business in the bike lane when a large vehicle nudged him out of the way. 

The vehicle was in fact a CTA bus and the little nudge sent him flying over his handlebars. He broke his elbow and had numerous other injuries. He sued the CTA and argued that its driver failed to exercise caution while driving, keep a lookout, or stay out of the bike lane

The CTA responded that the biker should have yielded to the bus and that he was contributorily negligent. At trial, the jury bought the plaintiff’s side of the story and awarded him approximately $1,300,000 in damages.

A women was biking along a path in Palos Heights when she unexpectedly hit a stop block and flew to the ground. She broke several bones in her back and was a quadriplegic following the accident. 

As it turned out, Commonwealth of Edison actually leased the grounds on which the path sat and was in charge of monitoring and taking care of the area. So the women turned her sights on the company in her eventual suit for damages. She claimed that it was negligent in defending bicyclists from the dangers posed by these blocks. 

The company responded that the condition was “open and obvious” and that the plaintiff was very well area of her environment. She had ridden on the path several times prior to this occasion. However, faced with her extraordinary injuries and mounting pressure, Commonwealth of Edison decided settlement would be preferable to trial early on in the case and both sides reached agreement at $2,500,000.

The plaintiff in this case was bicycling to work at her downtown Chicago job when she was hit out of nowhere by a car exiting a car wash. At the time of the accident, she was legally biking in a car lane. However, the car darted out too fast for her to adjust her path and was hit without seeing the vehicle.

She sustained significant broken bones and injuries. At trial, she claimed the car wash company was negligent in allowing customers to illegally use the bike lane and for failing to warn bikers and pedestrians of oncoming traffic; additionally, she claimed the actual driver was negligent in failing to exercise reasonable care while driving. The jury returned a verdict in her favor for $100,000.

A 14-year-old boy was riding his bike around town when a car suddenly veered into him. 

As a result of the collision, the child sustained several broken bones in his legs and upper body. The defendant-driver refuted liability and argued that the boy was not paying attention. However, his theory was never tested because both sides settled prior to trial for $100,000.

A bicyclist was riding along the lake in a bike lane next to the highway when a cab driver crashed into him. Suing the driver and the driver’s employer, he claimed that the cab driver was negligent by failing to slow down, stop at the stop sign, and control his car. 

Also, the plaintiff alleged that the cab company should have maintained the brakes of the cab in a better fashion. The defendants countered that the bicyclist was actually the negligent party because he was biking too fast, did not yield to the cab, and was not wearing a helmet. The jury believed the biker and awarded him $95,000.

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