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Airport Jetway Accident Lawyers

Airport Jetway AccidentAirports are epicenters of activity— hubs for the constant bustling of travelers scurrying from one area to the next on route to boarding a plane or on their way out upon arrival. Jetways are provided as a convenience to those who have been on the go for a long time and need to rest their feet for a moment while still advancing toward their destinations. When not properly maintained or monitored, they can be the cause of injuries, however, and airports may be held liable if an accident is found to be caused by negligence on the part of airport staff members.

Frequent Causes of Jetway Injuries

Jetways are powered walkways that move in a fashion similar to an escalator without ascending or descending to another level of the building. They involve a moving belt that pulls occupants forward until reaching an elevated exit platform. Because they are in constant motion, it is easy for travelers to stumble or trip when entering or exiting a jetway. Other causes of jetway injuries include the following.

  • Objects left on the jetway or in its path that present a tripping hazard to travelers.
  • Gaps in the jetway that present a snare, trip or fall hazard; which can cause severe injury should a limb become caught between moving parts.
  • Unmarked steps and raised platforms at the beginning and end of the jetway that cause travelers to make a misstep or trip when the belt reaches the platform.
  • The mechanical malfunction of the jetway while it is in use, which can cause injury to those occupying the jetway at the time of failure.

If you are injured while traveling on a jetway, you should not hesitate to report the incident to airport staff. Reporting the problem is crucial for the safety of others who may encounter the same hazard as well as to establish a report of what happened, where it occurred and what may have caused the accident.

Determining Liability When a Person essential on an Aircraft Jetway

It can be a daunting task to determine who may be liable for injuries caused by airport jetways because each jetway may be managed or owned by a different party. Contrary to common belief, the airport itself may not own or be responsible for servicing the jetway where your injuries occurred. Recording the exact location of the jetway quickly following an accident is important for this reason.

Individual airlines may own the jetways that travel between gates reserved for their flights and are liable for accidents that occur from failure to properly maintain or repair the walkways or to address known safety concerns. Due to statute of limitations laws, it is important to conduct an investigation quickly to determine who is responsible for your injuries and to file a lawsuit within the timeframe allotted by law. A qualified aviation accident attorney can help you direct a lawsuit at the correct party and collect compensation for the payment of medical treatment and other costs related to the accident.

Hire a Law Firm Who Will Protect Your Rights Following a Jetway Accident Involving Injury

If you have been injured while traveling through an airport, contact Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC today to schedule a free consultation with an attorney. You might be entitled to compensation for the costs associated with your recovery and loss of income if your injuries prevented you from being able to work. During your consultation, your attorney will go over the needed information with you before beginning a more thorough investigation to determine the cause of your injuries, who is responsible and what legal options are available to you.

We will never require payment upfront and work on a contingency fee basis— meaning we only receive payment when we successfully secure a settlement or judgment on your behalf.

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