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Chicago Apartment Building Accident Lawyer

Owners of apartment buildings have a duty towards tenants, unit owners, and guests to provide safe premises and to warn tenants of dangers. Victims involved in Chicago premises accidents could sue the management and building owner for failing to meet their duty of care.

The premises liability attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers, LLC, are committed to holding Chicago apartment complex owners and management companies fully accountable when their negligence causes serious injury to tenants and visitors.

Apartment Building Injury

You are entitled to recover monetary compensation, and our Chicago personal injury attorneys can help you get the maximum compensation under Illinois law. Before you consider attempting to resolve an apartment injury case on your own, contact our premises liability lawyers for a free consultation.

Call our Chicago premises liability lawyers at (888) 424-5757, or use the contact form for additional information or schedule a consultation for a free case evaluation with our apartment accident lawyer to discuss your legal options.

Why Does a Chicago Apartment Building Accident Typically Happen?

Apartment accidents frequently arise when apartment complex owners fail to make repairs to structures on the building such as:

  • Neglecting to repair broken stairs, leading to a tripping hazard.
  • Failing to provide regular structure maintenance, such as removing snow from outside driveways and sidewalks.
  • Failing to repair a ceiling that needs maintenance, and a broken piece of the roof may strike a person as they walk through the building.

The failure to maintain a structure or complete necessary repairs are the two most common ways resulting in accidents.

The owner of the premises or landlord may not want to spend money on repairs or be remiss in completing the repairs needed. This behavior is unacceptable when tenants, unit owners, and guests sustain injuries due to the owner's poor decision.

A property owner or landlord must be held liable when they know unsafe conditions exist and fail to make the repairs needed to prevent those hazards.

Types of Accidents in Apartment Buildings

Apartment accidents can result from poor maintenance or a lack of due care. Tenants and unit owners must pay attention to whether these accidents occur regularly to establish the negligence of the responsible parties, such as the landlord or building owner.

Here are some of the types of apartment accidents:

These accidents should never happen in an apartment building structure. Individuals have the right to live in areas free from unreasonable risks and dangerous conditions.

An apartment complex property owner fails when tenants and others are injured or face wrongful death and should be held liable in such cases.

Should an injured victim die from the landlord or a building owner's negligence, family members may wish to meet for a free case evaluation with personal injury lawyers to discuss filing a wrongful death monetary recovery claim.

Apartment Building Injury FAQs

Our apartment building accident attorneys understand that many families have unanswered questions about a premises liability claim and how to deal directly with insurance companies to receive compensation after they are injured.

We offer free consultations by phone or office should you wish to contact a personal injury lawyer from our law office.

Can Someone Sue You For Falling Down Your Stairs?

If your landlord fails with negligent security and causes your injuries, for example where you fall on the apartment stairwell, you might have the legal right to file a premises liability claim or compensation claim.

You might be able to prove that the following caused your injuries:

  • Slippery steps
  • Wear and tear in the carpet
  • Polished tiles
  • Objects left in the stairwell
  • Snow or ice built up on the outdoor steps

Slipping, tripping, and falling down stairs can cause multiple injuries from broken bones, bruises, fractures, and sprains.

You are likely entitled to receive the maximum compensation from the property owners of the apartment premises to pay for your medical bills, hospitalization, lost wages, and any permanent/temporary disability related to the fall.

How Is a Slip and Fall Pain and Suffering Claim Calculated?

Premises liability lawyers working on your behalf will use a multiplier method that calculates all damages associated with your physical and emotional trauma. The lawyer will identify all special damages (actual damages) and multiply the amount by up to five times or higher.

The calculator accounts for the severity of your injuries and identifiable proof that you are experiencing suffering and pain that might require verifiable documentation. The length of your recovery time will also determine the value of your case.

Statistics show that plaintiffs filing a claim for compensation settle their cases for between $15,000-$45,000 on average. However, how much you could receive depends on the uniqueness of your case including:

  • How you were injured
  • The extent of your injuries
  • Medical expenses
  • Your damages

Nearly all apartment accident slip and fall cases are settled out of court to provide the victim quicker access to the recovery money and allow the legally responsible defendants of apartment complexes to avoid a lengthy and expensive trial.

How Do You Prove Suffering and Pain?

Your slip and fall accident likely left you suffering mental or emotional injuries, or you must deal with your emotional distress, mental anguish, anger, fear, anxiety, humiliation, or shock.

If your injuries were severe, you might have experienced post-traumatic stress disorder that has made significant life-altering changes that diminished your enjoyment of normal daily activities.

An apartment accident lawyer working on your behalf will use calculations to equate the extent of your physical and emotional trauma with verifiable documentation. Your physical disfigurements and deformities related to the accident will also prove the value of your claim.

The documents will likely include medical bills, doctor records, photographic evidence of your injuries, diagnostic tests, medical prognosis, expert testimony, and psychiatric or psychological records.

Also, in a personal injury case, the lawyer will determine the value of your non-economical damages that might involve a disruption in everyday living, any debilitating physical impairment, and emotional and mental distress.

Receive Legal Help For Apartment Building Accidents Injuries From Seasoned Chicago Apartment Accident Attorneys

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers, LLC represents apartment tenants and guests who are injured due to the carelessness of other parties.

Our Chicago law firm has more than one experienced apartment accidents lawyer with years of experience and can analyze which parties may be responsible and held liable for your serious injury.

These parties might include apartment building owners, maintenance companies, or outside contractors.

If you were injured as a tenant or visitor at Chicago apartment premises, let us begin working on your premises liability lawsuit today.

Speak with a premises liability attorney as soon as possible to ensure that your premises liability claim is filed within the Illinois statute of limitations for Chicago personal injury actions.

Contingency “No Win, No Fee” Guarantee

Our law firm gets results quickly because we understand you need money now. We offer every client a "No Win/No-Fee" Guarantee, meaning if we cannot recover compensation on your behalf, you owe us nothing.

If you or your loved one were injured, we invite you to a free consultation before speaking to the insurance company representative. All discussions with our law firm remain confidential through an attorney-client relationship to protect your legal rights.

Contact our premises liability attorneys today at (888) 424-5757 (toll-free phone call) or through the contact form to schedule a free case evaluation to discuss your legal options for your injury or wrongful death case.


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This lawyer really helped me get compensation for my motorcycle accident case. I know there is no way that I could have gotten anywhere near the amount that Mr. Rosenfeld was able to get to settle my case. Thank you. Daniel Kaim
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