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Altoona-Johnstown Clergy Sexual Abuse Attorneys

Altoona-Johnstown-Diocese-Clergy-Abuse-LookupThe Roman Catholic Church remains the leading global religious institution providing faith to its congregation under the guidance of Pope Francis. The Church provides the foundational support of every parishioner’s faith with its high standards, opportunity for second chances, and forgiveness. Sadly, many church leaders misuse their authority to sexually molest others.

In the last two decades, information regarding pervasive sexual molestation previously hidden by Church officials has been released to the public. The shocking news revealed thousands of cases of inappropriate sexual conduct among diocesan priests, brothers, bishops, cardinals, deacons, nuns, and laypeople in charge of spiritual guidance.

Hiring an Altoona-Johnstown Diocese Sexual Abuse Attorney

Many clergy sexual assault survivors never tell anyone what a priest did to them months, years, or decades ago. These victims remain silent because of embarrassment or fear the predator will retaliate and assault them again. Any sexual abuser allowed to remain in active public ministry in the Church can use their authority to strike out and abuse others.

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC protects child abuse survivors emotionally or physically harmed by religious leaders and the Church, including the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown. With our years of experience, we use federal and state law to hold predatory priests accountable.

Our attorneys file civil suits to ensure our clients receive the financial compensation they deserve. If a religious leader injured you, we are ready to help. Let a clergy abuse attorney provide you a confidential setting to protect your rights and listen to your story.

Altoona-Johnstown Diocese Pays out $2.5 Million

In December 2018, the Altoona-Johnstown Diocese Bishop Bartchak announced that the Diocese had paid out over $21.4 million to settle cases with victims sexually assaulted by its clergymen. The payouts that included settlements and awards, legal fees and survivor counseling occurred between July 1999 and December 2018.

A report released by the Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s office revealed that the Dioceses of Altoona Johnstown at least fifty sexual abusers in charge of providing religious leadership. The information was part of the 2018 grand jury report. These documents revealed that the sexual abuse of children was covered up by Bishop James Hogan and Bishop Joseph Adamec.

The Diocese paid plaintiffs awards and settlements using a property and casualty insurance fund, selling off the Altoona-Johnstown Catholic Diocese’s property and using Church savings. The Bishop announced the creation of a compensation funds program to provide for its future settlements. The fund also provided monies for services to survivors of child molestation who were victimized by Parish priest and other religious leaders in the community.

Nearly two decades ago, the Diocese started a victim assistance program to settle twenty-one claims that cost the Church about $8.9 million in compensation funds. Additionally, the Diocese reorganized its Review Board and initiated an Office of Youth Protection.

A Long History of Sexual Assault Allegations

For hundreds of years, the Roman Catholic Church has dealt with religious leaders accused of sexually abusing innocent victims. About seven decades ago, church officials responded by opening the New Mexico Congregation of the Servants of the Paraclete. The Catholic retreat provided substance abuse and sexual misconduct treatment for religious leaders, including priests, bishops, cardinals, deacons, and brothers.

Previously, each parish pastor and bishop handled victims of abuse cases in their community through internal investigations. The Church often allowed him to remain in his position and potentially abuse others, even if the priest was found to have credible allegations of sexual abuse of a minor. While the New Mexico Retreat did not always provide a successful outcome by rehabilitating the priest, it did remove the Reverend from the congregation through an administrative leave of absence.

Unfortunately, the Diocese, Vatican, and Pope John Paul II and Pope Francis rarely told their congregations that a predatory priest was in their midst. The lack of transparency provided the abuser an opportunity to attack again. However, it also took any power away from the victim to seek help from the Church for healing.

The Burden Carried by Sexual Abuse Survivors

In many sexual abuse cases involving children and young adults, the victim spends years or decades carrying the heavy burden of their experience. The Diocese clergy sexual abuse survivors often live a life in silence and never speak of what happened or discuss their internal turmoil.

Predatory priests often chose their victims due to their innocence and young age. The Reverend specifically selected to abuse them using their power of authority as a priest, teacher, coach, or instructor. The Father looked for private places to conduct their abuse at Church-related locations that could include the rectory, school, summer camp, sporting events, and even the victim’s parent’s home.

Many sexual abuse survivors never report what happened to law enforcement or tell their parents. Instead, details of the horrific experience might never come out or be discussed only in the privacy of a therapeutic session. Without help, victims can develop high levels of ongoing anxiety, years of depression, eating disorders, suicidal thoughts, and a loss of their faith.

Without justice, the predatory priest never faces prosecution, trial, and sentencing that could help the victim closed the door and move on. However, legal assistance is now available to all sexual abuse survivors in need of healing.

Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown Clergy Sexual Abuse Attorneys Can Help

Under the guidance of Pope Paul, the Roman Catholic Church in the United States continues to face problems with predator priests sexually assaulting innocent victims. Many Pennsylvania sexual abuse survivors are standing up and filing civil suits to hold their abusers accountable.

If you are a victim of sexual assault harmed by an Altoona-Johnstown Diocese religious leader, Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC can help. Contact us today at (888) 424-5757 to schedule a free, no-obligation case consultation. Let us review the merits of your case to discuss your lawsuit options in a confidential setting to ensure you receive financial compensation.

Our law firm provides new opportunities for plaintiffs to file a claim against the Church even if the Pennsylvania statute of limitations has expired since the abuse occurred. We handle cases involving a predator priest whose current status is in active ministry, has been removed from the priesthood, was placed on administrative leave, or has died.

List of Church Officials Accused of Abuse in Altoona-Johnstown Diocese

Ackerman, Francis

Ordained: 1946

A victim alleged that Monsignor Ackerman victimized him in 1955 and 1966 when he was 15 years old, engaging in anal and oral sex, molesting him at St. Mary’s Orphanage in Cresson, Pennsylvania.

Current Status: Died 8/2002

Arsenaul, David

Ordained: 1981

In 2016, Bishop Bartchak of the Diocese of Altoona-Johnston placed the priest on leave after allegations arose of hundreds of cases of child sex abuse occurring two decades earlier and ordered him not to have contact with children. However, the priest remained in the ministry after admitting to horseplay with boys.

Current Status: Pastor at Most Holy Trinity Church Huntingdon PA

Bender, Joseph J.

Ordained: 1957

An anonymous plaintiff filed a lawsuit claiming the priest molested him over eight years while at Immaculate Conception Church in Dudley after a Grand Jury concluded the Reverend was a serial child predator.

Current Status: Died 2002

Biller, Harold N.

Ordained: 1970

Testimony of another priest revealed that Reverend Biller sexually assaulted a young victim in the early 1980s when assigned to St. Anne’s. In 2016, the Monsignor became pastor of St. Patrick’s (Johnstown) overseeing an elementary school.

Current Status: Died 10/2018

Bodenschatz, Peter

Ordained: 1933

An adult male accused the priest of sexual assault that occurred when the victim served as an eighth-grade altar boy at St. Mary’s Church in Nanty-Glo, PA.

Current Status: Died 1961

Bodziak, Charles F.

Ordained: 1967

In 2003, a sexually assaulted victim reported that the priest engaged in sexual intercourse with her when she lived in foster care in 1971 at sixteen years old. The victim was removed from foster care and blamed her for the “love affair” with Bodziak, who was removed from ministry in 2016 after she filed a lawsuit that was dropped due to the statute of limitations.

Current Status: Lawsuit revived in June/2019

Boyle, John J.

Ordained: 1956

A victim filed a lawsuit against Reverend Boyle, claiming the priest abused him from the time he was thirteen between 1958 and 1963. Another victim claims he was sexually abused by the priest beginning in 1982 when the boy was sixteen years old.

Current Status: Died 12/2011

Brady, Martin

Ordained: 1956

The priest molested children between the ages of 11 and 17 years old while working at the Dioceses of Altoona-Johnstown, PA and Richmond, Virginia.

Current Status: Died 3/2003

Bunn, James F.

Ordained: 1964

Credible evidence reveals that Reverend Bunn “engaged in sexual intercourse” during the 1960s with the boy while he was between 10 and 13 years of age. Another complaint arose in 2001 involving a second victim.

Current Status: Removed from public ministry

Burkhardt, Harold J.

Ordained: 1947

Monsignor Burkhardt had penetrated sexual child abuse with a 9-year-old boy while at St. Mary Immaculate Conception Church in Altoona, then left the victim with psychological effects associated with the abuse. The Diocese never reported the incident.

Current Status: Died 2000

Campbell, Andrew S.

Ordained: 1981

A filed lawsuit revealed that a 16-year-old boy accused three priests of sexual abuse, including Reverend Andrew Campbell, between 1980 and 1981. The suit was settled out of court in 2005.

Current Status: Last reported working at St. Vincent Archabbey College – 2014

Carroll, Thomas M.

Ordained: 1971

Evidence revealed Reverend Carroll gave young boys alcohol before sodomizing them in 1971. In 1988, the Bishop became aware that the priest was an “active homosexual [and] associated with young males.”

Current Status: Died 1989

Cherry, Athanasius C.

Ordained: 1968

A filed lawsuit revealed that a 16-year-old boy accused three priests of sexual abuse, including Reverend Cherry, between 1980 and 1981. The suit was settled out of court in 2005.

Current Status: Removed from the ministry and no contact with students

Cingle, Martin A.

Ordained: 1973

The Diocese found credible evidence that Reverend Cingle groped a 15-year-old child’s genitals while the child slept on a cot in 1979. The Bishop vowed to take action years later after meeting with the victim. The priest told the Grand Jury he could not recall the incident.

Current Status: Suspended from active ministry 10/2015

Coleman, Dennis E.

Ordained: 1970

In 1979, a 10-year-old boy told the Bishop that Reverend Coleman practiced hypnosis when he would spend the night. The priest would sneak into the room and rub his penis on their feet. The church relocated the priest in 1982 to Saint Benedict Church in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

Current Status: Died 3/2014

Coveney, James B.

Ordained: 1964

In 1986, Reverend Coveney fondled a ten-year-old boy’s genitals while serving at St. Joseph’s Church in Portage. Reports indicate that two years later, the priest fondled the genitals of about five seventh-grade boys.

Current Status: Placed on leave 2/2016

Downey, Alvin T.

Ordained: 1970

A filed lawsuit revealed that a 16-year-old boy accused three priests of sexual abuse, including Reverend Alvin Downey, between 1980 and 1981. The suit was settled out of court in 2005.

Current Status: Unknown

Dusza, Donald W.

Ordained: 1983

In 2019, the diocese placed Reverend Dusza on leave from public ministry following accusations of sexual misconduct with a minor in the 1980s.

Current Status: Placed on leave

Fabbri, Mario

Ordained: 1931

A 3/2016 Grand Jury Report revealed that Reverend Fabbri anally raped a ninth-grade boy at Johnstown, PA, St. John Gaulbert Parrish, and in other locations,, including Québec, Montréal, and New York in the 1950s.

Current Status: Unknown – Presumed dead

Figurelle, Elwood F.

Ordained: 1963

The diocese transferred Reverend Figurelle from Saint Rose of Lima to another parish in 1973 after the police arrested him for indecent exposure. In 2003, the priest was arrested again as part of a federal investigation for possession of child pornography, was convicted, and served fifteen months in federal prison.

Current Status: Died 7/2008

Gaborek, Joseph

Ordained: 1971

A 2/2003 lawsuit named Father Gaborek a “child predator,” who recruited a teenage boy to work at both St. Mary’s and St. Michael’s in 1982, where he sexually violated the child. On one incident, the 16-year-old boy ran screaming for help from the rectory to a nearby home. Documents show that the Bishop covered up the crime and told the priest he would take a sabbatical before being reassigned to another parish. The priest was placed on permanent leave in 1998.

Current Status: Dismissed from the priesthood

Gergel, Stephen J.

Ordained: 1962

Reverend Gergel’s name is on the list of priests placed on leave by the Altoona/Johnstown Diocese Bishop and removed from public ministry due to allegations of sexual abuse involving minors. However, the priest had already retired before the complaints had been received.

Current Status: Retired

Grattan, Bernard V.

Ordained: 1975

In 1994, an Altoona man alleged sexual abuse by Father Grattan that included masturbation and fondling decades ago. The sexual impropriety occurred in the priest’s car and at school. A lawsuit was filed in March 2003 and settled as part of the $3.7 million agreement involving 21 plaintiffs and 11 priests (May 2004).

Current Status: Dismissed from priesthood

Inman, Leonard

Ordained: 1961

A lawsuit filed in 2003 labeled Father Inman as a “predator priest.” One witness in 1986 reported to the police that the priest had begun raping him four years earlier when he was eleven years old. Evidence shows that Inman was known to “troll” for youths to exchange money for sex. Law enforcement stopped investigations once the priest met with the local police chief. The church sent Reverend Inman for treatment.

Current Status: Died 6/2001

Kelly, Robert Joseph

Ordained: 1974

A lawsuit filed against the diocese identified Father Robert Kelly as a “predator priest” when the Altoona-Johnstown diocese hushed the allegations. Evidence shows that the reverend molested an altar boy. The victim stated that in the late 1970s, the priest sexually abused him on numerous occasions when he was 12 to 14 years old. The diocese responded by sending Kelly to a treatment center and then reassigned him back to parishes where he was made pastor of SS. Peter and Paul Church and Phillipsburg.

Current Status: Removed from Service during the Internal Investigation

Koharchik, George D.

Ordained: 1974

In 2012, many victims came forward to allege that Altoona-Johnstown diocese Reverend Koharchik sexually abused them when they were young boys, three decades ago. At that time, the Bishop placed the priest on administrative leave and removed him from active ministry. All information regarding the allegations were turned over to the Cambria County District Attorney’s Office to begin an investigation. The priest admitted to molesting “close to” a dozen children and would grope young boys.

Current Status: Defrocked 1/2016

Kovach, William

Ordained: 1955

In 1982, Reverend Kovach was accused of sexually molesting a boy, fondling, performing oral sex, and showing him pornographic movies. The priest admitted to the abuse to the Bishop but was kept in the ministry and must not have contact with children. However, after being reassigned to a new parish, there were no enforced restrictions where he was allowed to be around children. The PA Grand Jury Report concluded that Father Kovach was a “child predator” enabled by the church. The diocese never notified the police.

Current Status: Retired

Lemmon, Thomas M.

In March 2003, the ordained deacon fled to Canada with the fifteen-year-old female student after he was suspended as a religion teacher at Bishop McCort High School. Lemmon either jumped or fell to his death from his mother’s fourth-floor apartment balcony as police neared.

Current Status: Deceased

Little, Anthony M.

Ordained: 1982

In 2013, the diocese removed the pastor of Saint Patrick in Newry due to an investigation alleging sexual abuse with the boy during the 1990s. The Bishop sent notice of Reverend Little’s inappropriate sexual activity to the District Attorney’s office in 2013. The priest admitted he had provided the boy “many amenities” for years, including money, electronics, and a home. The Pennsylvania Grand Jury described Father Little as a “master manipulator” who kept his victim away from friends and family.

Current Status: Removed from ministry

Luddy, Francis E.

Ordained: 1967

In the 1980s, two brothers filed separate lawsuits involving allegations that their godfather, Reverend Luddy, had sexually abused both of them beginning in 1978. The results of a 1994 trial awarded one brother $1.5 million. The case was appealed after a plaintiff who died in April 2012. The other suit was dropped in 1992. The Diocese Bishop issued a press release saying that the claims were baseless even though he knew Luddy had admitted to sexually abusing at least ten underage youths. Additional lawsuits have been filed an the diocese has paid out $3.71 million to settle claims involving several priests, including Luddy. The grand jury report indicated that the priest had “molested, groped, masturbated, sodomized, and performed oral sex on at least ten children.

Mabor, Thomas K.

Ordained: 1957

The diocese suspended Monsignor Mabor in 2002 after an allegation arose that he had abused an altar boy at St. Mary’s in Hollidaysburg in 1998/90. The victim sued in 2003. The court dismissed criminal charges due to the expiration of the statute of limitations. The diocese sent Mabon for treatment before resuming his ministry in 2003. In 2004, the victim was part of the $3.71 million settlement involving eleven priests and twenty-one victims. In 2005, a woman reported she had been sexually abused by Mabon at the church when she was a girl. The grand jury identified the priest as a “predator.”

Current Status: Retired from ministry 2001

Mancini, Nicholas J.

Ordained: 1975

The diocese released Reverend Mancini’s name among accused priests, volunteers, and laypeople associated with sexual abuse of underage children.

Current Status: Retired

Maurizio, Joseph D.

Ordained: 1987

In September 2014, Homeland Security raided the church rectory and charged Reverend Maurizio with possession of child pornography and illicit sexual conduct. Two weeks later, a federal affidavit accused the priest of sexually abusing two boys in March 2009 who were living in Honduras at a center that provided care for street children. In 2009, the Center reported their concerns to the FBI, the PA Attorney General’s office, and the diocese where Maurizio remained pastor. In 2011, the priest resumed taking trips to Central America. In 9/2014, new allegations arose in Pennsylvania involving boys ages five and seven and digital photographs on the rectory computer showing a polio-stricken boy’s genitals. Maurizio was convicted in September 2015 of the charges listed above and international money laundering.

Current Status: Since March 2016 to 16 years, eight months in jail with life probation

Mazur, Robert C.

Ordained: 1976

In March 2019, the diocese placed Monsignor Mazur on leave while investigating alleged misconduct with an underage minor that occurred years before. The Monsignor taught and was principal at Bishop Guilfoyle High School between 1980 and 1989, then served as the Director at the Office of Worship at the diocese. A decision regarding the allegations was still pending as of January 2020.

Current Status: Retired

McCaa, Francis

Ordained: 1948

The 2016 PA Grand Jury Report found conclusive evidence of sexual abuse involving McCaa and called him “a monster” who sexually abused boys between the age of eight and fifteen in 1961/1985 at Holy Name Parish and the Edensburg school. The grand jury stated that at least fifteen victims, maybe hundreds, are involved with at least two who died by suicide. The report indicates that the priest made alter boys not wear their pants under their cassocks to allow him to squeeze or touch their genitals or push his finger into their anus. The abuse typically occurred at the rectory, sacristy, or in the confessional. The diocese was aware by 1985 after parents contacted the District Attorney’s Office. The church sent the priest for treatment and then to a West Virginia hospital to serve as chaplain. McCaa was the subject of multiple lawsuits.

Current Status: Died 2007

McCamley, Martin D.

Ordained: 1962

The 2016 Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report found conclusive evidence of sexual abuse involving Father McCamley fondling a sixteen-year-old boy. The diocese allowed the Reverend to remain Vice Principal the Bishop McCort High School. A second allegation arose in 2001 involving abuse that occurred in 1977 when McCamley stayed overnight at the boy’s home. That victim claimed that he was also molested by the priest’s sex partner, Father Bunn. The church sent McCamley for evaluation in 2001/2003 before suspending him after accusations of sexual abuse involving four men arose that occurred while the priest was at St. Patrick’s in Johnstown and McCort High School. Other allegations arose in 2008.

Current Status: Retired to Orland, Florida in 2004

Misurda, Matthew E.

Ordained: 1977

In September 2019, the diocese placed the Pastor of St. Clair of Assisi parish on leave due to allegations of sexual misconduct with underage children. The incidents involving Father Misurda were alleged to have occurred in the late 1970s through the early 1980s.

Current Status: Diocese decision pending

Myers, Regis

Ordained: 1954

The 2016 Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report found conclusive evidence of sexual abuse involving Reverend Myers. A witness stepped forward in 1997 to discuss Myers’ sexual misconduct with him when he was a fifteen-year-old postulate in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania. The victim states that Myers met him there and hired him as a housekeeper at the Saint Catherine of Siena and Duncansville parish. The victim alleges he had to sleep in Myers’ bedroom naked and shower with the priest. The church never contacted law enforcement.

Current Status: Died 1/2011

Neetz, Christian

The 2016 Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report found conclusive evidence including victim testimony in 2009 of sexual abuse involving Reverend Neetz. The evidence showed that the priest raped the child during the 1950s while at Highland Hall in Hollidaysburg. Other Franciscans also abused additional victims during later years.

Current Status: Died 10/2002

O’Friel, Daniel F.

Ordained: 1961

The 2016 Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report found conclusive evidence of sexual abuse involving Reverend O’Friel, calling him a “child predator.” The evidence shows that the priest sexually abused two Bishop Carroll High School students while acting as the principal of the school in the 1970s. Father O’Friel asked each boy intimate details about their girlfriends while touching their genitals and exposing himself. One victim struggled with what happened and sought counseling while he was a state college student. His counselor was Reverend Robert Kelly, who was also accused of inappropriate sexual behavior with others. During the counseling sessions, the counselor would push the victim’s head into his lap.

Current Status: Unknown

Palko, John J.

Ordained: 1967

The 2016 Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report found conclusive evidence of sexual abuse involving Reverend Palko. The report revealed that the priest sexually abused an underage girl in the 1980s while she was a student at Bishop Guilfoyle High School. The diocese was informed of the accusation in 2002 but kept Palko in ministry while the investigation started and using intimidation against her.

Current Status: Died 5/2005

Petracca, Anthony

Ordained: 1985

In July 2017, the diocese placed Petracca on leave following accusations of misconduct involving an underage child during the 1980s. The church notified law enforcement.

Current Status: Now listed as residing at a Salt Lake City, Utah parish

Ream, Gerard J.

Ordained: 1954

The 2016 Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report found conclusive evidence of sexual abuse involving Ream. The evidence reported that the priest “took a special interest” in 1996 of a Bishop Carroll High School female student while he was teaching religion at the time. Ream counseled her so she could go to college, including providing her money. Ream visited the victim at college and insisted she spent time with him at home. During those visits, the priest engaged in sexual activity with the victim. At some point, the victim fell in love with a boy at her school. When that occurred, Ream harassed her until she became frightened.

Current Status: Died 4/2008

Riforgiato, Leonard

Riforgiato admitted to abusing underage children between 1964 and 1966 and left the Jesuits in 1972. Victims filed two separate lawsuits in August 2019, alleging that the priest sexually abused one child and raped the other. A lawsuit was filed on behalf of a deceased victim who committed suicide at thirty-two years old.

Current Status: Died 1992

Rizzo, David R.

Ordained: 1999

In September 2019, the diocese placed Rizzo on leave after an allegation arose of sexual misconduct involving an underage child that occurred several years before. Church officials stated that the priest was also placed on leave at the same time due to an unspecified complaint of the sexual assault of underage children. At that time, Rizzo was assigned to Our Lady of Lourdes in Altoona.

Current Status: Placed on leave 2016

Rosensteel, William A.

Ordained: 1969

The 2016 Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report found conclusive evidence of sexual abuse involving Reverend Rosensteel. In 2006, Rosensteel faced accusations of “almost constant” sexual assault lasting seven years in the 1970s with a boy. At that time, the priest was at St. Patrick’s in Johnstown. Rosensteel, along with Reverend Dennis Coleman, made the victim and other boys listen to sex comedy albums. Rosensteel told one victim’s parents that their son was bad and needed medication after the boy refused to join the priests in a sauna. Rosensteel was also accused of group raping victims. One victim stated he had slept with the priest in the rectory and on trips and showered with him. The Reverend is accused of fondling and deep tongue kissing the victim. Even though the victim’s mother told the parish Monsignor in the 1990s what happened, there was no record of it. In 2007, a fourth victim came forward.

Current Status: Committed suicide

Skupien, James F.

Ordained: 1966

The 2016 Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report found conclusive evidence of sexual abuse involving Skupien in 1981 when he was principal of Bishop Guilfoyle High School. The incident occurred in 1981, where police found Skupien in his car engage in inappropriate activities with an underage child. The report indicates that the Attorney District’s Office said to “let it go.” However, the police officer informed Monsignor Saylor. The Monsignor told the officer that they “knew about him (Father Skypien)” and “they even had a retreat that they sent the priest to.” The church kept Skupien in ministry. In 2008, a victim came forward saying Skupien repeatedly paid him for oral sex that had occurred at the Williamsburg PA St. Joseph’s rectory. The church removed Skupien from ministry in 1984 because of alcoholism.

Current Status: Died 2/1996

Strittmatter, Joseph J.

Ordained: 1956

The 2016 Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report found conclusive evidence of sexual abuse involving Strittmatter. In 1991, the diocese learned that the priest had sexually assaulted an underage female between 1961 and 1969 when the girl was a six-year-old into her teen years. Strittmatter admitted to the abuse and that he had forced the victim’s head into his lap. The Bishop allowed the priest to stay in the ministry until 1992 when another accusation arose of him masturbating during confession in front of a female parishioner from 1987 through 1992. In 2002, the priest admitted he sexually assaulted an eight-year-old girl saying, “I was trying to learn about sex.” The diocese never informed law enforcement. The Grand Jury wrote, “the exact number of Father Strittmatter’s victims may never be known.

Current Status: Died 8/2014

Waldruff, Raymond

Ordained: 1953

In March 2016, the Altoona-Johnson Grant Jury Report confirmed Reverend Waldruff raped a teenage boy between in about 1967. The abuse included bribing the child with alcohol, cars, and money, and making the victim dress as a woman. The church sent Waldruff to Kentucky in 1967. In 2002, the victim filed a lawsuit in alleged Waldruff had abused him when he was age 11 around 1968 in Owensboro. The church sent the Reverend out for treatment before reassigning him and transferring him to West Virginia in 1972. After receiving treatment in Massachusetts in 1967, he is accused of assaulting another child in Dorchester, MA.

Current Status: Died 3/1985

Wolfe, Benedict

Ordained: 1941

Reverend Wolfe is said to have sexually assaulted a seventeen-year-old girl in 1979 in McConnellsburg, PA. At that time, when he was assigned to Saint Stephen’s and the girl was visiting family in the area. The priest invited her visiting family to stay at the rectory and gave the victim a private room. It was there that the priest sexually molested the child during daily visits. Years later, the victim reported Wolfe’s immoral acts to the diocese. The priest worked at numerous parishes in Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Washington DC.

Current Status: Died 4/1997

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