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Attorneys for People Injured in Averitt Express Trucking Accidents

Averitt Express Truck Accident Averitt Express is a Tennessee based interstate trucking company that employs 6,300 drivers and logs roughly 377.5 million miles per year. Understanding a trucking company's safety records and data is a great way to pinpoint areas where improvement is needed so that measures can be made to reduce the number of serious truck accidents, which cause severe injuries to the victims who are involved. While not all accidents are the result of extreme negligence and genuine mistakes are made from time to time, statistics may suggest that the trucking companies themselves may have more power to prevent accidents than they claim.

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers represents individuals and families with serious injuries and fatalities related to trucking accidents. If you or a loved one was injured in a collision with an Averitt Express truck, we invite you to contact our office for a free consultation and review of your legal options for recovery.

Averitt Express Safety Data Suggests a Trend in the Wrong Direction

When comparing data from 2012 with the most recent data compiled, it is evident that Averitt Express is not doing nearly enough to improve its safety record and keep its drivers accountable. Most of the data suggest that Averitt Express is responsible for more accidents and violations over time, which may indicate that Averitt Express drivers are not the sole parties to blame for accidents involving its vehicles.

  • In 2012, reports indicated that Averitt Express vehicles were involved in 308 accidents over the previous two years. This statistic jumped to 457 in the most recent report, released in June of 2015. This report reveals an alarming increase of nearly 50% and an indicator that Averitt Express is moving in the wrong direction regarding general safety protocol and policies.

  • If there is any silver lining to the cloud, it is that the number of fatal injuries reported in a two year period fell from 22 in 2012 to 12 in 2015, but the total number of injuries increased from 100 to 148, respectively. Roughly one in three accidents involved injuries which required medical care.

  • The out of service violations recorded in vehicle inspections rose between 2012 and 2015. In 2012, 2,454 vehicle inspections were reported for the previous two years and resulted in 321 out of service violations. The 2015 report recorded 2,567 inspections and 370 violations— an increase of 15%.

  • The number of drivers "out of service" violations remained roughly the same. In 2012, there were 94 reports of violations resulting from 4,548 inspections while 99 violations were recorded in the 2015 report.

Interpreting Averitt Express Safety Data and its Relevance

What we can gain first from the safety data available is that Averitt Express drivers have been involved in an alarming number of accidents when compared to previous data. This trend suggests that drivers may be overworked, the trucks may not be adequately maintained and that Averitt Express is not providing adequate training to its employees. It is the responsibility of all trucking companies to regularly inspect their vehicles to identify and repair safety concerns and to ensure that its drivers are keeping accurate logs of their service hours so that they do not overwork and have plenty of rest between shifts.

Trucking companies are notorious for encouraging drivers to falsify logs to work longer and arrive at their destinations earlier. Studies have shown that fatigue has similar effects to reaction time and the ability to make decisions as alcohol or marijuana. Keeping a semi-tractor out of service to perform a thorough inspection or repairs can prove costly to the trucking company as well because it is one less vehicle running a route and for this reason, it is not uncommon for trucks to fail mandated inspections due to lack of maintenance.

Protecting Those Harmed in Averitt Express Truck Accidents

If you've been involved in an Averitt Express truck accident, it may be difficult for you to determine who to seek damages from as many of these cases include shared liability among multiple parties. You may be able to prove that the driver, the truck company, maintenance staff or a combination of individuals and entities are to blame for the accident. For this reason, you need to retain the services of a truck accident lawyer who can answer these questions and seek compensation from the right people.

Sample Personal Injury & Wrongful Death Lawsuit Settlements Involving Averitt Express Trucks

The victims in this case were out of town. They were a married couple from Florida. Yet, they were in Virginia at the time of the crash. The wife was driving their Camry along I-95. She came to a stop as she was supposed to. Then, an Averitt truck plowed right into the back of them. The trucker was going close to 30 mph when it slammed into their car. The wife injured her back, wrists, shoulder, and neck. The husband's elbow, shoulder, neck, and back were harmed. Both of them sued the trucker and Averitt. They also sued the maker of the truck's transmission. That latter claim was for products liability. The plaintiffs thought it might have been defectively made. That defect could have contributed to the crash and their harms. Yet, they later dropped their claims against that company. The ones that remained targeted Averitt and the trucker. They were based in negligence. The man and wife stated the defendants' unreasonable conduct led to their damages. The trucker operated his vehicle in an unsafe way. Averitt deficiently hired and supervised its employees. The defendants objected. They claimed that the woman braked too hard and fast. It didn't leave enough time for the trucker to stop. Also, they said that he was paying attention and tried to stop. Obviously, he didn't do that in time. This fact made the defendants' odds slim at trial. They didn't let it get that far though. They agreed to settle. The plaintiffs got hundreds of thousands of dollars after this truck accident settlement.

Contact Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers for a Review of Your Legal Options Following an Averitt Express Accident

The Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC is a group of successful and dedicated attorneys who approach our clients' cases from every angle possible. Our firm has access to experts in numerous professional fields like accident reconstruction, medicine, and economics that can establish who is at fault for your accident, the value of the compensation to which you are entitled and what forms of treatment you should have access to during your recovery. We have helped hundreds of trucking accident victims and their families through both their financial and physical recovery and can do the same for you.

Contact us now to schedule a free consultation with an attorney to learn more about your legal options following an accident with an Averitt Express truck and what we can do for you. If we fail to recover damages on your behalf, our services will be free of charge.

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