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Average Settlement Car Accident Back and Neck Injury

Car accidents make the news a lot. Dramatic headlines spread across the country. Their rate is rising every year. It makes learning about them critical and the common injuries they may cause.

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC handles car accident injuries after motor vehicle accident. We do so in Illinois and other states. We help clients get various damages. The car accident lawyers of our law firm can fight to obtain injury settlements for your personal injuries above and beyond the average settlement.

This financial compensation should reimburse you for your economic and non-economic damages like medical care (i.e. MRI, fusion surgery, etc.) and subsequent medical costs. Most victims have excruciating back pain injuries after a car crash such as whiplash, beck injury or neck injuries, bulging discs, spinal cord injury, and other neck injuries.

We wrote these pages to offer perspective on back pain injuries. You can do something after a car accident if you or a loved one hurt your lower back.

You can get relief and recovery with one of our personal injury attorneys. An experienced car accident lawyer can help you against the at fault driver or insurance company in a personal injury case get you a back injury settlement or car or truck accident verdict that goes beyond the average settlement value.

Read these pages to learn more the serious back and neck injuries at-fault drivers cause and what a higher settlement or even fair settlement might mean for you especially with the help of a personal injury attorney. A neck and back injury from a car accident may scare you but a personal injury lawyer may help you get back on track.

Car Accident Back Neck Injury

  1. The Causes of Back and Spine Injuries During Chicago Car Accidents
  2. Back Injuries and Illinois Car Accidents
  3. Back Injury Statistics from Illinois Car Accidents
  4. The Financial Cost of Treating Back Injuries from Chicago Car Accidents
  5. The Best Back Injury Claims and Defenses in Illinois Lawsuits
  6. Chicago Car Accident Back Injury Awards and Settlement
  7. Get Legal Help Now from Attorneys Who Understand the Impact of Back Injuries Related to Auto Accidents
  8. Further Reading, Resources, and Cites

The Causes of Back and Spine Injuries During Chicago Car Accidents

Physics matter a lot with spinal injuries. Direction and velocity create the force that harms your back. Changes in any of them cause problems. Car crashes push your back/spine forward. Seatbelts, airbags, or collisions snap your body around. This kinetic momentum can damage your spine. The whip-like motion compresses it and ruptures discs. This throws the whole back out of whack.

Blunt force trauma or sharp debris can break the spinal bones. Also, major nerves might be ripped open. They control communication from the brain and back to the body. The impact of these injuries can be debilitating. Here are some ways that it might change your life.

  • Chronic pain. Pinched or exposed nerves might cause chronic pain. This comes with ruptured or herniated discs. The fluid between the discs isn't there. Thus, nothing cushions the bones and nerves. Victims may never enjoy the same physical activities again. Flare ups and attacks can give them pain their whole lives.
  • Motor function. Pinched nerves and damaged discs can damage motor function. Signals between the brain and body get interrupted. This causes a lot of problems. Mobility is reduced for many victims. Some injuries take motor function for some time. Others might take it completely.
  • Cognitive function. Some damage to the upper spine may be accompanied by traumatic brain injuries. These cause lots of complications. You might see a loss in regulating memory, concentration, communication and motor function.

Speak with an experienced personal injury attorney right after a car accident in a motor vehicle collision if you suffer severe injuries (i.e. neck and back injury, just a neck injury, just back injuries, spinal cord damage, soft tissue injury or soft tissue injuries, cervical fracture, herniated disc whiplash injury, or other personal injury).

A personal injury lawyer can review your medical records in a free consultation and answer questions about your neck and back injuries as well as a potential back and neck injuries settlement with insurance companies or third parties.

We can also discuss a back injury settlement or general car accident settlement and injury claim as well as what you might get for your medical treatment, physical therapy, or other expenses due to the serious injury that the car accident victim suffered.

The average car accident settlement may help anyone dealing with back and neck frustration as well as more severe injuries that the at fault driver violated caused you.

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Car Accident Back Neck Injury Law Firm

Back Injuries and Illinois Car Accidents

Car crash back injuries involve herniated discs and spinal cord injuries. This section focuses on spinal cord injuries. For herniated disk injuries, click here.

The spinal cord is an electric highway of nerves. It controls the human body. It provides motor and sensory-nerve functions. Its core structure is composed of bones. It is also made of tissues, ligaments, and nerves.

Three layers of meninges surround and buffer it. They're called dura mater, arachnoid mater, and pia mater. The space between these layers envelops blood vessels, tissue, and fluids. The skeletal system has three main segments.

The uppermost portion (7 vertebrae) involves the Cervical vertebrae. The middle portion (12 vertebrae) involves the thoracic vertebrae. The lower portion (5 vertebrae) involves the Lumbar vertebrae. The cord also contains the Sacrum and Coccyx sections. These are beneath the Lumbar region. The following diagram displays the human spinal cord:

Back Injuries Center

Car crash spine injuries come from fast speeds. This makes a sprain, strain, or compression fracture.

Damage to the Thoracic region of the spine is the most serious. Yet, they all come with bruising, pain, loss of motion/feeling.

Spinal cord injuries might not appear for a long time. Thus, victims don’t know what treatment to request. They also don't know how long the pain will last. Some of it might heal on its own. Some of it might need long-term care. You might even need surgery. Read these facts. They cover back injuries from car accidents.

Most personal injury attorneys can speak to regarding an injury claim, car accident claims, personal injury claim, neck injury claim, personal injury lawsuit, neck and back injuries, broken bones, etc. But our motor vehicle accidents lawyers are some of the most experienced advocates in the state and can give you a free consultation today.

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Back Injury Statistics from Illinois Car Accidents

  • Almost 500,000 people each year have a spinal cord injury. One-third of those are caused by car accidents.
  • You can get a spinal injury at just 5 miles per hour.
  • People with spinal cord injuries can be 5 times more likely to die prematurely.
  • Most spinal cord injury victims are male and under 30.
  • Causes of spinal cord injuries include sports, falls, and fighting.
  • Nearly
  • 50% of spinal cord injury victims do not have private insurance. These
  • injuries often require months of hospital stays. Those stays can cost
  • hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical treatment.

Info regarding Illinois back injuries and car accidents:



Chart Illinois Car Accidents

Chart Cook County Car Accidents

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The Financial Cost of Treating Back Injuries from Chicago Car Accidents

Some back injuries just need meds and PT. Others require surgery. Back surgery can be invasive and expensive. Also, it might not fix the real problem. Doctors may even suggest many rounds of surgery. This compounds the cost and pain. Here's a full list of treatment options for back and neck injuries. Your Illinois car accident back pain might need them.

  • Over the counter meds like Tylenol.
  • Chiropractic care, attention.
  • Electrothermal therapy, electrical nerve stimulation.
  • Bioelectric blocking therapy.
  • Physical therapy.
  • Spinal therapy, stimulation.
  • Injections.

The toll on these victims is even more. They need to concede to a life without mobility. Their families must help with their car. This can be quite expensive. The lifetime cost of care for a paralyzed person can surpass over $4.5 million.

The large price tag is highlight because they cannot work again. At least, many paralyzed people can't work again. Rear-end collisions and lane departure accidents cause most injuries. Cars are involved in 70% of vehicle accidents with a spinal injury. You should see a doctor fast. These injuries worsen over time.

Also, they might not present symptoms initially. Record your expenses and treatment. This will preserve your claim. It will also make it easier for your personal injury attorney to win in court! Do these things too.

  • List your travels to/from medical appointments. You'll want a travel log for the care needed from the accident.
  • Ask your employer for a lost wages verification form.
  • Request medical records from your primary care physician. You might also want records from other medical providers.
  • Record your insurance companies information including relevant policy implicated by the car accident neck or back injury.
  • Follow your doctor's instructions carefully. Don't waiver from what he/she tells you about the back and neck injuries.

Due to the high level of pain and suffering damages in these events, the average settlement for car accident is higher than the average neck settlement from other incident and the insurance company's initial offer will be higher too due to the fact there are more serious injuries at play like a herniated disc or related injuries.

Talk to us if you want to seek compensation about settlement value in a back injury claim and average neck recovery from the at fault party .

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Car Accident Back Neck Injury Lawyer

The Best Back Injury Claims and Defenses in Illinois Lawsuits

In Illinois auto accident cases, there are common claims and defenses. A lot of the points made in litigation appear similar. Success on these issues will determine if you win in court. Back injuries are special. They require specific claims/allegations. Their complaints, motions, and arguments need tailoring.

Here are a few claims you might see. There is also some insight into how defendants normally oppose them. Plus, we'll show you how you can respond to their defenses!

  1. Medical Bills. Every injury case in Illinois will include some request for damages. They will usually relate to medical bills. Back injury cases are complicated. Their claims are normally a bit higher on average. Thus, defendants will push back at this. They'll argue that some or all of them are unnecessary. To defeat this, show how similar plaintiffs recovered. Use doctors' testimony as to the adequacy of the treatments given.
  2. Pain and Suffering. Long-term pain is a big source of relief for these cases. The crux of this argument is that the injury will impair them for the long-term future. Thus, they should be compensated accordingly. Defendants will refute this contention. But they normally do this without concrete evidence. To strengthen your case, show how the incident eliminated your ability to do what you used to be able to do. Show examples from work, play, and other areas.
  3. Lost Income. Often, plaintiffs will seek lost income in these suits. This is so because their back injuries prevent them from being able to return to work and make a living. In response, defendants will commonly complain that this was a personal decision. They'll say it was not related to the harms suffered in the car crash. However, this retort can be easily combated. Just offer evidence of the work routine and job demands. Combined with the injuries presented, this should show that the plaintiff's requests are reasonable.

See how claims and defenses matter in these spinal cord and back or neck injury cases? They can affect your compensation by a lot especially if there is an insurance company involved.

Yet, other issues arise in these back or neck suits too. To gain a better understanding, call our offices and we can go over different back or neck injury claims.. We will highlight what you can do to maximize your recovery after neck or back injury with an insurance company or other party that caused the neck or back injury.

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Car Accident Back Neck Injury Settlement

Chicago, IL Car Accident Back Injury Awards and Back or Neck Injury Settlement

Below are some sample car accident settlements and verdicts involving different types of back injuries. We appreciate that you may have questions about your situation and how your case may be valued.

Consequently, we invite you to contact our law firm for a free consultation with an experienced car accident attorney who can advise you if your legal rights and options.

$639,000 Settlement; Kane County, Illinois:

The 44-year-old plaintiff was riding in the back of his friend's car when they were rear-ended west of Chicago. He suffered herniated discs, back trauma, and facial lacerations-medical expenses totaling about $250,000.

Doctors diagnosed him with radiculopathy and spinal damage at LF and performed surgery on his spine and back. He had permanent damage to his back and needed long-term medical treatment (steroid injections). He settled with the driver's insurance company for $639,000.

$239,000 Settlement; Chicago, Illinois:

A family was driving their passenger vehicle near Chicago when another motorist crossed the median and hit them head-on. The parents both suffered back injuries, herniated discs, and spinal damage. His were at the T6, T7, L4, and L5 spots. Hers were similarly positioned.

The accident resulted not in only in substantial pain for them but also substantial medical expenses and lost wages due to missed work. They sued the other driver but the claim was soon directed to that party's insurance carrier. In the end, the family obtained $239,000 in financial compensation.

$500,000 Jury Award; Cook County:

The plaintiff, a pregnant woman in her late thirties, was being driven to work by her husband when the defendant's motor vehicle sideswiped them. She herniated a disc (L5) and sustained other injuries to her back, arm, and neck.

Also, the woman alleged that the other motorist aggravated pre-existed injuries. The defendant denied this charges and liability for the event entirely. The two sides went to trial and the jury found for the woman. They awarded her $500,000 for suffering and pain ($300,000), disability ($170,000), aggravation ($20,000), and medical expenses ($10,000).

$100,000 Settlement; Chicago, Illinos:

The defendant blew threw a stop sign and t-boned the plaintiff’s car, a 34-year-old man. He broke his hip and damaged soft tissue in his back-totaling $11,000 in medical expenses.

The woman denied where the incident occurred but did not dispute overall fault. Therefore, counsel for the two sides both engaged in negotiations to settle the dispute. The man received $100,000 for his pain, suffering, and costs.

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Car Accident Back Neck Injury

Get Legal Help Now from Attorneys Who Understand the Impact of Back Injuries Related to Chicago, Illinois Auto Accidents

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC stands up for car accident victims. We have a long record of success.

Our team can give you a free consultation with legal advice. This will identify what might be possible in court. Also, we can fight for your rights at no upfront cost.

Make sure you do not miss a dime of compensation. Begin your recovery today. Call us now. Learn about how we can assist you with Illinois auto accident injuries.

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