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All American Nursing Home Ratings & Violations

All American Nursing Home

All American Nursing Home is located in Cook County, Illinois at:

All American Nursing Home
5448 North Broadway Street
Chicago, IL 60640

This 48 bed nursing facility is designed to provide living assistance facilities to both recuperating patients and senior members of the society. The All American Nursing Home is a registered facility under the State Nursing Board of Illinois, as a facility that provides assisted living programs to individuals under the following category:

  • Mental Illness
  • Blood Disorders
  • Neoplasm
  • Endocrine/Metabolic issues
  • Dysfunctional Digestive System
  • Dysfunctional Circulatory System
  • Dysfunctional Respiratory System
  • Genitourinary System Disorders
  • Skin Disorders
  • Alzheimer Diseases
  • Nervous System related Problems

Shocking Discoveries Regarding Patient Care at the All American Nursing Home

The nursing home attorneys of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC, reviewed records from the survey conducted by ProPublica—a private health inspection firm—and discovered series of patient neglect and abuse during their stay at All American Nursing Home which can be construed as nursing home abuse. These situations were:

  • Failure to investigate and report to the State allegations of staff to resident abuse: “On 01/11/11 beginning at 11:30am, R11 was interviewed in the resident’s room. R11 is alert, oriented to place, person, time, and able to verbally make needs known, information was presented by the resident as follows: R11’s statement, as stated in part is, “In the early morning before E6 (nurse) came on, I (R11) ask E6 for my inhaler, [MEDICATION NAME]. E7 (nurse) was off the clock and forgot to give it to me at 6:00am. E7 was standing right there. E6 said E7 wasn’t going to give it to me after looking in that book. E7 came in my room as I was lying in bed, E7 threw it on the books on the over bed table and said, “better hurry up or I will take the inhaler away.” It frightened me when E7 burst in the room. E7 will push you to the edge, E7 got a quick temper, E7 got pissed off and grabbed the inhaler. E7 gets agitated, acts very mean to me, and E7 makes me wait in line for meds. E 7 puts other residents in front of me; E7 has lots of enemies. E7 has a nasty disposition, will not look at me. I don’t feel threatened, but feel uncomfortable; no, I’m not afraid. I feel uncomfortable in E7’s presence. I told E2 (acting administrator) about this on Tuesday. I told E3 (director or nurses) on that Monday when E3 came to the floor. E7 worked this weekend, and E7 is making me feel uncomfortable. E7 don’t say nothing to me, E7 don’t call my name. I told E3 yesterday, E7’s got nasty ways.” Surveyor interviewed E3 on 01/11/11 at 2:40pm about reporting the incident to the State agency. E3 stated, “I didn’t send the report to IDPH (Illinois Department Of Public Health). I didn’t think of it as abuse, when I talked to the patient, the patient said the nurse was rude, I didn’t think it was abuse.”
  • Failure to identify and treat pressure sores: “Upon prompting surveyor observed pressure sores to R3’s right and left buttocks. Both areas appeared the same sizes approximately the size of 2- fifty cent pieces. The area on the left buttock was pink in color with no drainage noted. This site appeared to be healing with no signs and symptoms of infection. The area on the right buttock was red and excoriated with small amount of bleeding noted from this site. There was no dressing in place on either site. E3 who was present during this observation stated, “That area (referring to open area on buttock) reopened about two weeks ago”. Surveyor also observed a heel protector to R3’s left heel (R3 is a right above knee [MEDICAL CONDITION]). After prompting by surveyor, staff removed R3’s left heel protector. Surveyor observed approximately a nickel size black scab surrounded by pink tissue to R3 ‘s left heel. There was no pillow under R3’s left calf, as well the air mattress to R3’s bed was flat and not inflated with air. E3 discussed briefly a defect in the mechanism of of this mattress system causing it not to stay inflated. R3 was not observed with a urinary catheter, as well, review of the facility’s TAR (treatment administration record) dated 01/01/11 – 01/31/11 for R3 did not include daily skin checks. All days for daily skin checks were blank, indicating not being done by the facility staff. There was no treatments being provided even though E3 had confirmed during interview that R3’s wound to the buttock had reopened 2 weeks ago.”
  • Failure to give proper treatment to residents with feeding tubes: “On 1/31/2010 at 11 AM the surveyor asked E14 (nurse) how does the facility demonstrate or provide evidence of the amount of tube feeding formula given to the resident. The response stated was there is an input and output (I & O) flow sheet maintained for the resident. The surveyor asked for the last two months of the I & O. However, the only I & O sheet available pertained to the month of January 2011. According to this record, 9 of 17 days R30 did not receive 90% of the ordered formula amount for nutrients need to maintain adequate hydration, calories, and protein intake to assist with wound healing. R30 was transferred to the hospital on [DATE] for evaluation of fever, On R30’s hospital records dated 1/04/2011 noted, in the adult history and physical examination, R30 was transferred from the nursing home for evaluation of fever. The assessment includes but not limit to: UTI [MEDICAL CONDITIONS] and dehydration.”
  • Failure to ensure each resident’s drug regimen is free of unnecessary drugs: “R9 is a [AGE] year old resident with an order for [MEDICATION ORDERS REDACTED]. The approaches included but not limit to: Attempt gradual dose reduction to [MEDICAL CONDITION] every six months and on the residence progress and behavior and stability unless contraindicated. On 1/12/2011 9:45 AM E4 (assistant director of nurses) presented the surveyor with a [MEDICAL CONDITION] medication reduction evaluation form. The form covers the periods of 2/2010, 05/2010, 08/2010 and 11/2010. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarters stated resident is on optimal dose and clinically stable. No reduction recommended at this time. The 4th quarter (11/2010) stated: Resident in the past has caused reoccurrence of negative behaviors. No reduction is recommended at this time. The behavior the staff was tracking was [MEDICAL CONDITION]. The surveyor reviewed the episodic behavior intervention charting, and the behavior monitoring record for antipsychotic and anxiolytic medication for the past six months. The records reflected no [MEDICAL CONDITION] behavior. The surveyor asked E4 why there was no dose reduction for R9? E4 stated, because the psychiatrist did not want to reduce the medication. R9’s medical record does not contain any documented evidence of an attempt to reduce R9’s medication and it was unsuccessful.

Experienced Nursing Home Negligence Attorneys in Chicago, IL

The Illinois Nursing Home Attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC represent families and individuals who have suffered an episode of abuse or neglect during an admission to a facility. Many of our nursing home lawsuits involve the following situations:

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Disclaimer: The above inspection findings are take from public sources including the State Department of Health and from Medicare inspection conducted at the facility at least every fifteen months. Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC cannot confirm that the content on this site is the most recent information related to the facilities mentions.

The inspection findings published are not complete. You may find the most up to date information here: or

The deficiencies/citations listed on this page may have been corrected or substantially corrected after the date of the inspection and date of publishing this material. This page is a legal advertisement and a resource of information for visitors. This material is not endorsed by the facility noted or by any governmental agency. Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC does not have any affiliation with the facility.

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