Many people suffer injuries through no fault, often creating long-lasting chaos in their daily lives. These people often cannot pay expensive medical bills while taking time off work to heal.

Were you severely injured in a car accident or harmed by medical malpractice? Did you lose a loved one through a wrongful death caused by another’s negligent actions? The personal injury attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers, LLC can help.

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Good legal representation is the trademark of any modern society where justice is served and is what Bellwood personal injury lawyers do for their clients. Successful personal injury attorneys see that their clients are not taken for granted by individuals, high-powered industries, corporations, claims adjusters, and insurance companies.

There is no telling when a person will sustain various injuries and seek justice and fair compensation when resolving an injury claim. It is comforting to know they have a Bellwood, IL, personal injury attorney on their side when and if the unexpected happens.

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A Glimpse into the Village of Bellwood

Bellwood Village in Illinois has experienced exceptional economic and environmental growth like many U.S. towns and cities. Bellwood is located in Cook County and Proviso Township, with a 2020 census population of 18,672, with a decline of approximately 2% since 2010.

Bellwood Village’s 2.40 square miles of land is home to prominent industries, such as oil, automotive, construction, engineering, and manufacturing plants. Economic progress also accounts for the availability of many shops, restaurants, and other successful businesses there.

Why Someone May Need A Personal Injury Lawyer In Bellwood, IL

Accidents happen even amid a positive outlook and prosperity in a place like Bellwood. Often, they result in people sustaining three categories of personal injuries. They include bodily injury, emotional and psychological stress caused by intentional infliction, and emotional and psychological stress caused by negligent infliction.

Consequent to not knowing their legal rights or what course of action they should take, numerous persons settle for no compensation, or the responsible party may under-compensate them for their injuries and damages.

Hiring trusted Bellwood personal injury lawyers can ensure that the injured victim receives the maximum compensation based on their case’s value.

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Types of Personal Injuries

Personal injuries occur in many ways and as a result of different incidents. Bellwood civil lawyers practice law in different specialties, including:

  • Traffic accidents, including car, truck, motorcycle, and boat
  • Worksite injuries
  • Nursing home abuse
  • Slip-and-fall
  • Tripping
  • Assault
  • Medical malpractice
  • Dental Malpractice
  • Product defects/liability
  • Workers’ compensation benefits
  • Industrial disease, for example, asbestos poisoning

Personal injury lawyers spend years in law school getting their Juris Doctor law degree after earning a bachelor’s degree at a four-year college. Afterward, the lawyer must pass the bar exam to become licensed to practice law.

The attorney can only apply for legal work at a law firm or government agency or start a one-person law practice, finding clients to represent.

Types of Damages Involved In a Personal Injury Case

Personal injuries are termed special or general, depending on their financial considerations. Any injuries that generate medical bills, lost earnings, and property damages are recognized as “special” damages or losses because their financial equivalence can be measured.

Pain and suffering, emotional and psychological distress, and loss of consortium are termed general because money’s worth cannot be placed on them.

Why Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer Is a Wise Move for Family Security

Personal injury damages usually have devastating effects on victims and their families. Sometimes the inconveniences are short-term, but in many instances, they have long-term effects. Their occurrences usually adversely alter the victims’ present and future lifestyles when likely facing astronomical medical bills.

Meanwhile, household expenses such as mortgage and car notes accumulate due to the loss of wages. Sometimes, drivers and passengers in an accident might be out of work for months while healing and receiving rehabilitation/therapy.

In some instances, bodily harm leaves injured parties incapacitated, so they may never regain their ability to function normally.

Whenever a personal injury is sustained, someone is responsible, and they must be held accountable. If it is an individual, they should pay. If an insurance company is involved, they, too, should pay. Unfortunately, the process becomes tedious and stressful when a fair settlement cannot be reached.

Bellwood personal injury lawyers are the best choice when the defendant or their insurance company fails to offer a good-faith settlement. They are knowledgeable and well-versed in personal injury torts. They compile the facts and aggressively argue their cases to win.

How a Bellwood Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

An Illinois personal injury lawyer can handle every aspect of their client’s accident cases to ensure a successful outcome. A competent lawyer with experience in the community and an excellent legal rating can protect their client’s rights.

Typically, a Bellwood personal injury attorney can review any potential client’s case through a free consultation and provide legal advice on proceeding with the claim. If the lawyer chooses to accept the case, their legal assistance could include:

  • Thoroughly investigate the claim involving a driver-error crash, medical mistake, abuse, neglect, or assault to determine how their client’s injury occurred
  • Use the investigative results to determine which parties should be held legally responsible for the harm and financial damages
  • Consult with qualified experts from various fields, including medical professionals and accident reconstructionists
  • Analyze their clients’ medical records and other information to calculate all damages to determine the case’s value
  • Carefully review the defendant’s insurance policies and speak with the insurance company on their client’s behalf
  • Take the case to trial when necessary, and present the evidence before a judge and jury
  • Resolve all liens attached to the financial recovery, including Workers’ Compensation benefits and healthcare liens

A personal injury lawyer will handle all aspects of the case to allow the victim to concentrate on their recovery. Illinois requires all personal injury claims to be filed before the statute of limitations expires, usually two years from when the accident occurred.

The plaintiff’s personal injury attorney must also prove the injury case’s primary elements, including that the defendant (responsible party) had a duty not to harm the plaintiff.

The Bellwood personal injury attorney must also show that the defendant’s breach of duty harmed the plaintiff and that the harm is actual and provable in court.

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Bellwood Personal Injury Lawyer FAQs

Our personal injury law firm understands that many families have unanswered questions about handling civil cases when negotiating with insurance companies or settling their compensation claims. Bellwood personal injury attorneys have answered some of those questions below.

Contact our law office today at (888) 424-5757 (toll-free phone call) or through the contact form for more information from a Bellwood personal injury attorney. All information you share with our law office remains confidential through an attorney-client relationship.

What kind of cases do personal injury lawyers handle?

Any victim harmed through another’s intentional act or negligence can file a compensation claim with an insurance company or civil court. In complex cases, the victim may hire a personal injury attorney to serve as their legal representative when resolving the case through negotiated settlements or jury trial verdicts.

A personal injury attorney will typically handle cases in different practice areas, including car accidents, medical malpractice, premises liability, motorcycle accidents, defective medications, workers’ compensation benefits, nursing home abuse, and wrongful death.

What is a reasonable settlement offer?

About 95% of all personal injury cases are settled out of court, meaning that the plaintiff (injured party) and the defendant (responsible party) have agreed on a fair settlement to avoid going to trial. But exactly how does the plaintiff know that they are accepting a fair settlement based on the value of their claim?

Typically, personal injury attorneys recommend clients accept a settlement offer if it covers their medical bills, hospitalization costs, lost wages, future lost earnings, pain, and suffering. Surviving family members who lost a loved one through a wrongful death should ensure that the settlement offer covers all their costs, including funeral and burial bills.

What happens if I lose my personal injury case?

Not every personal injury case requires a competent attorney to handle and resolve the claim. However, complex cases with severe bodily harm, extensive property damage, or fatality, like in car accidents, usually require the skills of a competent personal injury lawyer with a comprehensive understanding of tort law.

Statistics reveal that hiring a personal injury lawyer with a successful track record to handle the case generates up to three times the victim’s financial compensation had they handled the case without legal assistance.

How do I hire the best personal injury attorney to handle my case?

Resolving personal injury claims typically involves economic, non-economic, and punitive damages. Nearly all personal injury victims harmed through the intentional or negligent act of another can file a claim seeking economic and non-economic damages, often called general or special damages.

Economic damages refer to the monetary loss of the claim involving medical expenses, hospitalization costs, rehabilitation & therapy bills, lost wages, and future lost earnings. Non-economic damages refer to intangible losses, including pain, suffering, anxiety, mental anguish, emotional injury, companionship loss, and consortium loss.

In cases where the defendant’s egregious actions led to severe injury or fatality, the court system may impose punitive damages to punish the responsible parties. Punitive damages are only given in a few cases heard at trial, where a personal injury attorney represents the plaintiff.

Can surviving family members file a personal injury claim for damages?

At some point, the defendant’s insurance carrier or claims adjuster will make a settlement offer to resolve the case between the plaintiff (injured party) and the defendant (responsible party). If you determine that the offer is too low and decline to accept it, it will no longer exist once it is withdrawn.

The defendant is not required to make a follow-up offer, and you should not count on receiving one. A personal injury attorney can typically recommend the best way to negotiate a settlement or take the case to trial.

What is the most common personal injury case?

Your initial settlement offer will usually arrive one or two weeks after the insurance company responds to your demand letter, where you claimed that their policyholder had harmed you. Typically, the insurance company will give you weeks or months to accept the offer.

Sometimes, a personal injury attorney working the case on behalf of their client will negotiate many offers and counteroffers. Sometimes, attorneys from both sides will come together during the negotiating settlement meeting to resolve the case.

If you choose to deny any settlement offer, your case will likely be resolved before a judge and jury. However, a personal injury attorney might recommend avoiding court due to the unpredictability of the jury’s verdict.

Get The Compensation That You Deserve With The Help of a Bellwood Personal Injury Attorney

Did you suffer bodily harm during an accident, a medical mistake, or through no fault of your own? Did your family lose a loved one through a wrongful death caused by another’s negligence or intentional act?

The personal injury attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers, LLC can serve as your legal advocates when resolving your compensation claim. Call us today at (888) 424-5757 (toll-free phone call) or through the contact form to schedule a free consultation.

Our personal injury lawyers provide legal assistance in all areas of civil tort law and have years of experience and a successful track record of protecting our client’s rights.

We understand that many families have insufficient funds to hire a Bellwood personal injury lawyer and accept all cases through contingency fee agreements, meaning no upfront fees are required until we negotiate a settlement or win at trial.

Our personal injury attorneys represent clients throughout Illinois in various practice areas, including car accidents, medical malpractice, slip and fall cases, truck accidents, nursing home neglect, product liability, and wrongful death.


Client Reviews

Jonathan Rosenfeld was professionally objective, timely, and knowledgeable. Also, his advice was extremely effective regarding my case. In addition, Jonathan was understanding and patient pertaining to any of my questions or concerns. I was very happy with the end result and I highly recommend Jonathan Rosenfeld.

- Michonne Proulx

Extremely impressed with this law firm. They took control of a bad motorcycle crash that left my uncle seriously injured. Without any guarantee of a financial recovery, they went out and hired accident investigators and engineers to help prove how the accident happened. I am grateful that they worked on a contingency fee basis as there was no way we could have paid for these services on our own.

- Ethan Armstrong

Jonathan helped my family heal and get compensation after our child was suffered a life threatening injury at daycare. He was sympathetic and in constant contact with us letting us know all he knew every step of the way. We were so blessed to find Jonathan!

- Giulia

This lawyer really helped me get compensation for my motorcycle accident case. I know there is no way that I could have gotten anywhere near the amount that Mr. Rosenfeld was able to get to settle my case. Thank you.

- Daniel Kaim

Jonathan did a great job helping my family navigate through a lengthy lawsuit involving my grandmother's death in a nursing home. Through every step of the case, Jonathan kept my family informed of the progression of the case. Although our case eventually settled at a mediation, I really was impressed at how well prepared Jonathan was to take the case to trial.

- Lisa
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