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Valuation of Back & Neck Injury Bicycle Accident Settlements

Bicycle Accidents Neck Back InjuriesBack and neck injuries can be some of the most life-altering problems that anyone can experience, not to mention painful. Due to the speed and jerking motion of bike riding, they commonly arise in bicycle accidents. Here are some case summaries from across Illinois involving bicyclists with various types of back and neck injuries.

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The plaintiff in this case was out for a leisurely bike ride in the suburbs of Chicago. She was a 51-year-old secretary. She entered an intersection within the bike lane and was struck by a car resulting in serious back and pelvic injuries. The defendant claimed, and a witness confirmed, that she actually darted out of the crosswalk and into his vehicle. However, maybe convinced by the fact that the plaintiff was found lying in the crosswalk after the accident, the jury awarded her $49,000 in damages.

Here, the plaintiff was biking around her hometown of Deerfield when a Domino’s truck slammed into her. She sued the driver and the company because the employee was acting in the course of his employer at the time of the accident for her significant back injuries and other harms. She argued that the driver should have kept better control of his vehicle and yielded to her. The defendants responded that she was contributorily negligent by suddenly leaving the bike lane and darting out into the street. Therefore, they denied proximately causing her injuries. A Cook County jury returned a verdict in her favor for $2,065,000 for disability, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

This interesting case involved two bicyclists who were both set to compete in a bike race later that day. The defendant was warming up for the race and the plaintiff was actually already making his way through the course when they both collided into each other. The plaintiff alleged that the defendant did not yield to him as required and failed to keep a proper lookout. Due to the defendant’s minor status, the plaintiff had to sue and bring in the child’s mother as a co-defendant. The jury awarded the plaintiff approximately $10,000 for his back and neck injuries.

Warren Carter was riding his bike around the sleepy town of Grayslake in Lake County when a truck driver inadvertently crashed into him. The driver was apparently looking for his phone at the time of the incident and lost control of his vehicle. As a result, Carter sustained arm and back injuries. Despite all appearances, the defendant tried to make the case that the plaintiff was really at fault and responsible for the crash; he argued Carter should have kept a better lookout and maintained lights on his bike. As you might have guessed, the jury did not buy this argument and found for the plaintiff for $480,000 for disfigurement, loss of normal life, medical bills, and pain and suffering.

In this case, the plaintiff was biking along a street at a regular rate of speed within the bike lane when the motorist next to him suddenly turned right into him. He sustained extensive injuries all over his body including neck and spine pain. At trial, it was discovered the defendant was on his phone at the time of the accident and did not even see the plaintiff prior to hitting him. The jury had no difficulty in refusing the defendant’s excuses and finding for the plaintiff for $40,000.

The facts of this case made the eventual trial a bit tricky. The plaintiff was biking along inner portion of a street on the north side of Chicago. The defendant motorist was driving along the same road next to the plaintiff. Eventually, she tried to turn right and crashed right into him resulting in numerous injuries to the back and neck. In court, the plaintiff claimed the defendant was negligent and responsible for his damages related to loss of work, medical bills, disfigurement, disability, and pain and suffering. The jury seemed to split this one down the middle because of their inability to find a clear culprit. They awarded him a sizeable recovery but also about one-third of the total responsibility for the accident that lowered his recovery as well.

Are You an Illinois Bicyclist With Serious Injuries to Your Back or Neck From An Accident?

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